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It is June 19th, the last day of spring.  It’s a perfect day to check for all the important news about Clay Aiken.


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Photo By Kevin Elliott - The Star

Cathy Kightlinger is a writer from  She wrote a great article about Clay Aiken’s  performance at the Great American Songbook Hall of fame concert last Saturday evening.

Cathy had a chance to chat with Clay for a few minutes after his sound-check at the Palladium Theater in Carmel, Indiana.  According to Cathy, Clay was impressed with the acoustics of the venue.  Clay told her:

You can tell it certainly was designed by somebody who has spent a lot of time in theaters and knows what performers need and want…It’s really gorgeous in here. I’m impressed.

Clay was on stage to perform Barry Manilow’s  hit “Even Now.”

Cathy had a chance to speak with Barry Manilow who commented that Clay was a “wonderful singer.”

You can read the entire article at INDYSTAR.  And, why not leave a comment at the article to let Cathy know we appreciate information about Clay.


Last week, Fred Bronson wrote an article about American Idol’s Tenth Anniversary.  Published at Billboard. biz, the article talks about the Billboard charts .  Bronson reports that Idols have earned 345 #1’s on the many billboard charts.

Talking about Season 2, Bronson said:

Just 12 weeks after season 2’s Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken visited the Billboard office in Los Angeles on April 4, 2003 to find out how the charts are compiled, they made Hot 100 history. On the tally dated June 28, 2003, the top two finalists had the chart’s top two debuts, at No. 1 and No. 2. It was the first time in the then almost 45-year tenure of the Hot 100 that the top two positions were both new entries. In a reversal of how they finished on the show, Aiken’s original “This Is The Night” claimed first place and Studdard’s cover of Westlife’s “Flying Without Wings” was the runner-up.

The top 10 Idols with #1 are:

Kelly Clarkson 73
Carrie Underwood 62
Chris Daughtry (Daughtry) 38
Fantasia 31
Ruben Studdard 16
Jennifer Hudson 15
Mandisa 15
Clay Aiken 12
Adam Lambert 9
David Cook 8

It certainly is interesting to see so many #1 hits by the Idol contestants.

Monday was an interesting day on Twitter.  Early in the day Clay tweeted:

I feel like something exciting is gonna happen today. It’s just in the air!

Then…after a few more Clay tweets, we found out what was going on.

Being the good friend that he is, Clay wanted all of his friends and fans to celebrate the following announcement:

Arsenio Hall has signed a contract with CBS Television Distribution to host a syndicated talk show debuting in the Fall of 2013.

Congratulations to Arsenio.  Your friend, Clay Aiken certainly supports you!


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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Catching Up

  1. Thank you so much for your blogs. They are always informative and fun to read! I didn't know about the #1 stuff…(still somewhat a newer fan and still learning) and I wish Arsenio the best of luck with his new show next year. I think Clay's excitement for his friend's success speaks volumes about his character.

  2. I was pretty excited with the first tweet! Then I find out it's about a friend and not him. 🙁 We need some news about Clay! And the sooner the better! 🙂

    • I agree gaymarie, I felt a bit let down, anyway Clay is still the best and it still boggles my mind why Arsenio was picked, I don't think I'll ever get over it, I don't dislike Arsenio but every time i hear about him I get a little grudge, can't help it, Trump was not fair, Clay was the better man in every way.

    • I was so excited with the first tweet. I just felt it was something good about Clay's future plans. I think that is why I was so disappointed.

      HOWEVER….I am sure glad Clay is tweeting to us!!

      • I agree… so many thought Clay would NOT tweet after CaPP… so I am happy he continues!!!

        Thanks musicfan!

  3. yeah me too Gaymarie.. I want him to get a syndicated talk show debuting in whenever ….
    I really want him to be very very very popular … he is very very talented … sigh…

  4. Thanks for the great links so we can keep up with all things Clay. He’s very sweet to have Arsenio’s back. I believe all the good Clay puts out there will come back in kind. Something good is going to happen! 🙂

  5. Musicfan your Blog was full and interesting as usual! I, too, was excited and then disappointed
    over the Clay Tweets – but I still feel a bit down over TCA – and would like to be as big of a person
    as Clay, but somehow can't quite reach that level of happiness just yet! I also pray that Clay will
    get something really great in return for his goodness – my faith in answered prayers and in Clay
    is extremely strong – so I will continue to try to be happy for Arsenio – because of Clay!

  6. Thanks for another great blog! The IndieStar was a gem of an article, w/a great pic… and the pic of Arsenio and Clay is from my favorite segment of any CApp ever, just love it, thanks for that too…
    Btw, I saw a tweet from Arsenio within last couple of days that said he had a "slot" or "opening" (forget exact wording) on his new show!! Wouldn't it be wonderful if it was filled by one Mr. Clay Aiken???

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