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Clay Aiken – Manipulated Words!

It is amazing how quickly sound bites are used and manipulated in the “news” industry.   On Wednesday, this was proven by the thousands of headlines that were found on the Internet.  At last look, there are 23,700 articles listed on Google regarding Clay and his comments about Rihanna and his “Plastic Surgery.”  The list of words and phrases in the headlines include:

Bash…Bizarre Feud…Diss…Enemy Alert…Slam…Jabs…

I guess none of the writers watched the show!   Please…give me a break.

So, to keep my sanity, I finally had to stay away from seeking out news about Clay on the Internet.

Lets have some fun today…Clay has been on TV so much in the last couple of weeks.With each appearance, he seems to look handsome, but a bit different from the last.  Which one of these pictures do you like the most?

#1 Celebrity Apprentice - Episode 6

#2 Honda Grand Prix

#3 The Today Show

#4 The Today Show

#5 ShowBiz Tonight

#6 Access Hollywood Live

#7 Watch What Happens - Live


 I hope you will let us know which is your favorite picture and why…I have my favorite, but I love them all!

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  1. I love the first one because he has the most joyful look ! But

    I really dislike that coat!

    I love his face on every picture – not thrilled with the way the hoodie is perched, but appreciate the reason for it! His

    hair is amazing on all but the first – but still like it because he looks so full of fun!! A bit confusing??? 🙂

  2. Manipulated words is right. It's amazing how the media twists things. From a simple question put to Clay, and it gets all out of proportion. Amazing. But I guess in this crazy world, people can certainly give their opinion of Clay, but the moment Clay says something, the media runs with it and it makes headlines. It must be hard for him to even conceive that his opinion would have such force! After all, it was a silly question, that he answered honestly.
    I love the pics, but really love #6. Love the smile.

  3. I was thrilled to see Clay's picture come up on Yahoo's scrolling thing. Yeah, the words were chosen to encourage clicking, but hey…. they're featuring CLAY !!!! And they actually used a good picture of him.

  4. love photos of Clay, #3, 5, @ 6 the most,#3 is so cute, but all are great, he looks younger since he came off celebrity apprentice, I guess it was the stress of it all. love you Clay

  5. Yep! Sure…Clay admitted to Plastic Surgery. O.M.G. If having TMJ surgery and having a little fat taken out of your chin..is called plastic surgery..I will eat my hat. What happened to real journalists and true stories? Oh, well, I guess he got his face and name out there. Lol!!

    I have to pick #5 as my favorite picture, because he looks so nice and I love his hair. I heard that was a great interview too.

  6. I like #2 because we hardly ever get to see Clay looking hot in a white Tshirt!
    #5 Clay has a beautiful smile while looking straight at us.

  7. I love the spikes so # 1 FOR SURE!! He looks young, vibrant, sassy! 😀

    He also looks amazing in No. 6 with the hoodie. Love the message it carries and he looks adorable. 😀

  8. Love #2. He was really rocking that t-shirt and his hair was perfect!!
    Have so enjoyed seeming him on my tv all week.
    He's a breath of fresh air.

  9. # 1 b/c of the gorgeous red hair & the striped shirt. You know how Clay loves his stripies. And I love # 3 b/c he's eating.

  10. Hahaha – Clay looking at Jenna's butt! Very interesting week of Clay on TV! Show's I never heard of til this week!

  11. There is no way I can pick my favorite. I love each one….but I do have to laugh at Clay with the stripper.

    Thank you for collecting all the info. It is really appreciated!

  12. My choice for favorite hairstyle is in the picture of Show Biz Tonight. A good hair style for Clay, , I think, and with a little fullness added by a stylist, should make it absolutely perfect. ……..(icame4themusic)

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