Clay Aiken – A Contrast In Styles!


On Friday, the following information was posted on the Luhrs Performing Arts Center Website.  The Luhrs Performing Arts Center is located on the campus of  Shippensburg University in Central Pennsylvania.

I got excited when I found this information.  It makes it all real to see it on the website.

To visit the site click on LUHRS

Next season on TV, CBS is broadcasting a new show titled Partners.  The show is about a straight guy  and a gay guy  who are childhood friends and business partners.

In this promo video, there is a reference to the gay guy having acted on his gut and getting a Clay Aiken tattoo on his A##…  Silly, but still looks like it might be a fun show.


Every few years, People Magazine publishes a special issue titled “Before They Were Stars”.  Clay was featured in one of them a few years ago.

It seems that there is a new one this summer.  Clay has 2 full pages in the magazine.  Two other former American Idol stars also have mentions in the magazine.  Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert  have small high school year book photos in the magazine.  It seems that they used the same pages on Clay from the last edition, but how nice to have Clay included in the magazine.  The following are the pages from the magazine.  A big Thanks to Clayscience21 at the ClayBoard for the information and the scans.  Remember, if you can’t read the print on the picture, just click on the picture and it will show up in its original size.

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Contrast In Styles!

  1. EEEEEE for the JNT 2012! Looking forward to shows near my neck of the woods here in Louisiana. He's never been to this state, so hope he breaks that record. I watched the trailer "Partners" and I think it's going to be one show I will watch. Loved the "Clay Aiken reference! These are new pictures to me in People magazine. Can't wait to pick one up! Thanks musicfan, as usual!! ETA: Looking forward to the video chat with Clay at the OFC on Tuesday night! Whoot!!

  2. I'm looking forward to watching the show 'Partners' this fall after seeing the video, should be great and will be picking up People magazine, thanks musicfan for your info, always great to get all the news you post.

  3. Hear ye. Hear ye. All I Want For Christmas Are My Two Front . . . (sites). Dear Santa, Please drop Clay Aiken off in Milwaukee WI or Minneapolis MN for a Christmas Concert. I've been good all year! If that's not possible, can I please have a new Holiday CD for my striped stocking hung by the chimney with care? ANd if that don't work. . . Can You give me a lift to PA for the concert?

  4. So glad to see the Joyful Noise Tour 2012 coming into fruition. Don’t forget Texas! 🙂

    I love the mention of Clay in People. What a cutie!

    I’ll have to check out Partners, it looks fun.

  5. Thanks for the info on the Christmas tour, the new show "Partners" and the People mag. Can't wait to see the list of venues where Clay will perform. I'll start saving $$ to buy tickets to as many concerts as I can get to. I'm so EXCITED!

  6. Had not ever seen those photos in People before. Thanks.
    So excited that there will be a Christmas tour. Looking forward to getting those dates so I can make plans.

  7. Clay is too cute in those photos. Thanks for posting about the concert. I totally missed the ticket prices when I went to their website. Hopefully we'll get a good group headed down from my part of PA.

  8. So excited about the Christmas tour. Waiting for more shows to appear. Hope there is one in my state, Florida. There usually is. His picture is to die for. It is on my desktop. Now, I can stare at it all I want. That is so cute how they mention Clay in that new show Partners. I might just have to watch it. I looked for that People magazine in my Walmart this morning, but couldn't find it. Glad he got two pages. Shows he is a Star!!

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