Clay Aiken – Chatting Away!!

Last night, Clay Aiken participated in a live video chat at his Official Fan Club.  I loved the chat.  I thought Clay was cute and funny.  He was his normal, snarky self, teasing his fans and laughing with us about the questions and his answers.

Clay enlisted the help of his friend, Cameron, who helped Clay keep track of the questions and seemed to make Clay more comfortable during the chat.

I thought about how much I should relate about Clay’s comments on the chat.  This was an Official Fan Club event and members did pay to be a member of the club.  It was not open to the public.  However, the chat is being talked about all over the Clay fandom so what should I do…No, I mean what is the right thing to do!

After some thought, I decided to give a few bullets of what Clay talked about.



  • Clay and Dee will be performing Luck Be A Lady Tonight…Clay said it will probably be the only time it is sung in public as it is just too high in range!
  • Arsenio is flying in to be the master of ceremony for the Gala.
  • Absolutely NO Clack that night.
  • There are a few other things up his sleeve for the night.
  • They are taking a huge risk having the Gala in Washington D.C.  The “Project” needs our support.

Answers to Fan Questions:

  • The places he wants to visit that he hasn’t yet: He would like to see Turkey, Australia and Argentina.
  • Yes, he has watched The Newsroom…he thinks Aaron Sorkin is a creative writer but the show is too preachy!
  • If he had to choose losing all the memories from the past vs. no more new memories, he would rather keep the past ones.
  • If he had to do a real 90 day apprentice in any workplace,  he would like to work at 60 Minutes.
  • He was asked if he had to choose life in prison vs. execution…he said it was a great question, but never answered it.

Clay questions to fans for phone calls:

  • In high school,  Clay earned 2 “F’s”. One was in Chemistry. .what was the other?  Choir…teacher was mad that he tried out for Pieces Of Gold.
  • What breed of cat does he think he might like… Exotic Shorthair!
  • What celebrity was he mistaken for when he was walking down 5th Ave. in NYC?  Conan O’Brian!

A few “left-over” topics:

1.  His Christmas tour is still being put together.  Dates and times are not solid yet.

2.  Emphasized that the tickets for the Christmas shows need to be sold!

3.  He said he would run for office if he thought he could win and could we all move to his congressional district.

4.  His hair is now its natural color!

5.  He really wants to sell his house!

Well, I am sure I have not remembered all the conversation.  In spite of a technical problem at the beginning, the chat was fun, informative and Clay made me giggle!

Did you participate in the Chat last night?  




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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Chatting Away!!

  1. I would have died if he called me on the phone! It was mad fun last night. I enjoyed it soooo much! Cameron was his straight-man! I would have had the same kind of fun with a gay friend too. I don't think we know what city in Florida is confirmed, but Clearwater was mentioned. Who knows, but I can DRIVE there!! He was funny, snarky and couldn't wait to get in his freezer for that frozen yogurt!!! Love that man!! See you in October Clay!

  2. Yes, I did participate in the chat last night…and DID GET A CALL FROM CLAY!!!! What an absolute thrill that was. I answered the last question about which celebrity did he get mistaken for. It was a great guess!!!! I did turn down my speakers on the computer, but my problem was, is that I was listening to Clay on the phone, and trying to watch him on the screen, and it was all out of sync. He sounded wonderful, and knowing that he was on the other end of the line was just so great. I actually conversed with him and it just felt like I was talking to an old friend. It really was lovely.

    I think you summed everything up very nicely Musicfan. It was a fun night, nothing earth shattering, just having fun. Which in my point of view, is what it is all about. Clay will tell us any new career news, when the ink is dry. I'm not worried about it. He's too talented not for it to happen.

  3. I was telling Marlene, but I am the first person he called last night! The one with the blocked phone. I forgot about that block until the call didn't come through. (I knew I had it right, and I knew I had it right first.) Honestly, I was relieved because it made me nervous to be getting a call from him. My mom said "But that was a once in a lifetime! You should have put your cell number." Next time I totally will.

  4. My first live chat experience was fun! And I got out of it what I suggested in earlier fan club blogs, unintentional on his part of course, but I love it anyway. We saw stripes, he did a show and tell, we learned something new, there was two way interaction with the questions he asked of us, I heard at least one genuine laugh, and If I'm not mistaken we got some sing/song speak at the end there! Now that was a bonus I didn't expect after he vowed never to do it in earlier chats. Thank you Musicfan for the recap and for saving me some time on google by including the cat photo. A quick note to anyone on the fence about signing up for the the fan club and having to pay for it– it's been worth every penny of the whopper $9.99 for my digital membership! Sign up today to see the recordings of past chats and be there for the next live one. Four hours of footage and so much more for the price of one movie ticket. Not a bad deal, especially for a fan.

  5. The chat was great, Clay was very funny, loved the chat, but I came away with an uneasy feeling that Clay is putting his music on the back burner….. I hope there will be other avenues he can pursue, like Broadway and/or TV….He is just too talented.<3

  6. i didnt partisapate for clays chat but i read every thing and the part where it said no clack that is a disapointment but i understand

  7. I loved the chat last night. It really did seem I was talking to a friend.

    Thanks for posting the info. It was a good way to recall what Clay said.

    I sure hope there is a Christmas concert close to me. I would love to hear Clay sing some holiday songs!

  8. I loved last night's chat. Clay seem to be so at ease. He was so funny , snarky and laughed alot.
    I really enjoyed it! I am happy for those that got a call from Clay! I am so glad he did that.

  9. I loved the chat last night. It is great that Clay can relax and just be himself. I felt like I was in his living room sitting around talking with him and Cameron. I love that he told us his hair is its natural color.

  10. I loved the video chat. It was like I was right there with him in my living room. I thought he was funny and seemed very happy to me. It was nice of him to call the fans. But, if it was me, I think I would be on the floor passed out. LOL!!

    I think he mentioned that a show in Florida was confirmed. I live in Florida and I have been checking some of the venues here. Nothing has come up yet. He has had a couple of Christmas Shows at the King Center in Melbourne, Florida. Hope he comes back there, it is the closest to me.

  11. The video chat was great and so much fun. I was so happy for my friend who got to talk with Clay. I hope we don't have to wait too long before Clay does another one.

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