Clay Aiken – Sunday Reviews,Part 2

The following are a few more article about Clay Aiken and Celebrity Apprentice.  Be sure you check out the previous article to see the reviews I posted late last night.

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Rolling StoneTransparency

Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken Vie For Victory With Help From Old Frenemies

By Dan Hyman

… For Aiken, who came in second to Ruben Studdard on American Idol back in 2003, there’s a sense of unfinished business. “This time I ain’t gonna lose,” he says. “I will sleep when it’s all over. Until then, game on!”

… The teams break off and hit the ground running. Team Clay, stocked with music-minded members, is going to put on a music-centric event. Aiken’s charity is the National Inclusion Project, a foundation he helped create that aims to help include disabled children with their non-handicapped peers. The team’s motto for their carnival-themed event is “Let’s ALL Play.” O’Day, having been picked last and snubbed by Hall, is out for revenge. “I really think Arsenio is dirt,” she says with a vindictive glimmer in her eye. “I hope Clay wins.”

… With so many contestants now back in the fold, it’d be safe to assume there would be boatloads of crazy drama. Ironically though, there’s almost none. Each former contestant, from O’Day and Giudice planning the respective events to Gibson arranging the music, appears happy to help out. Tempers do flare, however, when Aiken and Gibson go at it regarding a mural for the event that is to be painted by Gibson’s cousin. Aiken says he doesn’t want this to happen unless he can see a sketch of what it will look like. And Gibson? Well, she thinks Aiken is being a micromanaging nutjob. Tears nearly flow.

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CBS NEWS – Celebrity CircuitTransparency leaves another contestant behind

By Lauren Moraski

… Making it to the final three wasn’t easy. Aubrey O’Day surprised naysayers by staying in the game as long as she did. The pop singer stayed strong until the end, but on Sunday night, she fell short, leaving it to former late night host Arsenio Hall and singer Clay Aiken to duke it out.

… Both teams hustled to prepare for the final event, with Aiken tapping Gibson to arrange music, and Hall suggesting that Magic Johnson appear in his PSA.

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US WeeklyClay Aiken, Arsenio Hall Advance to Finale

By Allison Corneau

… Here’s hoping history doesn’t repeat itself for Clay Aiken.

Earning a spot in Donald Trump‘s final two on The Celebrity Apprentice Sunday, Aiken, 33, will face off against pal Arsenio Hall, 56, for bragging rights on next week’s live finale show.

… “I am not that heavy!” Hall joked, referring to Aiken’s 2003 Idol competitor Ruben Studdard.

… Later, O’Day channeled her anger to help Aiken plan a carnival-themed variety show and 30-second charity PSA, along with Penn Jillette, Debbie Gibson, and Dee Snider.

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OMG from YahooCelebrity Apprentice Shocker- Aubrey O’Day Is Fired

By Kim Jacobs Walker

… Donald Trump took a stand for professional behavior this week on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” and shocked a lot of viewers who expected Aubrey O’Day to advance to the finale. The Donald fired her.

… Aubrey, like Narcissus, was too busy admiring her own reflection in the pool of creative ideas she contributed to recognize that others shared in the successes of each project. Aubrey was all about Aubrey. Matlin and Rich found her motivations “transparent,” and her behavior immature.

… Surprisingly, Clay seems to be having a harder time managing his team. Trying to rein in Aubrey’s copious ideas for decorating the venue got him into a lather, which carried over to his interactions with Debbie. Aubrey wanted to paint the walls, which Clay thought was overkill. Debbie tried to help by offering to get her cousin, a professional mural painter, to do the job for them.

You can read the article by Kim at YAHOO

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