Clay Aiken Has Some Amazing Pipes!

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round….  Yes…we are still reading reviews and article about Celebrity Apprentice and Clay Aiken.  I think this week might have the most articles this season.  They just don’t stop.


This is  by far one of the most amusing reviews around.  The writers combine great writing with some very funny pictures.  And, they don’t tread lightly.  They say it like they see it!!

How about:

…So the episode picks up with Lisa getting her free pass from last week’s boardroom and joining team Unanimous in their war room. Aubrey comes on to revel in the most stunning turn of events:

“How amazing is it that I’m the last one out of these people standing to win a big check and I’m the reason why most of the people here have won a big check. I’m stronger and fiercer than both the people on my team. Whether you like me or hate me I’m the reason why we ever had a creative on this team. Period. Point blank.”

Or, Maybe…

Dayana goes on to muse that they will need to come up with words that rhyme with tire, oil, – just anything that rhymes. They should all start writing it down. Don’t spoil my oil when you expire your tire.

One of my favorites..

They are recording the song and Clay has some amazing pipes! I missed his season of American Idol, although somehow I did hear his version of Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me – I think it was required viewing by all of America. The only song I remember by him was called Invisible (I had to look it up) – I just remember some creepy lyric about wishing he could be a fly on a girl (maybe it wasn’t a girl)’s wall….had an idea that he was a good singer, but those are some serious chops we are currently hearing.

I hope you will read this entire article.  Be prepared to laugh!  You can find the entire blog at TVGASM

Another of my favorite blogs is

Recappers Delight – Jingle All The Way

By Claire Abraham

 … Clay begs Dayana to stop dawdling and let them choose a musical decade and style before the musicians arrive.  No Dayana, the Bobble Head does not look like Duran Duran.  He looks like a guy called Walter who is living next door to the Cleavers.

…Lisa and Clay inform Dayana that her ideas are completely inappropriate, and she whines because she’s being picked on.  She thinks they are evil because they don’t think a hippie goes well with Frankie Valli.

Click on RECAPPERS for the complete review.

I am sure there many more, but for now, that’s all I have!!  I flew to Oregon on Tuesday so my schedule is off a bit.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day!!

Enjoy the articles and remember…Wednesday is just one day closer to Sunday!!!


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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Has Some Amazing Pipes!

  1. These articles and reviews are great fun to read and thank you so much for putting them here for
    all of us – CA and Clay and the gang are getting their share of publicity! These last weeks are going
    to be so exciting and really wishing the "best" for Clay!!!

  2. Love all articles and reviews of how Clay Aiken is doing on The Celebrity Apprentice, and I am actually enjoying the show, even though this type of shows are not my cup of tea. GO CLAY GO!

  3. Thanks Musicfan for the articles and all your hard work bringing them to us. I am so enjoying seeing Clay each week on my tv.

  4. Thanks so much for taking your time to bring these to us, musicfan! Just love getting the review caps, and the gorgeous pix and vids you give us along with!

    I agree with clayam, I don't normally like "survivor" shows but enjoy learning about folks through CApp, and am really captivated this season. As one reviewer said: "the highlight of this season — reactions from Clay Aiken!"
    The reviewers all seem to get Dayana and give Clay kudos; I saw what they saw!
    A lot of viewers don't understand that hours are edited out… 18 hour days and 3+ hour boardrooms cut to 40 minutes each.. but the editors are ace, with 57 minutes of yawn and 3 minutes of drama per hour, we only get the good stuff, LOL.

  5. I LOVED the TVgasm recap. Several of the comments with the photos were hysterical. Thanks for sharing this.

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