Clay Aiken – A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

I apologize to all the readers here.  I know that there was some news today…But…somehow I got stopped by some amazing pictures.  I just never got beyond these pictures.  I will be sure and do a news update during the day on Friday.  Be sure and stop by.

BUT…I bet you will forgive me.  These pictures are amazing!!









Do you have a favorite?

Don’t forget…click on the picture to get it in its original size!

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24 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

  1. You are excused Musicfan…..These pictures are beautiful. I love them all, but #1 just does something to me. My God, he has turned into a very, very handsome mature man. This is now my screensaver!!!!!!

  2. I agree with the other posters…….every picture is wonderful.

    You can post pictures any time!!!


  3. you aren forgiven, these pictures are amazing. #1 HAS REALLY GOT ME BUT I REALLY L OOOOOOVEHEM ALLOF THEM SORRY MY COMPUTER IS OFF…. LOVE clay he is doing GREAT.

  4. I was hoping for the "classy move" pics…you know, the ear dig and the eye roll, but these will do just fine! LOL He is beyond good looking. Thanks for these!

  5. Number ONE is my favorite. I saw that look during the show and I was hoping someone would capture it!

  6. Well, of course #1 is absolutely beautiful. But each one is a gem and speaks of the moment it was take. In other words, I LOVE them ALL.

  7. OOH LA LA! No. 1 is my very favorite. He is so absolutely gorgeous in that one. No. 3 is my Screensaver. Thank you so much for these gems. You can post pictures of Clay any time you want.

  8. They're all so him, and so expressive, but #4 is my fave. Love, love that look, that's the open, boyish face I've been loving all these years… I just wish it was a close-up!!
    Next is #1, of course – manly, handsome Clay, those eyes, that smile, yowza!!
    Then #3, #2, #7, #5, and #6. Whew, choosing is so hard, and so much fun…
    Thank you for giving us a happy few minutes perusing That Face!

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