Clay Aiken – “A Decent, Intelligent Human Being”

I’m exhausted!!  This happens every week.  It starts at 9:00pm Sunday night and continues for at least 24 hours.  Can you imagine how the stars of Celebrity Apprentice feel?  After a task like Jingle All The Way Home, they must feel beat up!!

It is just a few hours after the end of episode 11 of Celebrity Apprentice.  Already, there are many reviews, blogs and articles about the show.

As it has been for the last few Monday’s, I am listing a few of the many articles, quoting some of the interesting parts, and providing a link to the entire article.

I do want to remind you all that it is important that we give the sites hits on their page.  Hits are important to Internet sites as they move the site up in the search and also let the site know if the article is successful.  And…anyone who posts articles enjoys comments.  It’s the best way the reader can let the site know they enjoyed the article.

OK…Here We Go!!

Clay Aiken’s Blog – Clay’s Take is posted at the NBC/Celebrity Apprentice site.  It really helps to understand what was going on.  One thing stood out to me.  Clay wrote:

I went and tried to discuss with Dayana how what she had said upset Lisa. Despite having incredible conversational English, Dayana sometimes mixes up words, and what she explained to me was that when she said “loud,” she was just trying to say Lisa was a strong player. I tried to tell her that praising me for all of my work and then not recognizing that Lisa had done a LOT as well was enough to be insulting. She said okay, but I don’t think it mattered to her. Her apology to Lisa was pretty insincere. But the blood between the two of them is so bad now by week 12 that I don’t think anything would smooth it over.

You can read the entire blog at CLAYSTAKE

EW.COMThe Celebrity Apprentice’ recap:  Jingle (And Argue) All The Way

By Dalton Ross

… A lot of incredible things happened during this episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, from the eruption of Mt. Lampanelli, to the rare loss of composure by Clay Aiken

… Poor Dayana. At least she had someone around to be nice to her in Clay. Or did she? Nope, even the usually calm, cool, and collected Clay lost patience with Miss Universe. “Dayana is the most frustrating person I have ever met in my life. I spent years teaching kids with disabilities and never have I had to draw on that type of patience since I’ve been in a classroom more than I did this task.”

… it was somewhat shocking to see Clay snap as he did when Dayana asked him to simply move from stage right to stage left. Clay freaked out, trapping Dayana’s hand between his own, and yelling about being “a grown ass man.” First time I’ve seen the singer lose his composure this season, and all I can say is…ABOUT TIME! Get with the program, Aiken! Don’t you know what show you’re on? Stop being such a decent and intelligent human being, immediately!

You can read Dalton’s fun article at  DALTONROSS

NewsObserver – Happiness Is A Warm TVJingle all the way

by togburn

…Filling in for Brooke on “The Celebrity Apprentice” recap this week — the first episode since Clay Aiken‘s brush with firing. And our North Carolina home boy has another rough go of it as he gets caught between the ever-battling Bickersons — comedian Lisa Lampanelli and former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza.

… Because Clay, center, was project manager last week, he agrees to let Dayana, right, handle it this week. Hmmm, this could be a problem, seeing as how he’s a professional singer and she knows so little about music that Clay actually has to explain to her that a jingle has nothing to do with “Jingle Bells.” Still, he and Lisa, left, try to teach her. And for a while, they listen patiently while Dayana suggests a jingle that sounds like Duran Duran. Cause we all know RV drivers can’t get enough “Hungry Like the Wolf.”

…Clay and Lisa come up with a ’60s-style “Good Sam” jingle that, to my ears, sounded a lot like the old “Good Times” TV theme song. After Dayana’s failed first attempts at songwriting — they have to explain to her that the words “man” and “track” don’t rhyme — she agrees to go with Clay and Lisa’s jingle, those she does want to add a hippie to the performance. (Um, wrong part of the ’60s there, Dayana.)

…In perhaps her most hypocritical moment of the episode, Aubrey — just minutes after touting the good work of her charity, which aims to stop the bullying of kids — bullies Arsenio by suggesting that he likely tap dances at home in a cheerleading skirt. You stay classy, Aubrey.

 Clay also blows up when Dayana tries to tell him how to perform the “Good Sam” song. “Either take over and tell me what to do or shut up and let me do what I know how to do,” he snaps.

… Through it all, our man Clay sits quietly, though his facial expressions are priceless. When Trump finally asks him to speak, Clay says what everybody is thinking — Dayana just didn’t do much.

…  Be careful, Clay.

Fun to see the hometown saying good things about Clay!!  You can read the entire review at HAPPINESS

The Washington Times – Communities – final five Aiken, Arsenio, Aubrey, Lisa, Teresa

Clay Aiken, 32, American Idol runner-up. Charity: The National Inclusion Project. Odds: 8-1. Aiken has already put himself on the toughest public stage there is, “American Idol.” I predicted he might hang in there longer than expected. Has he ever. The Claymates are going to love seeing me eat crow. They told me their man Aiken would perform well, and I’m convinced. He’s been smart, strategic, and he’s shown more edge than I thought he possessed which has served him well.

At the beginning of the season, this site rated all the celebrities.  In their first article, they had Clay almost at the bottom of the list.  Good to see that they are coming around!

All of the review can be read at WASHINGTONTIMES

A.V.Club – Celebrity Apprentice

“Jingle All The Way” was teased as the episode in which Dayana drives her team into lunacy, and damn if it didn’t deliver. Her choice to take over on a task out of her wheelhouse was clearly a political move. With either Lisa or Clay at the helm, there’s no way Dayana would have a voice anyone listened to. As project manager, she still doesn’t, exactly, but she has the chance to take credit for an Aiken-sung jingle if it goes well, and to duck out of the way if it doesn’t. Unfortunately, it’s not just that music isn’t Dayana’s forte (ba-dum!). It’s more that she’s completely unfamiliar anything outside of Duran Duran. When she asks in the car if jingles had to do with Christmas music, Clay puts on his mask of infinite patience to explain to her that they weren’t while Lisa winces.

… But Dayana, intentionally or not, gets in quite a few passive aggressive digs at her teammates. As Clay’s explaining how song-writing works, Dayana throws up her hands and says, “Can we just call Debbie Gibson?” Clay and Lisa keep it civil, save for some eye rolls at Dayana’s attempt to rhyme “track” and “Sam” and her request to have the song sound more “yellow,” until Don Jr. comes in and asks about the process.

… It’s not all Lisa and Dayana, either. During rehearsal, Dayana attempts to assert some leadership by offering suggestions to Clay on where he should stand. This is Dayana’s modus operandi: Come in with a suggestion that seems small at a time of high stress. Like, “take it to the 1980s” or “add hippies here.” Clay’s veneer of patience cracks, and he lashes out at her. But they’re all professionals, and the show must go on. Clay and Lisa turn out a cute, nostalgic, Frankie Valli-esque jingle with Clay’s dulcet tones and Lisa’s quick-thinking lyrics. Dayana stage manages and comes out to mumble a hello at the end.

…OK, who wants to give Clay Aiken a cameo on Mad Men?

If you want to read the entire article click on AVCLUB

Reality WantedThe Celebrity Apprentice Season 5: Episode 11 Recap

By Todd Betzold

…Team Forte determines that Clay must be singing for the jingle. Dayana wants to throw out words that rhyme, but Clay says they need to get the melody first…he is getting frustrated because this is his forte, but he is not project manager and feels Dayana is not suited for this task.

…For Team Forte, Clay and Lisa come up with a ‘50s-‘60s theme for the jingle, which Dayana wants to then bring it up to the ‘80s.

… The musicians arrive and work with Team Forte…Dayana doesn’t understand the music genres, so they have to go through the songs to get her on board. She eventually likes the ‘60s theme and then wants the band to add some pink into the song…let the reins go and let Clay take over Dayana.

… Team Forte starts writing the lyrics for the jingle…Lisa is writing them and Dayana wants to do it together, which Lisa is over. They finally get Clay in the studio to sing and Dayana is trying to take over…telling him to sing this way or that way and we should have girls singing it. Then Lisa goes in to speak some words and Dayana says to speak in a nicer tone…both Lisa and Clay want to kill her. Clay said she is trying to take charge of something she has no clue on how to do it.

Dayana is worried about having a ‘60s theme onstage for the presentation as well and wants to bring a hippie up there, but Clay and Lisa shoot down that idea.

… Team Forte gets to the dance studio for rehearsals and Clay is working with the backup singers and dancers when Dayana steps in to give him advice, which finally sets Clay off. This is what he does and she wants to give her advice, yet again. Either tell him what to do or let him do his thing…she finally backs off and tells him to do it.

… Clay finally gets a chance to talk and says he agrees with what Lisa has said.

WANTED is the link to the article.

E-OnlineCelebrity Apprentice Recap: Whose Voice Cracked Under Pressure?


 Dayana felt upstaged by her teammates when they chose a ’60s theme. As soon as Clay Aiken put his singing chops to work, Dayana put in her two cents—actually, more like 50 Cent, hounding him with “21 Questions.” While Dayana reigns as Miss Universe, Clay is president of ClayNation, so shouldn’t he get the final say when it comes to writing a song?

You can reach this review at EONLINE

CarterMatt.comThe Celebrity Apprentice review: Clay Aiken, Dayana Mendoza, and Good Sam

…The only thing that made this whole ordeal even worse was that Dayana decided that she wanted to play the leader, and tried to give advice to Clay about how to perform on stage. He was a ticking time bomb for much of the challenge, but eventually he exploded on her and pretty much laid down the law — if you want him to actually do a good job, you actually have to let him do the job that he is trained to do (especially since he does a darn fine job at it).

… Despite this team being more combative, we actually thought that their Good Sam jingle was far and away better. It had a retro feel, was catchy, and the performance did not smell of old cheese. With that being said, Dayana shouldn’t have ruined the performance by coming out at the end out of costume.

To read the entire article, visit CARTERMATT

 This is all for now… I will add another blog during the day today with updated links.  I hope you will stop by for the information.

 How did you feel about last night’s show?  Did the right person go home?

 I loved watching Clay…he was so smart to just sit there.  Watching his face let us all know the whole story!


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  1. I loved the show last night and loved that Clay is still there – he is really, really, funny!!!! and so
    handsome – all at the same time!!! I just want him there at the very end!!!!! Oh! don't let me forget that
    most of all – he is definitely "INTELLIGENT"!!!!!!

    Also loved all of the articles- – -had me LOL!!!

  2. I loved the show last night! Been reading all the blogs to try and give them all hits! Thanks musicfan for bringing together some I hadn't seen yet! YOU ROCK! LOVE CANN!!

  3. Thank you so much for the articles/blogs. I'd never even begin to know where to look for all these. You are amazing! Keep them rolling.

  4. Thanks for usual great blog! Um, when I clicked on link to, coz Dalton's my fave and love what he said about Clay (and that you used as the headline) but the link goes to Dayana's exit interview, not the recap article. It even took me some scouting around to find again, Dalton's got so much other stuff going now. Here's the url of the actual CA recap:

  5. Great articles. It was quite the show. I had the most fun just watching Clay’s face in the boardroom. Priceless! Hope next week goes well with just him and Lisa.

  6. im so happy about clay still being in the aprentice hes verry amazing at singing and thats his talent hes verry handsme also as far as dayana leaving right choice but then again i realy think that it should have been ,lisa because shes always upset and angry with someone

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    Typing in capitals is Yelling! If you want Clay to see your message, please post it at his OFC.
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    • I know caps is yelling, that was my intention,,,,,so guessing no negitive comments allowed. Was not looking for fan site.

      • Katie..respectful comments , even if they are negative can spur a great conversation so I have no problem with different opinions.

        However, you talked to Clay (Yelled) in your first comment. So…a reasonable person would assume you wanted him to see your post. That would happen quicker at the OFC.

        I hope you will post again and if you disagree with the topic, perhaps a suggestion of how you would handle a situation might be an interesting post.

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