Clay Aiken – Tonight’s The Night

Today is the day!  Today we find out who will be named the new Celebrity Apprentice.  I don’t know about you, but I am so excited and happy that Clay Aiken is a finalist and has a great chance to win.  Clay deserves to win and I refuse to think any other way.

Luckily I will be at the show tonight, ready to cheer Clay and enjoy seeing the confetti moment in person.  And,of course, I will report what I can about what we saw at the taping.

I read an interesting article at the HuffPost – Gay Voices.  Written by Michelangelo Signorile, the articles discusses Clay’s involvement with Celebrity Apprentice, North Carolina’s Amendment One and many more topics.

Signorile says:

A few days before his face-off with Arsenio Hall on the finale of Donald Trump’s “The Celebrity Apprentice” (Sunday night on NBC), Clay Aiken was confident and comfortable.

“I hope I’ll win,” said the openly gay singer and actor who shot to stardom as a contestant and first runner up on “American Idol” almost ten years ago. “We have different styles. [Arsenio Hall is] a little more laid back. I’m a little more hands-on. I think the effects of my efforts were superior. I think we’ll see on Sunday when Mr. Trump makes his decision.”

When talking about Clay’s role as a gay activist, Signorile says:

Aiken also weighed in on his new-found role as a gay activist, taking on North Carolina’s antigay Amendment One and appearing on CBS’ “Face the Nation” opposite the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins last week, an experience he laughingly still can’t believe happened.

“Wasn’t that crazy?” he asked, beaming with a smile, in an interview on my SiriusXM radio program. “So it did happen, you’re saying? Because I was thinking it was all a dream.”

The article also discusses Clay’s decisions about coming out to the public and his sense of responsibility to support young people.  Clay said:

“Making sure that people don’t have the same type of struggle that I did. I’ve realized now if I can be a a part of making it easier for a kid to be able to be comfortable with himself, then I have a responsibility to do it.”

Be sure and read the entire article.  It is very interesting.  You can read it at  HUFF

The following are some screen-caps from the Wendy Williams Show.  Thank you to the ladies at CV and CB for providing them.

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Tonight’s The Night

  1. musicfan, I can't wait to hear ALL about it. Of course, I am on pins and needles. I want him to win so badly, but I know he is already the winner in so many ways. There have been many good things to come out of The Celebrity Apprentice. For me, I love the many people who have come up to me and said now I know why you have been such a good fan of Clay's for so many years. He is so articulate, smart, funny and a great man with a fantastic voice. I am so proud of Clay.

  2. Great interviews. In the shared interview Clay outshines Arsenio, and as much as I like Arsenio, I want Clay to win it all. He deserves it. The nerves are setting in, but I am confident that Clay will win tonight. He really deserves to win and I don't see how Trump could be blind to that fact.

  3. So excited for tonight. Clay was far and away the better player. Of course 9 years ago he was far and away the better singer!

  4. Have a wonderful time – you deserve it. I have enjoyed this site very much! I couldn't help but think that a Clay / Aresenio talk show would be interesting and in several ways ground breaking. Interesting – Clay has the fan base to tune in on opening day and give it ratings. He would be the Regis of the pairing – quick, funny, intellegent and sane of the two. Arsenio would be the draw for the celebrity guest list and the unpredictable funny furious(Kelly) to Clay's serious. Would it be the first black/white – old/young duo in talk?

  5. Musicfan….have a wonderful time tonight at the Finale…GO TEAM CLAY!!!!!!

    Clay has proven himself during this entire season. He deserves to win. Clay is a class act.

  6. hey thanks so much for the pics and clay smile im pleased that alot of clays fans showed up i am soo hoping clay wins tomrow night

  7. Tonight IS the night – and only about 4 hours to go until "showtime" ! Heavy duty praying for a big
    'CLAY WIN!" The Kids just have to "ALL PLAY! Right here waiting, Clay! But you will always be the
    WINNER – no matter!!! Musicfan – thankyou for all of your reports – – hope you have a big time in
    NYC – Tonight!

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