Clay Aiken – Dreams and Determination

Congratulations to the National Inclusion Project.  The following announcement was published on their website on Wednesday:

The National Inclusion Project Receives a Major Gift
The National Inclusion Project is pleased to announce that we have received a phenomenal estate gift valued in excess of $1.1 Million. The donor wishes to remain anonymous but allowed us to share the fantastic news. This pledge will open doors for many children in the future and shows the faith placed in our organization to ensure that no child sits on the sidelines. On behalf of the children this gift will impact, we extend our heartfelt appreciation!

This is such a generous gift to this worthy charity…and a show of confidence for the organization.

Hasn’t it been fun watching this organization grow from a school project into a leader in the field of  inclusion…all because of the dreams and determination of Clay Aiken and his tireless team.  I am proud to be a fan of Clay Aiken and the National Inclusion Project.

If you want to know more about the National Inclusion Project, please visit NIP

The following screen-caps are from the Clayboard.  I really loved them as they are a bit different.  It seems that each one has a story behind it.  Let see if we can come up with some great captions for these pictures.  Get out your thinking cap and lets share some laughs.





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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Dreams and Determination

  1. What a wonderful donation to NIP. This person truly had faith and was passionate about all the good the NIP brings to children. Congratulations to NIP and Clay, and especially all the children this will include..

    I'm lovin' the pictures as well, but I can't come up with any captions. Maybe cause I know what Clay is going to say, so I find myself saying the same thing. #2,#3,#4 are all in response to the money "Blowing in the Wind". #1 looks like the guys have tuned Aubrey out. She never stops talking.

  2. In the first cap, I think the guys are thinking – "Just let her keep talking – and see what she spits out
    #2 – oow, Arsenio's letting it fly!!!
    #3 – This makes no sense at all!!!! WHAT are YOU talking about?
    # 4 -No way, just looking straight ahead – BIG TROUBLE

    What a great donation – Clay and Diane really started something special and it is growing so fast!
    Everyone involved should be so proud of the NIP!!

  3. #1- 'oh oh Aubrey wants to lead again; #2- 'what are you thinking?' #3- 'are you kidding'
    #4- 'oh bummer'.
    love the expressions on Clay's face, so cute, especially when i was watching him on celeb apprent. so adorable. You gotta win!
    Congratulations on the huge donation you received NIP!

  4. WOW what a wonderful gift for NIP to receive. It certainly has been a good month for them….now lets just hope it continues with a win for Clay on CA!!

  5. Congratulation National Inclusion Project and Clay Aiken.

    And such wonderful pictures of Clay….thanks

  6. What wonderful news for NIP & Clay. Such a generous gift for the children.

    #1 Aubrey: “Wait, I have 10 more great ideas.”

    #2 WHAT?!

    #3 How can you even think that?!

    #4 Who’s sorry now?!

  7. What wonderful news for the NIP and Clay. Such a generous gift for the childrenl
    #1 Aubrey: "Wait, I have 10 more great ideas."
    #2 "WHAT?!"
    #3 "You've got to be kidding!"
    #4 "Who's sorry now?!"

  8. 1 hey aubrey wait please i have 10 more amazing ideas 2 say what 3 oh god no 3 you have got to be kidding me 4 nooo

  9. #1) The men comtemplate which of Paul Sr's motorcyles would be best for running over Aubrey.

    Awesome news about the donation to the National Inclusion Project.

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