Clay Aiken – Articulate, Creative, Funny, Diplomatic!

I just finished watching episode 8 (task 9) of Season 12 of Celebrity Apprentice.  I learned that Clay Aiken is:

  • articulate
  • calm
  • creative
  • diplomatic
  • funny
  • hard-working
  • honest
  • sensible
  • upbeat

And…if Clay is forced to criticize, he does it with honesty and tact.  Is there anyone else on the show that shows all these assets?  I sure don’t see them!

Within hours of the end of the show, many of the Internet sites have already posted reviews of the new episode.

One of my favorites is from Dalton Ross.  Ross writes for Entertainment and has written a great review each week.  Always a bit tongue-in-cheek, he isn’t afraid to say what he sees.  He writes the following about Clay and Celebrity Apprentice:

… I am about to lay on you the greatest quote in Celebrity Apprentice history…Miss Aubrey O’Day.

“Teresa thinks that everybody is great friends and that they all love her, but the second that we lose, Clay and Arsenio will start the gang-bang on her and she’ll get to see what I went through the other night.”

Ummm…no, wait, I need a minute to digest that. Okay…nope, still not ready. Thought I was, but I wasn’t. Give me another minute. [Deep breath] So, let’s focus on the last part of that sentence, shall we? “Clay and Arsenio will start the gang-bang on her and she’ll get to see what I went through the other night.”

START THE GANG-BANG ON HER?!? Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, did Lisa Lampanelli just take a side-job as network censor? How the hell does that make it past the standards and practices department and onto network television? Again, “Clay and Arsenio will start the gang-bang on her.” Does Teresa’s husband Joe know that Clay and Arsenio are about to start the gang-bang on her? Is he cool with that? Is he part of it? And is that really what Aubrey “went through the other night?” If so, how did that not make the show? So many questions!

…Honestly, I didn’t get the reason for coloring Paul’s facial and head hair a reddish auburn hue, and then it hit me. Paul must be a Claymate!!! He wants to be Aiken! People always want to pigeonhole Clay’s fans as being of the female variety, but who’s to say Paul Teutul Sr. doesn’t blare a little “Bridge Over Troubled Water” in the shop while working on his big hogs. Clay Aiken jumps all genres, bounds over all borders. His voice is infectious, his charisma irresistible. Who can blame Paul for falling under Clay’s spell? He was not the first. Nor will he be the last. Of course, Paul has his street cred to maintain, so he claims he is more Clark Griswald than Clay Aiken in his new get-up, but unless he has a Family Truckster parked outside, I remain dubious.

Be sure and visit Dalton’s article.  It is a fun read and it is worth the read!  You can read the article at EW.COM

CLIQUECLACK is a blog that write a bout many TV shows.  They have been following Celebrity Apprentice this season.  Tara Shrodes wrote an interesting article and review.  Here are a few things she has to say:

The Celebrity Apprentice is causing Lisa Lampanelli to lose it

…Holy Moses. This week’s edition of The Celebrity Apprentice taught me a couple of things. First of all? I agree with Lou Ferrigno. I’m glad that Lisa Lampanelli isn’t my wife too. She’s abrasive, mean, irritating, selfish and just- foul. We’ve seen in past weeks her fascination with jealousy in hating Dayana (where she completely changed her tune this time around.) Now she honed in her radar on getting Lou fired.

…I’m soooo weary of people like this.  As an example? Look at her polar opposite in Clay Aiken. Dude’s calm cool and collected. He refuses to be led into dark places by Trump. He has fun during the tasks. He picks his battles. Yes. He’s gotten frustrated on occasion with Penn. But rightly so. He talks it out with the person and moves forward, doing what he needs to do.

Be sure and read this interesting article and why not leave a comment.  All writers love hearing from their readers.  You can click on CLIQUE to read the entire article. posted a review of yesterdays episode of Celebrity Apprentice.  Written by  Vicki Hyman/The Star-Ledger  ,  the article has very little about Clay Aiken, but you can tell that Hyman is not a fan of Aubrey.  You can read this article at NJCOM

Clay’s newest blog is up at the NBC/Celebrity Apprentice Internet site.  As always, Clay is articulate and gives us a look into what really happened during the task.  Clay says:

If there was a theme to this episode, it might have been HYPOCRISY!

After watching the show, I certainly understand what he means.  People need to play the game, but they also need to be truthful and stop going behind peoples backs and being nasty!  I hope you will all visit Clay’s blog and please leave a comment.  I am sure this site is highly monitored for internet hits and comments!  You can read Clay’s blog at CLAYWORDS

There are already more reviews posted.  However, this post is long enough now.  I will get the rest posted later today.  Please check back later for more links!

Did you watch Sunday’s episode?  Leave a comment below and tell us what you thought about the elimination!


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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Articulate, Creative, Funny, Diplomatic!

  1. I am sort of up in the air about tonight's show – but did enjoy Paul's make-over and always enjoy
    Clay! I am getting really tired of Lisa and Aubrey – wasn't thrilled with either of the 2 commercials!Maybe just tired after the hectic, happy, celebration of the Easter weekend!! ? ?

  2. What a show last night. It needed to be Lisa or Lou so I can’t argue with the firing. Thanks for the news roundup. Go Clay!!

  3. watched the show which was very exciting as usual, I would like to see Lisa get fired but she does add drama to the show, sorry that Lou got fired but if he had been supportive of his team he might have been saved, also agree with all of Clay's personality, he's such a great guy, you can't help but love him, way to go Clay, hang in there which i know you will. Love you Clay! thanks musicfan for all these postings.

  4. Great to know more and more ppl finally see his brilliant mind and sweet soul. I really love the way the Unanimous’ working together, such a tem.

    I find Lisa the most annoying figure in this show, still cant see how Clay refers to her as a “great personality”. Not any single word thrown out of her mouth is nice nor just accurate, except for the case where she kissed PM’s ass just not to be brought back . I heard that Clay will be sent to Fort next week, then he and Arsenio cant be teammates in several tasks to come , sad!

  5. Did anyone catch the question that Trump asked Paul…"Who is the best worker on your team?" Paul immediately said "Clay". He tried to say more, but was cut off by others talking. Clay has settled into a way of having fun on the task, keeping calm and winning with his team.

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