Clay Aiken – A Few News Bites

On Thursday, there were a few small news bites about Clay Aiken, his career and his interests.

The National Inclusion Project announced a great way to raise some needed money for their wonderful programs for kids.

On Saturday, August 25, 2012, Macy’s will host its 7th annual Shop For A Cause benefiting charities nationwide.

For a $5 donation to the National Inclusion Project, you can receive a 25% discount SavingsPass* to shop ALL DAY at any Macy’s store AND raise money so that no child has to sit on the sidelines! It only takes 50 donations at $5 each to send a kid to camp!

Contact The National Inclusion Project to find an NIP rep in your area OR mail your donation to us by July 30th:

National Inclusion Project

Shop For A Cause

PO Box110104

RTP,NC 27709

Please allow 7-10 business days for your Savings Pass to arrive through the USPS. Make checks payable to National Inclusion Project.

This is a win-win deal.  A 25% discount at Macy’s is great for each of us especially when we know we will be raising money for The National Inclusion Project.

A fan of Clay Aiken received an E-mail on Thursday from the Luhrs Center at Shippensburg University.  The E-mail said that Clay would be performing at the Luhrs Center on December 8 at 8pm.

They also said that the tickets will go on sale on Saturday, July 21st.  You can purchase the tickets online at : or by phone at 717-477-7469.

Just a heads up with this news…we have heard nothing from Clay about this concert.  I hope that he will confirm this news next week when he hosts the live chat.

Is it too early to get excited about a Clay Aiken Holiday Concert?

On Top Magazine published an article about Anderson Cooper and his decision to announce to the public that he is gay.

The article mentions Clay and even quotes him:

Last year, American Idol alum Clay Aiken, who came out gay in a high-profile 2008 People magazine cover story, was criticized when he said he was never in.

“I wasn’t in the closet before,” he said. “People knew, I had told my family, I’d told friends, people knew but I had not told ‘you’ and it’s none of your business.”

Although I do not agree with all of the article, I am glad to see that Clay is a part of the news-story.

You can read the entire article at ONTOP

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Few News Bites

  1. Clay is right, it is no one’s business. Would the media like ppl in their bedrooms. I don’t think so.

    Gotta love the SNARK. You go Clay!!!

  2. Nice idea for the NIP – hope many respond and a lot of children can go to camp!

    Excited about the Christmas Concert – for sure! No it is not too early! I hope Clay has lots of news
    for us on Tuesday – excited about Chat, also!

  3. I hope Clay talks about the tour in the chat. I’m so there and it’s never too early to get excited.

    Shopping at Macy’s while helping NIP, love it ! 🙂

  4. clay is inded right it is noones buisness at all as a fan of clay i dont think that the media wold like people in the bed rooms i think not im verry excited about the christmas concert
    i sure hope clay has lots of news on tuesday for those who chat with him

  5. This is a great one too! I love that Clay finally said it's noone's business about his private life! Kudos! Way to go! Hallelujah!!!! I could care less about his personal life…I just love his voice and his heart to for children. I'm beyond excited about the upcoming Christmas Tour!!! Whooohoooo!!!! Never been to an actual concert before so I'm really looking forward to seeing him live in concert…banter, snark and all! 🙂

  6. dancerdad sure takes wonderful photos. That's great news about Macy's and the National Inclusion Project.

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