Clay Aiken – Waiting For The News!


It is past midnight and news of Clay’s amazing performance is very slim.  I have only a few things to report:

1.  Clay was wearing a “tux-like suit” ,  maybe it was slate gray??!!??

2.  Ben Cohn was the accompanist for Clay

3.  Michael Feinstein commented to the audience that Clay had a “26,000 octave range.”

4.  He sang Manilow’s song, Even Now.

5.  In his introduction, it was commented that Clay   “has mastered every medium.”

6.  Clay sounded wonderful and it was a outstanding evening.

The following is a picture of the program from Saturday’s concert.

I was hoping that we might have a few pictures of the event, but I haven’t seen any yet.  Also, because the organization and theater both said that cameras and recordings are not allowed, we may not see too much.  Hopefully, the press will have covered this event and we will hear and see more that way.

Thanks to 2old4clay at the CV

Please check back during the day.  I will update this article as I get more information

Our annual Father’s Day message to Clay was also posted today.  It should be right below this information.  I hope you can stop by and leave a short Happy Father’s Day message for Clay!  Just click on the number next to comments at the top or bottom of the page.

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Waiting For The News!

  1. Thanks for posting the program. I did see the video but know that you can't post it here. Hopefully there will be some reviews or pictures from the press!

  2. I sure hope someone was able to get some photos of the event. I read that there was a professional team filming the event so I hope they'll be putting video up on their website.

  3. thanks for poasting the program i dint see the video i also hope some one was ab le to at leats get some photos of this event

  4. Since PBS has done several programs about Michael F. and his project, we can only hope that they might have filmed last nights concert for a future special. Fingers crossed.

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