Clay Aiken – Supporting His Friend!

Twitter was ablaze with lots of messages from Clay Aiken, Kelly Clarkson, and many fans of both of them…Each “tweet” helped paint a picture of two friends, supporting each other and having a great time.

Kelly was performing Tuesday night at the Durham Performing Arts Center in Durham, NC.  The theater that seats 2,700 is a rather new complex that, according to their webpage is

… the largest and most modern Performing Arts Center between Atlanta and Philadelphia and boasts over 2,700 seats. The atmosphere is contemporary yet comfortable with vibrant red carpets and warm wood accents. Seating is intimate with the furthest seat only 135 feet from the stage.

Clay, who was in attendance with his friend, Quiana Parler was seen having a great time and enjoying the concert.  Clay even took a few pictures, however, he needs a few lessons in photography at concerts from some of his fans.  The pictures looked like mine and that is NOT really too good.  However, a huge thanks to Clay for thinking of all of us who loved seeing the pictures even if they were a bit “unique.”

The following are two pictures from the evening fun.  They are great, aren’t they?

Clay in the Audience


Backstage after the Concert


Seeing these pictures reminded me of a few from the Independent Tour…it just reminder of how important friendship is and even if you don’t see each other everyday,  you can still have lots of fun!

Singing Partners


Open Arms



Did you see Clay and Kelly perform together on the Independent Tour?  Do you follow Clay on Twitter?  I do and I am finding it to be so much fun!

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Supporting His Friend!

  1. Loved the concert through Clay's eyes last night. Good to know that those are still just shoulder blades and not wings sprouting on him just yet. He seems to be a great friend and looked to be having a great time! Thanks to Clay for the Kelly pics and commentary on the concert and thank you to one very lucky Clay fan who just happen to nab the best seat in the house for the great Clay pic!!!

  2. I did see that concert with Clay and Kelly and it started it all for me – it was in the Joe Louis
    Auditorium !! In Detroit. Phenomenal – so much excitement when Clay making his appearance with Kyrie and not knowing where he was entering and only seeing him coming from somewhere on the huge screen!!!! He finally entered right near where we sat and the screams of excitement were
    deafening! It was an incredible concert and I will never forget it!!!

  3. OH! Sadly don't do twitter – but do enjoy reading and seeing all of them and the pictures posted at
    the OFC!!

  4. Saw Clay live for the first time on the Independent Tour. My seat was so high that Clay looked like a little dot on the stage. But his voice and the roar of the audience was magical. Have seen all of his concerts since then and each one is a wonderful memory.

  5. Awwww! That is so cute..that they can still be friends after all these years. I am so glad that Clay is tweeting all the time now…it gives a great connection to him. I don't think Clay was thinking of taking a professional picture…he was just taking pictures at a concert on his iphone. I love that he gives us photo's. Clay and Kelly look so happy in that last picture…and, I am so glad that Quiana got to go to the concert too. But, it does seem like everybody Clay meets ends up loving him. Could it be that he is adorable? Thud!

  6. I didn't see the Independent Tour, wish I had! But I do follow Clay on twitter and was SOO happy to see his picture with Kelly! Really nice for him to share, and it was an adorable picture! Great blog 🙂

  7. so happy to receive the clay newsletter everday, i look forward to it every morning, i'm a great fan of clay, he's such a great guy and role model, keep it up clay!

  8. I did see the Independent Tour and loved it! I am so glad that Clay and Kelly have remained friends through these years. Loved the picture of them together from last night. Thanks for posting all of them.

  9. What nebclayfan said, everything and exactly, LOL.

    Sorry tho that I wasn't able to be on Twitter Tuesday to help build the Friends pic, what a cute idea.

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