The Latest Adventure of Clay Aiken – Part 2

Today has been a busy day and the comments are both good and interesting for the latest adventures of Clay Aiken on Celebrity Apprentice.  As always, there are those who love Dayana Mendoza and are disappointed that she was eliminated from the show.  However, most of the sites seem to understand the frustration that she caused to her teammates.  SO…..HERE WE GO !!  Part 2 of  Jingle All The Way Reviews

Television BlendCelebrity Apprentice Power Rankings:  Arsenio Hall Tries To Manage Aubrey

By Jessica Grabert & Mack Rawden

Clay has been at the top of the Power Rankings for a few weeks and this week he is still the leader.  This is what Jessica and Mack say:

#1) Clay Aiken (34): Partway through the challenge, both Clay and Lisa were at the end of their ropes with Dayana. The Miss Universe winner was giving Clay tips on how to perform, Lisa instructions on how to write and the backing group strange commands like make the song more pink. The way Clay and Lisa responded to the situation is a good indication of why he’s on top and she’s noticeably lower. Apart from one angry exchange with the model to prove his point, Clay largely stayed out of the fray, put his head down, did his job and acted respectfully in the boardroom. Lisa, well, she was another story. It takes at least a bit of professionalism to succeed on Apprentice, and Clay is wonderful at knowing when to bite his tongue.

I always enjoy reading the Power Rankings.  You can read the entire article at TVBLEND

Starpulse.comDayana Mendoza Takes Her Final Cat Walk

By Roxanne Tellier

… Trump wonders which team will have the advantage. After all, there’s Clay Aiken, who’s one of the great singers… But Arsenio points to Aubrey, and the Donald remembers, “We think of you as Playboy cover. It’s actually singing, isn’t it?” Ouch! Burn, Aubrey!

… Clay says that jingles typically begin with finding a melody, to which words are added. He’s getting frustrated, knowing that he should have been in charge of the task, and is insulted when Dayana suggests that they should call Debbie Gibson for help.

Clay wonders if they should go with a “Teen Angel,” sixties style music concept. Dayana adds that they can then switch it up a little bit and take it to the eighties. Lisa and Clay, horrified at her suggestion, continue working on the sixties sound. Dayana’s frustrated that her ideas are not being accepted.

Forte’s Clay wants to get a feel for their song before the musicians arrive. Dayana begins snapping her fingers, trying to find a beat, and suggests something along the lines of Duran Duran. Clay and Lisa just wish she’d get out of the way. Dayana finally agrees with the sixties groove, but wonders if the musicians could make the sound a little less flat. Clay begins to lose it, as Dayana’s lack of musicianship pushes him over the edge. He knows Dayana wants to be involved, but can’t figure out why she won’t defer to someone who actually knows what they’re doing.

Dayana just keeps throwing in suggestions to the musicians. “Add some pink. And yellow. Could there be some red?” The musicians wonder what on earth she’s talking about.

…Trump asks Clay if Dayana’s success as Miss Universe had any impact on the project, and Clay says they didn’t see that on this task. After this task, and the way she handled it, it’s hard for him to have respect for Dayana. She micromanaged things that she knew nothing about.

The link to the entire article is STARPULSE

New York Daily NewsAubrey O’Day and Dayana Mendoza are menaces to project management

Jingle competition strikes sour note among Forte Members

By Joyce Chen

…The lesson to be learned from this week’s “Celebrity Apprentice” is two-fold.  First, don’t let Aubrey O’Day out of your site if you value your position as project manager, and second, don’t let Dayana Mendoza get in your way if you value your position as project manager.

…The former “American Idol” contestant is sad to see his buddy Penn out of the picture, but can now clearly see the pot of gold, er, oversized check, at the end of the tunnel.  Ironic, though, that he and Arsenionare the two last men standing, he notes, even though the men’s team had hit the ground running at the start of the competition.

…But here’s a chance for Clay to really shine:  the challenge for this week involves creating a 90-second jingle for Good Sam’s Roadside Assistance, something that’s right up obnoxious-and catchy Clay’s alley.

…Clay and Lisa try their best to be diplomatic with Miss Universe, but it’s clear that their patience is wearing thin with the Venezuelan beauty.  Her string of bad suggestions just never ends.

…She peers over Lisa’s shoulder as she’s trying to write the script and even goes so far as to tell Clay how to sing the jingle.  And don’t nobody do that to Clay Aiken, “American Idol” superstar!  The bubbly singer is noticeably irked, flaring nostrils and all.  Clay is now 100 percent on Lisa’s side.

To read the entire article click on NYDAILYNEWS


Rolling Stone – Jingle All The Way

The ‘Dirty Half-Dozen’ stuck by the side of the road

by Dan Hyman

…The other team is having issues of its own. “Dayana doesn’ t know the difference between jingle and ‘jingle all the way’, ” Lisa Lampanelli says.  From the start, Clay Aiken and Lampanelli drive the team’s creative vision.  Mendoza, meanwhile, continues to prove to be a weak player.  ANd her teammates are done putting up with her idiocy.  How bad is Mendoza on this task?  Lampanelli and Aiken suggest a Sixties, Frankie Valli-style jingle.  Mendoza listens to a group of session musicians play a melody on that fashion and suggests adding “more read and yellow.  “Duran Duran and rhumba.”

Hyman’s article can be found at ROLLINGSTONE


CBS – Celebrity CircuitThree cheers for the jingle

by Mary-Jayne McKay

…What did she do wrong?  For starters, she put herself, and not her team, first by pleading to lead the task.  It was clear from the start that it was beyond her.  In the van after getting the task, she showed that she had no idea what a jingle was when she asked her teammates whether it wasn’t a Christmas task (think “Jingle Bells”).

…Aiken and Lampanelli were kind when they told host Donald Trump that they had to waste precious minutes giving Mendoza a crash course in musicology.  Here’s some of the things they did mention…

1.  When Aiken suggested a ’60s sound, she agreed but suggested they could bring it up into the ’80s.

2.  When the band played a sample song, she asked if they could add more pink. (Was she talking about the singer or the color? Who knows?)

3.  She asked for lyric changes that would have thrown off the timing of the melody.

4.  She kept insisting on using the word “track,” when the Good Sam assistance they were promoting wasn’t for trains but for TVs.

…Aiken told the Trumps he wouldn’t use the same language but he did suffer from the same feelings as Lampanelli.

The link to the entire article can be found at CELEBRITYCIRCUIT


Reality BlurredDon’t tell Aubrey O’Day, but on Celebrity Apprentice, she’s just like Dayana Mendoza.

by Andy Dehnart

…The two people who got the most attention on last night’s Celebrity Apprentice were Dayana Mendoza and Aubrey O’Day.  On the surface, they seem like very different people: Dayana thought a jingle was a version of “Jingle All The Way,” while AUbrey has actually written every jingle ever used, ever, all while doing cancer research during her many trips into burning buildings to save orphans.

…When she did that during the jingle-writing task, that led to both more yelling from Lisa and gave us more of what has become a highlight of this season: Clay Aiken reactions.  Both in the moment (he made faces behind her back) and in intervieews, he is hilarious and ridiculously quotable – so quotable I just stopped writing down things he says, because there are too many and they’re much better in context.  Once again, Celebrity Apprentice helps us see a celebrity in an entirely new way.

Read this funny review at BLURRED


NJ.comLike the blind leading the seeing

by Vicki Hyman/The Star-Ledger

…When the musicians show up and they narrow down the jingle style to the mid-’60s Four Seasons, Dayana suggests adding “a little bit pink into it, yellow? Something a little more…not as flat?”  Even giving her a pass for the language barrier, it’s still pretty annoying.  She then tries to direct Clay in the recording booth, and instructs Lisa to “sound a little cuter, not so scary.”  Dayana also suggests having one person dressed as a hippie, because, after all, it’s the 60’s  The Four Seasons played at Wood stock, right? “It was not like the blind leading the blind,” Clay says.  “It was like the blind leading the seeing.”

…At the rehearsal space, Clay gets prickly when Dayana tries to give him some staging suggestions.  Dayana backs off:  “I’ll just sit here and when you’re done, I’ll clap.”

… At the performance, Clay is dressed in a plaid jacket and has hair slicked back; the back-up singers and dancers are in polka-dot dresses and headbands.  The mascot Good Sam comes out and the dancers dance around him.

…Trump asked Clay whether Dayana’s background and popularity as Miss Universe helped on a task like this. Huh? What a weird question.  Um, no, Clay says.

…Clay says it’s hard to have respect for Dayana after this task, and she should have put herself into a supportive role as opposed to being a micromanager.

NJCOM is the link to the entire article.


It is always amazing how many articles and reviews are posted about Celebrity Apprentice.  Many of the sites have polls too.  I hope you will try and visit the sites and enter the poll.

I am sure there will be more Tuesday.  It always takes a bit before all the sites publish their ideas.  I will post the links as soon as I can.

Who will be the next apprentice to be fired?

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  1. Thanks for the updates. You go through so much effort so we can support Clay. Thank you!

    As far as who goes home next I’m hoping it’s Aubrey. I can’t take much more of her ego. Clay and Lisa seem to get along on twitter so I hope they work well together next week. Go Clay!! 🙂

  2. I love Mondays because of all the articles about TCA and Clay! I also love that I can come here and find the articles.Thanks you for listing them all, I know that must be very hard to find them ..
    I felt it was Dayanna's time (actually past time) to be fired. I think she is probably a nice person but she mostly did next to nothing on most of the projects she was involved in. I think Theresa will be the next one to go. But since they are firing 2 next week , I am having a tough time deciding who else they will fire. I think they will want someone left to add some fireworks, so Aubrey and Lisa both fit that bill. To me, they are both annoying so I really don't know. It will be exciting to see who it is!

  3. Love coming here and finding the reviews of the show all in one place.
    Thanks so much. I also love that you have the complete episode up for viewing as I always miss so much the first time I watch (because I am trying to follow the tweets during the show). I used to tape it, but now I don't need to. I just come here and watch it again.

  4. I really can't thank you enough for all this wonderful information. I know it must take a long time and it is so appreciated.

    Most of us don't have a lot of time to hunt for all the site so having them here is so helpful.

    AND…Almost all of the reviewers think Clay is doing well. A few haters comment and you can see right through them!!

    I am sure glad that Clay is on Celebrity Apprentice…it is a winning time:
    1. for National Inclusion Project
    2 for Clay and more recognition
    3. for fans who can't get enough of Clay Aiken!!

  5. Musicfan – You have totally out-done your self on this fabulous array of info – thank you very much –
    you are very much appreciated!!! It is so good to see Clay getting so many wonderful reviews and
    they are so amusing. I sure hope Clay will be the last man standing – and NIP will be enjoying the

  6. It's always so much fun to come here and catch up on all the wonderful articles you gather for us musicfan. It is much appreciated!

    Clay is doing well isn't he? I sure hope he makes it to the end! It would be so cool to be #1 and to right the wrong that happened 9 years ago!

    GO CLAY!

  7. Thank you Musicfan for all your hard work in bringing us all these articles. There are just so many. I too think Clay was justified in losing it with Dayana. He explained quite well in his "Clay's Take" at the Celebrity Apprentice NBC site, how Dayana was wasting what little time they had to do this jingle, on nonsense. By the way, I think Forte's jingle was much better than the other team. Most RV people are a little older, and love the Frankie Vallie type music. I can't imagine listening to a jingle with cheerleading and rap, to hit that age demographic?? Odd.

  8. Thank you musicfan for all your info, really appreciate it, I think Clay is getting more recognition since being on Celebrity Apprentice, I noticed on utube listening to Clay's songs that there are newer people viewing his songs and posting wonderful comments about his singing and him. Way to go Clay! I also agree with all the comments made above about your efforts to inform us, thanks again.

  9. I think that the public is seeing Clay as an intelligent, talented, kind man and he is admired by many for his skills.

  10. Thanks Musicfan for all these interesting and informative articles. I also like to take these polls and see Clay winning. It was truly Dayana's time to go. Don't know how she stayed so long. She was really derailing Clay and Lisa to getting their project done. But, I still liked Fortes jingle better than Anonymous. Seemed to fit the demographic of RVers better than cheerleaders and Rap. After all, most of them are Semior Citizens.

  11. Thanks, musicfan, for always bringing together for us the articles, photos, and links to all the information in this one great blog.

  12. After every episode of celebrity apprentiice I find it absolutely necessary to watch the utube clip Laugh For me, Clay. Never watched this show before due to all negativity and will never watch again. I'm hanging in now for clay only! One laugh from Clay wrestling with Arsenio and one smile of genuine delight after playing with puppets isnt enough to sustain me through all the negativity. If only I could vote. Hate that I can't help him! Proud of him at the same time. This is my first posting ever. Hope I did it right,

    • Closetclaym8….thanks for posting!! I love every single comment that I get.

      I love seeing Clay each week, but those two ladies almost ruin the entire show.

      I hope you will throw a comment this way again!!

  13. Glad to read positive comments at last. I think I'll stick to this site from now on. Negative comments on Youtube about Clay just breaks my heart. 🙁

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