Clay Aiken Sings A Beautiful Version of Unchained Melody

In June of 2010, Clay Aiken was a guest on the popular daytime talk show, The View.  It had been two years since Clay had visited the show.  He was there to promote his new album, Tried & True.

The comedian, Mario Cantone was a guest host on the program and seemed to enjoy chatting with Clay.  Clay was asked about his son, Parker and about coming out to the public.  And, as always, Clay was asked about American Idol.  Clay was polite, but didn’t really have much to say about the show.

Clay sang a beautiful version of Unchained Melody and everyone in the audience received a copy of the new CD.

The following screencaps were sent to CANN right after the event and I have kept them in my photobucket account…they are great!  There is also a great video of the show.  Enjoy.

Be sure you watch the second video…it is very short and very funny!!


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  1. This is a beautiful version of UM, Clay can sing anything better the others before him have….How much talent can one man have. Clay has been blessed with so much…

  2. "BRING IT ON"!!!!!! Definitely….Clay is great as a co-host….as a host…anything…THIS MAN SHOULD HAVE A TALK SHOW. He's funny, smart, knows politics, current events (he lives for CNN) I do believe that one day, this will happen…He's just that good!!! Loved watching the clips again….That was fun.

  3. Beautiful version of UM. That was such a good interview that day, but as usual, not long enough!

  4. he sure lookas great that was a beautufil and amazing vershion of uchined melody clay is great as a co host

  5. Musicfan – I have a photo of Clay wearing a Wisconsin Cheese Head Hat at the concert he did in Appleton, WI and June is Dairy Month up here. If you don't have one with the cheese head hat I'd be happy to send it to you but I don't know how to get it to you. Interested?

    • Thanks so much for helping me get pictures…I do have a couple of pictures of Clay with the cheese "hat"….really cute. You gave me a good idea for an article!!

  6. I loved Clay's version of Unchained Melody. He sings it like no other. I remember when he sang the new version at the PBS special and it was so wonderful. The audience was so surprised and we were in awe! Thanks for posting the videos . I loved watching them.

  7. I so remember this appearance on the View. Clay always seems to have a lot of fun there. Hope he will be on The View soon. Loved that version of UM. He looked so handsome that day.

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