Clay Aiken – Forging Ahead!

Home…what a great word.  I am so glad that I was able to return home today…back to family, friends,  and the fun of being a Clay Aiken fan.

Thursday was a great day for finding news about Celebrity Apprentice and Clay Aiken.

The Internet site, Stars-Entertainment always posts a great preview of the next episode of Celebrity Apprentice.  The video is long and takes a LONG time to load, but it is worth the wait.  Under the video they say:

Still reeling from last week’s dramatic Boardroom, Arseno goes on an emotional tirade against Lisa. With the whereabouts of Aubrey still unknown, a verbal firestorm ignites. For their task, teams must write, produce, and direct a 60-second commercial for In the end, one team hits the mark, and the other team is left to fight it out in the boardroom, where another celebrity is sent packing.

Boardroom advisors: Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

Special guest Magic Johnson

Please visit the site and watch the interesting video…just have a bit of patience.  You can link by clicking on STARS has an Internet section titled, Inside TV.  This week they posted an article titled:

 ‘Celebrity Apprentice’: Aubrey O’Day is back! And she’s listening to filthy talk from Clay Aiken and Teresa Giudice — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO  

You can’t keep a good woman down. And it seems you can’t keep Aubrey O’Day down either! The controversial contestant walked off last week’s episode of The Celebrity Apprentice after being brutalized in the Boardroom by Arsenio Hall, but she returns to the show this Sunday, and in this exclusive sneak peek, you can take a look at what’s in store for the fiery redhead. Why is Teresa Giudice telling Clay Aiken to “Come over here, honey, and get behind me”? Why is Clay responding with “Here, take it in your hand”? And what kind of jewelry is that Aubrey is wearing on her hand? Just click on the video player below to see for yourself and enjoy the triumphant return of Aubrey O’Day!

This article is written by Dalton Ross who has written many amusing reviews of the show.  Please visit the show to see the short video about Sunday’s show.  You can link to the site by visiting INSIDETV    Do you think Clay wrote the script?

TV Latest is another site that reports about Celebrity Apprentice.  This is a long article that reports about the second half of last weeks show.  The following is some of the things they say about Clay on Celebrity Apprentice.:

…Clay interviews about his lack of enthusiasm over new teammates Aubrey and Teresa. However, he’s still with his BFF Arsenio, so everything should be okay, right?

…Over on Team Arsenio, the PM says he was fine with the team switchup. Clay half-heartedly agrees, noting there is a different dynamic but Arsenio was a fantastic manager. Trump asks Clay about his new teammates. The singer says Teresa is a better team player because Aubrey can be overbearing. Arsenio says you have to customize your management style in order to work with Ms. O’Day. Aubrey says “not a team player” is just Clay’s opinion. Clay doesn’t engage, saying Aubrey is full of ideas but sometimes forges ahead without consulting.

Mike McComb –  does an great job of covering the show.  Please visit and read the entire article.  Why not let Mike know you appreciate his review.

Many thanks for your captions for the photos on Thursday.  I enjoyed reading them.  Again, our thanks to Cotton for the great screen-caps.

For many, today is Good Friday.  It is a day of subdued thoughts, solemn hymns, and prayers of Thanksgiving.  Whatever your beliefs, I hope the events of the day bring you peace and serenity.



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  1. Interesting reading and watching – the show on Sunday night should prove very interesting !!!!!

    Thank you for the rememberance of the solemnity of Good Friday – I appreciated that very much.

    Glad you are safely home again! 🙂

  2. Once again, you have managed to cover it all! Thank you so much for getting this info over her for us. Also, thank you for the reminder about Good Friday.

    So glad you made it home safe and sound.

    Whoo hoo! Go Clay!!!

  3. Your family must be so happy to have you back home for Easter. Lots of good stuff in this post. It was worth waiting for the slow download to watch Paul's transformation. I'm sure Clay did a lot of the writing for this challenge. Can't wait to see it on Sunday…I'll have to get the family out after dinner so I can settle down with another evening of Clay! Happy Easter to all.

  4. I'd be terrific to have the whole episode show how the Unanimous works on this task, they look so much fun.

  5. It looks like Clay may have written their commercial. If so, I really, really hope his team wins and he gets a lot of props for his creativity.

  6. We have missed you! Looking forward to having you back to join in our conversations. Enjoyed the video chat last night and the new long preview looks like it will be an interesting show.

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