Clay Aiken – The Favorite Day of the Week!

I have decided that Mondays are my favorite days of the week…This revelation came to life on February 20, 2012 when I lived through the first Monday of the new season of Celebrity Apprentice.  Of course, I love Sunday night when I get to watch the show on TV, but by the time this Californian sees the show, I have already read the “live” tweets from Clay Aiken and read the comments on-line.  It makes for an interesting evening.  But Mondays?  We all get to read and see the different articles, reviews and interviews about the latest events on Celebrity Apprentice.

According to George Takei, Clay Aiken is “Catty and Back-biting!”  Yes…George just decided to be a poor sport and had to put the blame on someone.  Of course, if it is posted at one place, it will be posted everywhere.  Anyone who watched the show last Sunday knows that Clay was honest and correct in his evaluation of George.  It is too bad the other men had trouble being honest from the beginning.

The following are some of the many sites that wrote about Celebrity Apprentice and Clay Aiken.

Television Blend

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Aubrey O’Day Makes Her Mark

This site posts the ranking of the Celebrity Apprentice contestants on each Monday after the Sunday broadcast of the show.  So far, the site is not sold on Clay Aiken.  The following is what they said about Clay:

The Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings are an ordered compilation of weekly lists put together by TV Blend writers Jessica Grabert and Mack Rawden. Each week after viewing the episode, they each rank the competitors in order. Seventeen points are given for a first place vote, and this week, three were given for a last place vote. Three competitors have already been eliminated; therefore, those people automatically occupy the bottom slots. Here is how this week’s voting panned out, complete with analysis on how the celebrities might fare moving forward.

#9) Clay Aiken (17): Clay Aiken is clearly a competent worker and has proven so by contributing each and every week. Unfortunately, thus far, he has lacked the people skills necessary to win Celebrity Apprentice. This week, when asked how the project manager was doing, Aiken just giggled and then gave a cagey answer. He did this awkward, unfair behavior thing twice during the show. Contestants have to dish out criticisms carefully, they have to give respect to earn respect, and they have to act like they are part of the team. Aiken’s got the last part down, but the jury’s still out on the other aspects.

It will be so much fun watching this site each week as they struggle through ranking, not by what they see on the show, but what their pre-conceived ideas are about some of the contestants.  You can see the entire article and rankings at TelevisionBlend

Zap2It seemed to be the first site to quote George about his feelings towards Clay Aiken.  They said:

Celebrity Apprentice: George Takei says Clay Aiken is ‘backbiring,’ ‘Catty”

George Takei was feeling candid Monday (March 5) morning after watching himself get fired by Donald Trump in Sunday’s episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice” and seeing what his teammate Clay Aiken had to say about him during the show.

The “American Idol” runner-up memorably called the “Star Trek” actor and gay rights advocate “slower” during the window-dressing challenge, insinuating to Eric Trump that Takei wasn’t a good project manager.

“I pegged him immediately as the catty one, despite that molasses sweet accent,” Takei said in a phone interview from New York on Monday, adding that Aiken, who in the boardroom proclaimed to have great respect for Takei, was “backbiting” and “sniping.”

“He is determined to win, and he will do it with little snide snipes,” Takei said.

George…get a grip!!  You came across as needy and confused!  You can read the entire interview at ZAp2IT

 Lifelinelive is another on-line site that reported about Clay Aiken and George Takei

George Takei: Clay Aiken is ‘catty’ on ‘Apprentice’

“I did not live long and prosper there,” said George Takei this morning onToday of his short-lived stint on Celebrity Apprentice.

Even though he seemed to be respected by almost everybody, the Star Trekstar was fired by Donald Trump on last night’s episode. Cheryl Tiegs and Victoria Gotti have exited so far.

Takei, 74, was the oldest competitor this season. He was project manager last night overseeing a task of designing a window at Lord & Taylor to showcase Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. His all-male team lost to the women’s team, and Takei took the fall. “President Truman said the buck stops here. I have to be the man occupying the desk where that buck stops,” he said this morning.

Takei added that Clay Aiken, the youngest member of the team who described Takei as “slower” during the task, was “a little catty.”

And Takei told Zap2it today that Aiken “is determined to win, and he will do it with little snide snipes.”

This particular article was repeated on many sites.  Too bad the writers don’t seem to care what happens…they just need hits!

Xfinity. the cable channel posted an article about the last episode.  They said:

Over the weekend, we speculated how Clay Aiken and George Takei were going to get along in this week’s“Celebrity Apprentice” task, which was going to be managed by Takei. It turns out that they got along, but Aiken couldn’t help but be a “chatterbox gossip,” as Takei described on a conference call last week, chuckling when adviser Eric Trump came by the worksite to ask Clay how George is as a boss.

So when the men’s team lost the competition to create a “living window” at Lord & Taylor for Ivanka Trump‘s collection, Clay was one of the first to speak up. In fact, he was criticizing Takei’s hands-off management skills in the boardroom even before the teams found out who won.

Even though Arsenio Hall made some pretty severe mistakes in choosing the clothes the models in the window would wear, Clay’s criticism pretty much sank things for Takei, and he knew it. Takei didn’t exactly fall on his sword, but when Donald Trump asked him who he thought he should fire, George gracefully pointed out that all signs seem to be pointing his way.

You can read the entire article at Xfinity

There are at least 15 more articles about Clay and George…too bad…Publicity is important, but George just is in another “fantasy” land!!

Did you hear the Clay Aiken radio interview on  Howard101 with Lisa Lampanelli.  You can hear the interview on the following YouTube.

Now, I hope this article posts.  We are having some technical problems with CANN lately.  They are just little things, but make posting a real difficult project.


Did you enjoy the latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice?

Did you think Clay was “Catty”?

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Favorite Day of the Week!

  1. Yes, i enjoyed the last episode of celebrity apprentice, and I don't think clay was catty, he's not that type, he was just being honest, way to go clay, looking forward to the next show, love you clay.

  2. Clay is not catty. I think this is a bunch of sour grapes from George. Everyone knows he was not a good Project Manager and deserved to be fired. I think he needs to keep's just a's just a show. Lol!

    Loved that Howard 101 interview with Lisa Lampanelli and Donald Trump Jr. They all seemed to get along very well with each other. Thanks very much for that…enjoyed it!

  3. Musicfan – if you enjoy recaps of The Celebrity Apprentice, you might enjoy mine. I just began my blog, and my recaps of The Apprentice have a decidedly pro-Clay slant. I agree with your take on George, by the way. Clay really did not go out of his way to backstab George, but he was honest when asked direct questions. Everything he said was right. That's the thing about being the Project Manager: if you don't perform well, you have to analyze why. That's the whole point of the show. George is a legend and he will always be part of my childhood, but he needs to understand that on Celebrity Apprentice, people are held accountable for not performing well. The women's display was messy and unclear; the guys could have taken this one.


  5. I’m sorry George felt the need to speak badly about Clay. I think Clay was trying to be as diplomatic as possible when he felt there were some problems. Hopefully Clay will continue on and show people he can do it. Go Clay!!

  6. Poor George…he really could not do the job and so he had to lash out.

    I am sure he is an intelligent man, but he sure didn't give the impression that he was in this episode.

    Thanks for the info. I always enjoy visiting this site!

  7. Clay was not being catty at all. He was stating what was true. Too bad George felt hurt but as clay says it is a game and our man clay is competitive .

  8. After watching the episode on Sunday I originally felt like George realized he did not do a good job and so should be fired. I had a big surprise when I heard him on the Today show and what he said about Clay all day. Clay stated in a very nice manner in the boardroom why George was not a good leader. He said he admired him for his work for gay rights and respected him as an individual. I don't know how George got to thinking Clay was catty and backstabbing. Clay was neither of them. I really don't know why George stated what he did about Clay at all,

  9. Thanks for posting the interview with Lisa on Howard's show. How fun it was to hear Donald Jr join in the conversation. As for Sun C.A., George couldn't even remember Clay's name when he tried to explain the windows to Ivana. He began by introducing Clay as Arsenio! George was just not up to the challenge of not only this week, but last week also. George wanted to do his own "thing" and Clay had to repeat several times…stick to the script.

  10. Clay is playing the game the way it is supposed to be played; win for your charity. I dont pay attention to anything negative others say about Clay. Pffft. Thanks for the video above with Clay wearing that coat. I just cant wait for America to see more episodes and more of Clay.

  11. Clay was being honest about George's lack of leadership in as kind words as he could. George was a weak link on the team. If Clay wants to make it to the end, the weak links need to fall by the wayside. George has proven what a poor sport he is.

  12. Loved and agree with all of the above comments – – -EXCEPT – – -did not appreciate Lisa L.'s
    Mouth – but it was the Howard Stern Show – there is nothing else to say – I guess that's to be expected – for me it was "sick" and "sad" – not my brand of humor!!!! 🙁

  13. George delegated too much work to everyone. He delegated so much out that he and Lou did not have anything to do. Lou kept trying to find something to do and got underfoot.
    George just did not do a good job. The best thing he did was come up with the idea of the signs.
    He should have gone from one site to the other and kept up to date instead of doing it on the phone.

  14. When you rewatch the time in the boardroom, Clay was not being catty. He was actually holding his tongue. The Donald asked Clay point blank for his opinion, and Clay said very little against George. Penn is overly nice to everyone which makes me suspicious of him.

  15. Clay completely loathes cats and catty is the last word I would use to describe him. He could have said sooo much more. Lisa L has to go. Couldn't listen to his interview with her, her language is so out of line and an embarrassment to the female gender.

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