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Tuesday brought a stack of news about Celebrity Apprentice and Clay Aiken.  It is always amazing to me that there are so many different reviews and, although most give the same opinions, there are those who seem to have watched something entirely different that what I saw.

The following are some of the interesting sites that discuss Clay and his participation on Celebrity Apprentice

One of my favorite reviews is at a site titled, TV Gasm.  Each week, they report on the new episode of the show. So far, they have only reviewed one task form last week, but have promised to post about the second half of the show soon.  The review  is always a bit tongue-in-cheek and filled with both words and pictures.  They had the following to say about Clay:

…Clay goes to visit the National Inclusion Project, which allows disabled children to participate in things like summer camp and helps them feel like they fit in. Finally a feel good and happy delivery of the winnings on this show!  Clay says this has only fueled his fire to be the one to win the whole thing an bring back another $250,000 to his charity.

…Back at the men’s team, guess who shows up… Michael Andretti! How’s that for an awesome dude? Even though he was fired before he ever had a chance to earn any money for his own charity, he is here today to donate twenty thousand dollars. When he asks Clay how many books he can get for that, the miserly Clay tells him “just one.” LOL – I’m loving Clay more and more.

…Clay is upset at the mob mentality that happened. He says people were grabbing cash out of his hand and Arsenio saw a women stuffing money down her pants. Clay wonders if they even got half of what Blue Man Group gave them. It did look like it could have turned into a pretty ugly mob scene. I’m sad to hear that people didn’t scramble to gather the money to keep it safe and return it to Unanimous.

…Clay’s feathers are really ruffled. Dee tries to console him but Clay is too upset to talk about it. At least Clay is focusing his ire in the right place and is angry with Penn for inviting a circus idea that negatively affected other people. It would appear there will still be no love between these two brilliant minds.

…I’m loving Clay Aiken more and more. As he signs his autograph on their book, he tells a customer he knows using a pink marker is redundant. Hah!

To read the entire article,visit TVGasm

TVBlend writes a review each week about Celebrity Apprentice.  They always post a Power Ranking of the celebrities.  When the show started, this site rated Clay very low on their chart.  However, this week, Clay is rated #1.  The following is what they say about Clay:

#1) Clay Aiken (33): Clay’s ascent to the top of the rankings has been gradual, but with everyone having completed a turn as project manager, he deserves to be considered among the best. Apart from the one week in which he freaked out on Penn, Clay has remained cool, composed and strategic. Notice in the boardroom how differently he chose to express his resentment of Aubrey than Arsenio who created untold amounts of friction and lost his composure? That steadiness should carry Clay to the finals if he can avoid any major screw-ups.

Be sure and visit this site and see who they rate as #2.  You might be surprised.  You can visit the site at TVBLEND is rumored to be the sponsors of the next task on Celebrity Apprentice.  On Tuesday, they tweeted this picture and message.  @Teresa_Giudice @clayaiken @ArsenioOFFICIAL Can’t wait to see you Sunday night on #CelebApprentice. Fun, isn’t it?



TVLatest is another site that reviews Celebrity Apprentice.  Their review is long and they do go into great detail.  They mention Clay often in the article and seem to like him. The following is one of the mentions:

Dee doesn’t care about the quality of his team’s book: it’s a fundraiser so just focus on the money. Penn suggests the team go up to the roof of Trump Tower and take pictures from there. Clay voices his concern that all the photos will look the same, but Dee decides to go with Penn’s idea. “I don’t know if it’s his entire head,” Clay muses in an interview, “but at least Dee’s forehead is up Penn’s ass.” I am so sorry I voted for Ruben Studdard. The team heads to the roof and they do have an impressive view of Manhattan. The plan is for each guy to pose for a picture with a different NYC neighborhood/area in the background. Paul Teutul’s picture is the last to be taken and he ends up with the East Side. In other words, take everything you know about Paul and make it the opposite.

You can read the entire article at TVLATEST

There are many other article available online, but these are at the top of my list.  I am also enjoying the following picture that was posted on the NBC/Celebrity Apprentice Site…I know the words at the bottom are for another show,but I like the title “Best Friends Forever.”

What was your favorite moment on Sunday’s show?

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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Stack of News!

  1. There were quite a few – but I like the one you have pictured with Clay and Arsenio and also
    Clay delivering the check to Kristy and Clay sitting under the Parachute thingy with the sweet
    little boy with the glasses! Everything Clay had a part in – especially his introduction of Arsenio at
    the task production!

  2. My favorite moment was when Clay and Arsenior were fun wrestling, it was so cute and funny, love them both. Looking forward to next Sunday's show. way to go Clay!

  3. The best is rising to the top. Clay Aiken is in it for NIP but also obviously wants ALL of the charities to benefit. The ego driven contestants are pouting and screaming at, and trashing and insulting fellow contestants…and have totally lost the reason behind being there. They are making it a me me look at me situation. Clay saves his anger for ridiculous moves that jeopardize the charity in question…example: the BMG/Penn debacle. My respect for Clay Aiken increases by the day.

  4. I am loving all the articles printed. Thanks for condensing it for us Musicfan. I love the picture above, with Clay and Arsenio, before they were wrestling. I think that was a fun moment for me to watch. I love Clay's laugh. The part I didn't enjoy on Sunday, was the money spewed all over the street, and chaos. I'm sure it was quite scary for everyone, but for Clay who has battled the anxiety of being in crowds was quite unsettling. To create such chaos, and people grabbing, kicking hitting for money, was just totally unnecessary, no matter how Penn tries to defend it for "Art". Sometimes you have to use common sense, and Penn's lack of that, could have caused people to get hurt. Not smart.

  5. My favorite part was when Clay was presenting the check to Christy at the National Inclusion Project. He does so much for the children. I am so proud of him.

    I think my next best part was when Clay and Arsenio were playfully wrestling. I just love Clay's laugh. Glad they are such good friends. Also, so glad you got that picture of Clay winking. That Clay Aiken wink will get you every time.

  6. Lovin' it all, thank you so much for a great newsletter!! Quotable quotes, super pix, vid clips, GAH! And I agree with every single comment so far. Clay visiting Kristy and kids, that's the man I first fell for during AI Clay Goes Home; w/the adorable little boy under the parachute, both of 'em awed and grinning, really whacked my heart too. Lovin' Clay/Arsenio friendship — the wrestling match w/Paul's smile and Clay's giggle as background for Trump Towers was priceless. This show kept me glued to my screen for all 3 hours straight, in the middle of the night (had to wait for vid)!!!
    Penn is still thinking w/his 12-year-old mind, I like Dee a lot but what were they thinking approving those graphics for the box, and poor Arsenio was so overwrought about his beloved cousin that Aubrey pushed too hard.
    Whole show was just GREAT, but favorite parts: "under the parachute"; Clay/Arsenio tease/wrestling match; and Clay giving crying Arsenio a huge hug after boardroom.

  7. I loved the wrestling match with Arsenio and Clay.
    Also loved watching Clay present the check for the National inclusion Project..
    I guess I just agree with lovinclay because I also loved the Aiken wink. Funny, I missed it the first time. You really have to watch several times in order to see everything!!

  8. Oh wow, I forgot the wink!!! Definitely a fave!!! I played it over and over, but couldn't get my browser to capture it, was so fun to see your .gif, and in motion!!!

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