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Have you heard of a musician by the name of Greg Critchley??  He is a drummer who has played professionally for many years.  He is also a composer who has written many songs.

Greg’s song,  “Forget I Ever Knew You”,  was the bonus song on Clay Aiken’s  CD, On My Way Here . If you bought the CD at Walmart, you got Greg’s song.

To me, the song is one of my favorites and I wish that more people had heard the song.  It has  “Hit” written all over it!!

Do You Like This Song?

 What is your favorite song from On My Way Here?

The video below, is a montage of Clay Aiken which is set to this wonderful song.  Thank you, SueReu, for another great video.  And Greg……I hope you and Clay connect again and collaborate on another wonderful song.

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19 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Another Wonderful Song

  1. I love the whole "On My Way Here" CD! Every song was a good one for me! The songs that Clay
    sang at the 2008 Gala from that CD – were amazing, too! I love watching the videos.

  2. Hello Musicfan,
    Thank you for the beautiful montage of Clay. I loved that song and the Lover All Alone in that Album.

  3. That man is soooo gorgeous, gives me goose bumps, it truly is a beautiful song especially with Clay singing it and also love all the other songs on his album, thanks suerue and musicfan, you guys are so talented, you make my day! love watching all videos you guys put up on utube.

  4. I hesitate to post this because I read somewhere that OMWH isn't Clays favorite CD but it is my favorite by far with tried and true running a close second. As for favorite song I can easily pick one from each cd except OMWH because I liked so many of them. I could narrow it down to a few . . . On My Way Here, Eveything I Don't Need, Lover All Alone, and Grace of God. Hmmm, looking at my list It would be fair to say that I like variety with a slight edge to touching lyrics and long notes. Unlike most of the postings I've read, II actually prefer his voice in its mid to lower ranges and not the higher part. That said however. . . Crying . . . Blew me away! When his voice flows from one level to the other I am all agog at his range and talent! That why my all time favorites are solitaire and bridge over troubled water. They showed range. High to low and slow to fast. He can sing anything!

    • "I read somewhere that OMWH isn't Clays favorite CD"
      Um, I believe that was actually A Thousand Different Ways, because Clive made him put that out, which is all covers, instead of OMWH, which is all new songs, tho he and Jaymes had worked on OMWH for a whole year and had been telling us this album with new songs was coming; so they were disappointed and ATDW was a bit rushed. Don't know if Clive's reason was ever explained. I love ATDW and most of them are new to me anyway, because I wasn't following music when they came out; but we were so glad when OMWH finally was approved, and it is such a great album; and it has a song he wrote the lyrics to, Lover All Alone!

      • I agree ATWD is most likely his least favorite. My point is OMWH wasn't his personal favorite out of them all (but it is my favorite). he has gone on record in several interviews to say that his favorite, by far, is tried and true because it's more him and what he wanted to put out all along. He connects to it the most. I'm sure we can both agree that he can sing just about anything and we'd be happy that he's singing and we get to hear it! I like Lover All Alone too!

  5. After 5 days & nights without electricity & temps in high 90's the power came back on last night, 7/4. finally able to get my computer up and the first thing I see is CANN. Spent the last couple of days sitting on the back porch in the dark, watching the full moon rise and listening to Clay on the battery operated CD player. That was the only thing that kept me sane! So glad to be able to read your posts each day.

  6. This whole CD is my favorite and this is one of my favorite songs. Your right this song would have been perfect for radio it has a nice up beat tempo. Even could dance to this one.

  7. On My Way Here is my favorite Clay cd. I also love every song on it including Forget I Ever Knew You. Thanks to Sue for a gorgeous video and thanks Musicfan for posting it. 🙂

  8. I adore this song – kudos to Mr. Critchley! I would sure like to hear Clay singing more of his compositions – not just a good beat, but wonderful lyrics and vocally dynamic (which is what Clay is, a vocalist)! Thanks for the blog!

  9. On My Way Here is such a great album. From Falling, Where I Draw The Line, Ashes and Everything I Don't Need…So many great singles that would beat what we hear on the radio today. My personal favorite is The Real Me.

  10. Forget I Ever Knew You is one of several favorites. I can't pick just one. It's my favorite Clay CD.

  11. On My Way Here is fabulous — the first album of all-new songs since his first! As always, I love each one for different reasons; but omg, my favorite has to be the one he wrote the lyrics to — Lover All Alone — with David Foster's melody and piano, and That Voice on the waterfalling notes — this has got to be one of the loveliest songs I've ever heard, bar none.
    I don't think he said this one wasn't his fave, I think he said that about A Thousand Different Ways because Clive made him put that out instead of this one, for some reason. I love them both, a lot; but what he does with his voice on all these OMWH songs is just phenomenal! I don't think I've ever heard anything quite like it… and marvelous songs!
    They all say so much about his heart, especially Falling and On My Way Here and Lover All Alone; and this new one, too — thud! I hadn't heard it before now because there's no Walmart within 30 miles of me, and that one was out of them; so thank you musicfan! And since it's a Suereu montage — she does such a beautiful job — I can hear it when I want to, lol. Tho I will still try to find a "new" Walmart copy…

  12. I remember reading an article about Greg. In it he mentioned that he had been feeling down because of a songwriter's slump and decided to write a song about maybe giving it all up. "Forget I Ever Knew You" was the result. One comment on his 5/6/08 blog, wished that "more people would have gotten to hear it…damn RCA". Another encouragingly remarked, "see what happens when you write for the sake of your soul". With an alternative interpretation, the song does somehow convey that he was saying goodbye to a loved one. I've played "On My Way Here" continuously over the years, same as I now do with "Steadfast".

  13. I too loved every song on OMWH. As to ATDW, the funny thing is he didn't want to do that one and Clive wanted him to do covers, so that was what came out. Then after OMWH, what has he done? Mostly covers. Go figure.

  14. Does anyone have a recording of Clay singing "Even Now" at the Barry Manilow tribute in Indianapolis a few weeks ago? If someone has it, please send it to me. I'd love to hear Clay's rendition. Thank you.

  15. OMWH is also my very favorite Clay album, along with Merry Christmas With Love too! "Forget I Ever Knew You" should have been or still could be a no. 1 hit! What does it take to get these radio stations to play Clay's music? I don't get it. I also think "Ashes" and "Where I Draw the Line" are fantastic songs that could be hits on the radio as well. Thank you Clay for such a great album filled with songs your fans love, including your beautiful masterpiece, "Lover All Alone".

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