Clay Aiken – The Little Things Count

It’s a privilege to play music for a living.  Even more, it’s a privilege to have an audience. Respect that.

~ Bob Lefsetz ~

 Yes, I am quoting Bob Lefsetz again.  The man really has something to say that is worth reading.  Whether you agree or disagree, his comments make you think and isn’t that important?

Wednesday night, Bob published another of his “Lefsetz Letters.”  It seemed appropriate  to quote some of his statements.  They just make sense.  Please remember that I am taking only snippets of what he has to say.  When you finish, I hope you will visit his site and read the entire blog.


  • Her film is a disaster. As in no one wanted to see it.
  • You can have a number one single right up to release and you still may have few fans.
  • To build a fan base that will support you for a long time you have to have credibility and appear not to be chasing trends.


  • Album sales are sinking. They made sense as revenue events. But now labels won’t pay you that much, and the albums don’t last.
  • The single is not about the money so much as the career. You can reach many more people with your single.
  • Either sell out to the whores who’ll make you a track that sounds like everybody else’s or write and record something so unique it stands on its own.
  • As for the album, no one’s got time to listen to it.
  • In a world where no one’s got time to talk on the phone, where tweets are under 140 characters and texts aren’t much longer, do you think people really have time to listen to your hour plus piece of crap?


  • This is about radio. But it’s about more than that. It’s about challenging the system.
  • Everybody thinks there are rules. But really, there are very few. You can choose to do it the man’s way, but oftentimes you emerge further ahead in the game if you do it your own.
  • The little things count. There’s a price to whoring yourself out to not only radio, but Fortune 500 corporations.
  • Do you give a shxx? About your art, your career, your fans? Then learn how to say no.
  • No one’s said no in the music business for a very long time.  It’s about time people started saying no again.

What does this all have to do with Clay Aiken?  Well, Clay is a recording artist and is probably having to make decisions every day about his career.  I quote Bob again:

Everybody thinks there are rules.  But really, there are very few.

To read The Lefsetz Letter, click HERE

Is there something above that you agree with?  Disagree with?


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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Little Things Count

  1. Everything I read, made me think of Clay. I will say this…Clay is his own man, he always voices his opinion, even in the beginning with "Measure Of A Man". Clive Davis wanted to name the album something else, but Clay stood his ground. Seems to me, Clay has principles and is true to himself.

    The one sentence that really says it all for me is:

    To build a fan base that will support you for a long time you have to have credibility and appear not to be chasing trends.

    This is so Clay. Like I said…he stays true to himself. No gimmicks, just pure raw talent.

    Thanks Musicfan…I really enjoyed this today!!!!

  2. Have to agree that there are no rules. You just never know what people are going to like and buy. I guess my taste is very different than the majority of the radio audience because most of what I hear is horrible. So many of the top CD sellers cannot even sing. Give me a "singer's singer" any day–and who better fits that description than Clay Aiken.
    Getting my Gala ticket today. Hoping for a good seat, but in the end I'll just be thrilled to be in the house and happy to support The National Inclusion Project.

  3. I always wish Clay the very best! Sounds like the Gala tickets are selling pretty well, that's a very good thing!

  4. I think everything in this article applies to Clay. He really is his own man. He does it his way. I also loved the line that says you have to have credibility and not chase trends. Clay certainly does not do what every other singer is doing. He is a real genuine singer..and he has class.

    Hope everybody who is going to the Gala got good seats. Hope the venue is packed to the rafters. Good support for NIP.

  5. I purchased my cheap (Ha! Ha!) seat for the Gala today. Clay got me really excited when he spoke about it during the chat so now I'm even more excited.

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