Clay Aiken – A Good, Good Year!

 Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, and the things you never want to lose.

~From the television show The Wonder Years

 It’s that time, isn’t it? It’s the time of year where we reflect on auld lang syne, remembering mostly the good of the year.  It’s also a time when we are thinking about what lies in the year ahead.

I am grateful for this time.  It is always interesting to reflect on what really happened in the year and look forward to a new beginning full of hope and promise.

As I look back on the part of my life that includes Clay Aiken, I realize that 2011 has been a good, good year.  Yes, Clay was out of the limelight for a long period of time, but the year was filled with so many amazing things I barely remember that time.  Let’s take a look at the year!


NHL All-Star Game - 1-30-11

Broadway Backwards - 2/7/11

Tried & True Tour - San Francisco 3/12/11

Durham Bulls Game - 5/9/11

Durham Bulls Game - 5/9/11

WRAL Interview About American Idol - 5/11/11

OutFest - Los Angeles 7/16-17/11

The Talk - 7/18/11

Drop Dead Diva 7/24/11

Secret Mission in New York - Oct & Nov, 2011

Cyndi Lauper -Home For The Holidays 12/4/11

Champions Gala - Raleigh 12/8-9/11

Bring Back My Love 12/20/11


Simply Amazing!!  

And… Just think what we have to look forward to in 2012!

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Good, Good Year!

  1. This definitely was a very good year ! My favorite events were the TnT Tour, The Wral Interview,
    The Gala, and the "new song" – Bring Back My Love. I can't even imagine what 2012 will bring.

    Wishing everyone here, and especially Clay – A Very Blessed and Happy New Year!

  2. Wow! Did Clay do all these things this year? Hard to believe! And we didn't think he was out and about much! Not so! Ha, it was just not enough for US!

  3. It's so very easy to forget all these things. I've enjoyed every minute of this year culminating with Wrap for Inclusion and look forward to 2012. I hope it's another wonderful year for Clay and the National Inclusion Project. Thank you musicfan for a very Clayful site.

  4. Yes 2011 was a good good year, but here is to 2012 a better better year, HAPPY NEW YEAR CANN,, Clay Aiken, and all who read here,<3

  5. 2011 sure was a great year in the Clay Nation and 2012 is looking to top this year with Clay's secret mission being revealed. Happy New Year to everyone at CANN!

  6. 2011was indeed a great year in clay nation and indeed 2012 is looking to top this year with clays secreat mission being revealed hapy new year to cann and clay aiken

  7. Happy New Year CANN. Thanks for keeping us informed of all the wonderful things Clay has been up to. Can hardly wait for Feb. to get here to see Clay on CA. So proud of him to be performing at Carnegie Hall!

  8. Not to be forgetting the two wonderful video chats with Clay for OFC members this year ^_^
    It has been a wonderful year, my first in the ClayNation and I'm sure 2012 is to be even better, for Clay and for us! 🙂 <3
    So Happy New Year everyone 😀

  9. Yes, 2011 has been a very good year. I am betting that 2012 will be even better. Can't wait to see him in his Secret Mission. I'm loving BBML…cannot stop listening to it.

    Happy New Year to Clay and Family…and everyone else.<3

  10. This year I hope to see Clay aiken on tv more because not only is he a great singer he is very intertaining.. I also hope he records more new music and that radio will play his music. Since he is so talented his music deserves to be played.Long time fan

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