Clay Aiken – Some Real Gems


A silhouette is the view of an object or scene consisting of only the outline and a featureless interior, with the silhouetted object usually being black.

In photography, it means that the object is backlit and appears dark against a lighter background. This happens especially around sunset, when the sun is going behind the mountains or other objects, and those objects become backlit…or, in the case of Clay Aiken, it happens on stage when Clay steps out of the spotlight!

Each one of these photos is a real gem. The photographer was able to catch a moment on stage that, even as a silhouette, tells a story. A big thank – you to all the “Clack-gatherers” who share their talent with the entire ClayNation. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a photogenic person as the subject!

Which one of these pictures is your favorite? Can you remember when these pictures were taken? (I can’t).











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  1. #1, #5 and #8 are my favorites…. Although I love them all. *g* #8 is TnT – Pittsburgh, "Both Sides Now." Canfly172 and Scarlett both captured the silhouette beautifully.

  2. musicfan, ALL of those photo's are amazing. I've always loved #5 and #10 is so sexy! Heck, all of them are sexy. He exudes sexiness! Did you have to search for those or did you have them in one fine folder? Thank you!!

  3. Great photos to add to my collection, love them all, especially 1, 2, 3 and 5, sooo hard to choose just one, he's so sexy.Thanks musicfan.

  4. Love them all. Anything with Clay in it is going to be fantastic. Wished I was that photogenic. I try to stay out of pictures. LOL

  5. These are all absolute "GEMS" that is for sure – you said it all Musicfan! Thanks to all that provided
    these wonderful silhouettes – these are only possible because of Clay and his "unique" features!
    Can I also say stunning!!!

  6. Beautiful! Brilliant! Thanks, musicfan! I love them all! Like his songs and concerts and pics, I cannot pic a favorite; love them all! I have different associations with each… And sure we know where they were taken, most of them, anyway. #8 is new to me, tho; stunning pic, and so handsome — and looks so manly, compared to so young in the first few, lol.

  7. Love all the pictures..Thanks for posting these!

    So…did you get Clay's tweet this morning? Do you know anything??

    • I sure wish I knew something. I would love it if it had something to do with Clay's future plans.

  8. I really love all the pictures, But I do think my favorite 2 are the first and last one. The first one because it shows those long eye lashes so well and the last one because it was from the Independent Tour and I have so many happy memories of that tour. I love the hat too!

  9. Thank you for sharing! As an amateur photographer I really like this focus on creative picture taking. My favorites – 1 for the eyelashes and 10 because like someone else posted he sexy but also because I love hats and this one shows how tall he is. I keep forgetting he's so tall. Love your work Musicfan. Thank you so very much!

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