Clay Aiken – 2012 Picture Day At CANN!

Do you have a PhotoBucket Account?  I have an account and it is HUGE!!  I think I right-click on every picture that I like and try to quickly put it into Photobucket.  I can’t even guess at the number of pictures that are in my Photobucket account.

On Monday, I decided to check out some of the pictures that I had up-loaded recently.    It reminded me of all the amazing pictures we have seen this year.  Besides Clay’s appearances on Celebrity Apprentice, Clay Aiken had many other events with pictures .  The CB and CV were wonderful to supply exciting screen-caps for fans and others actually had the opportunity to take some pictures.

So…today…it’s 2012 Picture Day at CANN!!

NBC Store Meet & Greet

Opera Competition - Carnegie Hall

Face The Nation - TV

ShowBiz Tonight - CNN

Access Hollywood


Andy Cohen - With the Porn Star!!

CNN News

Indy Race - National Anthem


Oh…there are so many more.  I guess I will have to do this again to finish it up!!

Which one of these pictures is your favorite?

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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – 2012 Picture Day At CANN!

  1. Gorgeous – All of them!! But my very favorite is # 5 the close-up of Access! Then the next one # 6
    from VH1- checking out the questions! Love his hair and expressions – even though he doesn't
    want his hair talked about!!!!

  2. I like each one for very different reasons but if I had to choose – vh1 for the trademark closed eyes and dreamy lashes. Proud of him for face the nation. Still not on board with NBC for the CA fiasco but he looks more put together than usual. Love the casual look more than suit and ties. Interesting that arsenio can't bring himself to smile.

  3. I like them all. I did however, love the interview with Showbiz Tonight with A.J. Hammer. He was so respectful to Clay and let him talk. I think he was very impressed with Clay and how smart he is.

  4. i dont like the first one but the secnd third fourth and fifth and sixth and seventh and eighth and nineth pics

  5. I love all the pictures, but I think I like the CNN picture the most also. He is certainly a handsome man.

  6. I have two best choices. Picture #1 with Arsenio. Clay looks really handsome and happy with his wonderful smile. Hopefully, Arsenio and he will continue to be friends, even though at the time, it did appear to me during the CApp show, to have been only for convenience sake on Arsenio's part.

    Then there is picture #3. Sunday best serious Clay. Such an important occasion, Face the Nation on TV. Clay intelligently discussing the gay marriage debate with the opposition. What a very proud ClayNation we were indeed. Thanks musicfan for all the pictures. They each have a great memory attached to them.

  7. I am so glad Clay's hair was spikless for most of his 2012 appearances. The last CNN photo is my favorite because it was Clay talking about a serious issue on a very popular well respected channel.

  8. My favorite one is #6 VH1. He just looks adorable in that picture. Gotta love him. Also, #3 when he was on Face The Nation. How handsome and intelligent he was.

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