Clay Aiken – Good, Bad, Cunning and Strong!

This post is coming to you from 2,580 miles from my home.  Early Thursday morning, I flew from California to New York.  I am here and ready to have a great time seeing Clay as a judge one night and a narrator another night. I imagine that Clay will be amazing in both roles.

The problem with long plane rides is that I am almost asleep as I sit here at my computer.  I had to get up at 4AM to get my flight…add the time difference and even a piece of cheesecake from Juniors didn’t wake me up!!

BUT……….there is fun news so I will do what I can. Hopefully, there will be no glaring spelling mishaps!!

It seems that Donald Trump was a guest on the Today Show, Thursday morning.  The following is the paragraph that accompanies the video:

Video on Donald Trump tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer that he’ll do whatever he can to help Mitt Romney in his presidential race, and also discusses the latest season of “Celebrity Apprentice,” on which, he says, Clay Aiken is coming on surprisingly strong and nasty.

Nasty??  Clay Aiken??  Well,I love the words a fan found that the dictionary has listed under Nasty:  Tasty, Good, Bad, Cunning and Strong!!!! 

So…nasty sounds good to me!! And here is the video:

Did you see the article at Rolling Stone?  The following is what they had to say about Clay.

Clay Aiken

Age: 33

Claim To Fame: The doe-eyed North Carolina-native welled America’s hearts with his beatific balladry on Season Two of American Idol. (He ultimately took second-place to Southern big-boy Ruben Studdard). Aiken has since released six full-length albums, performed on Broadway and after coming out as openly gay in 2008, has become an outspoken activist for gay rights.

What To Expect: Don’t let the fact that he sings like a mermaid misguide you; if preview clips are any indication, this ginger-topped crooner’s got some bite behind that boyish charm. How he matches up with The Donald, however, might be a different story.

This week’s Entertainment Weekly rated Celebrity Apprentice as #4 in The Top 10 Must See List!


Donald Trump always says that this season’s cast of Celebrity Apprentice is “the best ever”, but with Clay Aiken, Lisa Lampanelli and George Takei (pictured), we’re inclined to believe that he’s right!

So sorry that I have somehow misplaced the link to this so you could see the entire article.  Maybe I will find it after a bit of sleep.

Did you have a chance to see the latest video of Clay and Kelly singing together the other night?  The performance is great and it is so much fun to see how excited the audience was when they saw Clay enter the stage.    ENJOY!!

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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Good, Bad, Cunning and Strong!

  1. Musicfan, Have fun in NYC. I love the Clelly video. It brings back great memories of the Independent tour.

  2. Have a great time at Carnegie Hall. You get to see Clay Aiken twice, and then there's Celebrity Apprentice starting Sunday. Lucky girl. @ClayCA

  3. Loved your blog, even if you were tired from your long trip. You did a great job and love all of the
    information about Clay. Hope you have a great time in NYC!!!! AND at Carnegie Hall ! I'm sure it
    will be worth your time.
    Loved the Clay and Kelly video – arousing welcome and exciting to see Clay being accepted on stage!!!

  4. Have a great time in NYC musicfan! Never been there before. I am so jealous girl!! Say hi to Clay for me!

  5. Have a wonderful time in NYC. Thank you for keeping us in the loop with everything Clay. There are no words for the Clelly video. Love it

  6. iloved the clay and kelly singing together it brings back the time i saw both clay and kelly in the independedt tour and a rousing welcome for clay aiken and it was verryexciteing to see clay clay being exceped on stage

  7. 2 more days til Celebrity Apprentice and I'm anxiously waiting for it. Glad to see Kelly & Clay together on stage!

  8. Musicfan, thanks so much for posting this when you are suffering sleep deprivation. I know you will keep us posted on all things Clay this weekend. Have a wonderful, fulfilling time in the Big Apple. Wish I were there!

  9. Clay really enjoyed being on that stage with Kelly. The approval response from the crowd was terrific, and he seemed happy to hear it.

    Bet you are thrilled to have the opportunity of watching the singing competition tomorrow, and then the Carnegie Hall program on Monday. Of course with Clay participating in both of them you are sure to have a great time. We will be eagerly awaiting your reports. Have fun!

  10. I love all the wonderful press Clay is getting lately….I'm thinking I'm going to like me some "nasty" Clay Aiken…Bring it on!!!! 😀

  11. Have a great time in NYC musicfan, I am sure you gonna have a wonderful time! Will be glad to read your reports from it when you come back.

    I loved the video of Clay and kelly, great to see them singing together.

    Yeah, 2 more days to watch Clay on my TV.

  12. Flying does wear one out. Have a great time in NYC! Loved the videos of Clay and Kelly……and Donald Trump. Can't wait to see "nasty" Clay! Only 2 more days!!!

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