Clay Aiken – Amazing!

I am always amazed when I think of all the special events and programs that Clay Aiken has been involved in. One of my favorites was the taping of his PBS Special – Tried & True Live!

I love that the concert was filmed in Clay’s hometown of Raleigh, NC.  The taping was held at the Memorial Auditorium on March 12, 2010.  The musical guests for the program were Linda Eder, Ruben Studdard , and Quina Parler.  It was wonderful and I was there!!

The following are some fabulous pictures and videos from the concert.  I am so glad that some talented people made screen caps of the TV show.  Thanks to all!

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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Amazing!

  1. Tried and True is such a fantastic video. I would have loved to have been there for the taping but I’m just glad I can watch it whenever I want. Thanks for the wonderful videos and pictures.

  2. Great screen caps!!! I was there, too! Pure Magic! There are no words to describe that night in

  3. I was at the PBS taping, or as some call it, the "O.M.G. CONCERT" It truly was amazing, and it was the first time we heard the new arrangement of "Unchained Melody", thanks to Ben Cohn. Definitely will always be one of my favourite events!

  4. Great videos this morning of Clay singing, I have the dvd of the concert so I can watch it anytime, he's such a great singer and so handsome, thanks musicfan.

  5. My first time visit ever to Raleigh N.C. What a fun time and what an electric concert! We were all so happy and hearing his new version of UM was AMAZING! OMG!

  6. I was there also and at the dress rehearsal when I first heard the wonderful UM. At the M&G afterwards, I said to Clay "loved UM , you made it your own". He said "Ben made it his own". I replied, " well yes, but you sang it" Lets leave i t at that. most memorable weekend ever. Shirley

  7. i have said this before and ill say it again clay aiken is clay amazing oh and may i say amazing videos also hes such a amazing singer and a verry handsome man thanks music fan

  8. What a pleasure to visit the CANN today. No angst over Clay or sour grapes about no clack from the Gala, which both seem to be the focus on other sites. Just lovely memories of the PBS Tried & True concert, with awesome videos and handsome photos of Clay. So relaxing and enjoyable.
    Thanks musicfan. A stop over here is always a good thing.

  9. I was there also. What a wonderful concert! We were all amazed at the end of the program. It is one of my favorite Clay memories. Thanks for all the pictures and the videos! Looking at them brings back memories of that awesome night to me.

  10. I did not attend the OMG Concert in Raliegh. That is why I am so glad I have the DVD to cherish and watch whenever I want. Come to think of it, I haven't watched it in a while. I love Eso Beso and the great dancers that were on with Clay. That will be my project tomorrow, watching the Tried and True Concert DVD.

  11. I was thinking about this concert today. I was trying to come up with a list of the 5 Clay concerts I'd most like to re-live. This one is definitely on my list. I will never forget that night and how fortunate I was to be there in person.

  12. Clay is souch better in concert than on CD's….in person you catvh the magic that doesn't come across in CD's. Clay is a natual on stage and when you you see him live,you'll see what a great intertainer he is. I wish one of the networks would film his upcoming Christmas tour…than people will see why his fans travel to see him. If anyone should have their own variety show it should be Clay.

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