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How disappointing that ABC chose to not broadcast the singing of the National Anthem at the Grand Prix race this morning.  Of course, I am disappointed because I wanted to hear Clay sing, however, I am also disappointed that they would leave out a patriotic moment that most people expect at sports events.

Fortunately, twitter is our friend and we have some great pictures from Clay’s visit to the race.

Before the Race

Before the Race

With Aubrey, Jack, and Anna

Great Picture!

Ready To Sing


National Anthem

Watch Your Step!

In Marco Andretti Pit

With Mario Andretti

 A huge thank you to giannaestelle for some of the pictures from Twitter



The following comment was left here a few hours ago.  I am bringing it forward so that all of you have a chance to see it.  It would be fun if Jenny got lots of great questions from Clay’s fans.


if any of you have questions for clay, please email them to me… – i am jenny..from just jenny on siriusxm radio ( and i am interviewing clay monday about 1:10pm est. if you email me questions or tweet them to me @jenniferhutt then ill add them to my interview! it’ll be a fun conversation for sure.



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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Start Your Engines

  1. Love the pictures and I am glad Clay and Aubrey shared them with the fans. I don't get why ABC would invite Clay and Aubrey to sing our NA and then not allow the Country to see and hear them. It makes no sense! Every major televised sporting event always starts with the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. Showing commercials instead was just unpatriotic! Shame on ABC!

  2. Great pictures of Clay Aiken today.
    Very disappointed in ABC today for skipping the National Anthem!
    BTW the link to radiojenny, (www.justjenny,com) above does not work , I was going to ask if Clay got to ride in one of the indy cars today.

  3. I was very disappointed that we did not get to see/hear Clay and Aubrey sing the National Anthem today. I wish they would give a very good reason as to why it was not shown.
    Love the pictures that Clay, Aubrey and others from Twitter shared with the fans of both artists. That did help numb the disappointment a bit.

  4. I am also sorry that there was no televising of the NA!!!! Just is not right!
    Clay definitely looked great in everyone of the pictures – he has grown so nicely!!
    A big thankyou to whoever was kind enough to share them – you are very appreciated!

  5. God, he looks amazing in those pictures. I wish he would have had his hair on Celeb App the way he is wearing it in these pictures from today. And look at those shoulders and arms! He really is a good looking man.

  6. I was very disappointed also not to see Clay and Aubrey singing the national anthem, love all the pics taken at the race, they all looked great (especially Clay of course), looked like they all enjoyed themselves. God bless.

  7. I was there. Clay sounded wonderful… Aubrey, not so much. I felt bad for Clay having to carry the pitch because Aubrey was so off key at some points.

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