Clay Aiken – Entertaining and Talented

The world has known Clay Aiken as a musical star since 2003.  It has been so much fun watching  him change from a young college student to a handsome, mature man.

I thought it might be fun to see the “Then” and “Now”(or at least later)  …Both are amazing…but…is there one that is your favorite?

Singing In Raleigh



Good Morning America



Ruben And Clay



The Tug






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16 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Entertaining and Talented

  1. Idol performance of "Build Me Up Buttercup" can't be improved on! Just delightful – especially that little falsetto trill and Clay's "dancing spirit."

  2. Wow, what great photos, and videos, he's just as good now singing as he was then, maybe even better, really difficult to pick out a particular photo, there all adorable, especially the 3rd one-so cute and now, so handsome. Thanks Musicfan, great job! By the way, I watch Clay on utube every day, his voice just sends me.

    • Happy to know I am not the only one out there reliving AI season 2 and everything clay aiken on you tube since the beginning of Celebrity Apprentice. His laughing, singing, smiling, and humanitarian activities on you tube are the only thing that gets rid of the negative overload from apprentice, tweets and comments on Clays take at NBC website. Clay is pretty much the only good thing on that show! Check out – laugh for me clay on you tube. It does wonders for me!

  3. How can anyone choose?? I love them all "then" and "now" – all fantastic!
    If it is a pic of Clay it is always gorgeous.
    If it is a song by Clay it is always "Magical"!!!

  4. Thanks for the comparisons!! That is fun. I always enjoy pictures of Clay doing the shirt tug….when he does it I often wonder if he thinks….OK let's make em' scream and then chuckles inside when it works!!! He is such a "player" of our heartstrings!! Gotta love it when he treats us to it though!! LOL

  5. Holey moley!!! I'm so loving the before and afters. He really has not changed all that much! He's still cute as all get out and can sing like an angel! Love it 😀

  6. So fun to look back! Build me up Buttercup sealed the deal for me while watching AI. There was no turning back after that performance. Thank you for the little bright spot in my morning.

  7. wow holy cow i am indeed loving the before and after pics he realy trueley hasent changed that much and clay is still cute and he singing is still amazing

  8. I love looking at the before and after pictures.I agree that Clay just keeps getting better and better.
    I love the shirt tug pictures ! What a handsome man he is and his voice-there is no way to write how good I think it is and how much I enjoy it!

  9. The then and now photos are great. I love the “then” of Buttercup. No orchestra, no fancy lighting just Clay doing what he does best..sing his heart out! The answer to the crossword puzzle in this morning’s paper was “Aiken”. How fun is that!

    • Eeeeee, Clay in another crossword!! Thanks for telling us. I found him in a couple as well, one last year and one back in about 2005, I meant to post about it at the time but don't know if I did. It is fun, yes!

  10. Oh, my, musicfan, what a treat! Love, love these… um, favorite — no, can't choose. I'm a huge shirt-tug fan, where did you get that last absolutely gorgeous one? GAH! And the second one — GAH! Lordy, his hair looks so soft and thick and he looks such a man, whew!
    Then the ones with Ruben are so fun. And young Clay, awwww — but wow, I can literally hear that great voice, what a super shot!
    On GMA then, he was so exhausted after giving every ounce of effort to his finale performances, then up all night doing TV rounds w/Ruben, yet he still sounded absolutely fabulous that morning… and GMA now, so mature and cool and he's learned so much about how to control his voice, he is just_plain_awesome.

    Thanks too for the two BMUBs, OMG, love 'em both but that PBS special is really somethin' else! And love that you included the judging on AI one, so many AI vids don't; Neil Sedaka, I could give you a hug, LOL. My hope is that Neil does produce an album for him, and some of the songs too, maybe.
    I also hope for another song from Clay himself with David Foster, Lover All Alone is among my favorites of all songs ever.

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