Clay Aiken – Not A Great Day!!

I promised an update during the day….BUT…I had major computer issues today!!

I am so sorry!!  There are some really fun articles out there.

The article is written…now I have to get my computer to stop messing up the formatting!!

I will post it tonight!

Thanks for understanding!


Also – a quick point about negative ┬ácomments.

I will never post hateful comments

A poster does not have to agree with Clay or CANN and can post that in a way that encourages a conversation.

Differing ideas are fine…negative for the purpose of stirring the pot is not OK.

I thank you all for your continued support!!

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1 thought on “Clay Aiken – Not A Great Day!!

  1. Thanks for telling us what's up, musicfan. Sorry you're having a hard time. Not to worry on our account, tho, you give us so much and there's so much still to follow up on — haven't found a poll yet, outside of CA — that we've got plenty to do!! I'm loving it that all the reviewers are on to Dayana's strategy (except NY Post, who called her a "weak player" — NOT! She's a smart cookie!!) and are giving our guy so many kudos!! Btw, did they really put up a bb of Clay or is that a photoshop? It's YOWZA!

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