Clay Aiken – He’s Trending

What fun it was on Sunday!  Clay Aiken was on Twitter and all of a sudden, he was trending.  From what he said(by Tweet), I think he was surprised too.

It all started with a question from Bar Stool Sports.  They said:

You can only keep 3 of these iconic artists, who are you picking?

Well, Clay was in the list of 16….It didn’t take very much time before Clay tweeted:

Someone told me my name was trending on Twitter and I swear I got really scared for a second that maybe I was getting “cancelled” for trying to beat @RubenStuddard  17 years ago!

All of a sudden there were retweets, likes, comments and more tweets.  

Most of the comments and tweets were fun.  There were lots of people who were remembering Clay from American Idol.  It was fun to read some comments from Clay too.  It was a fun time.  

By the afternoon Clay had over 2,000K tweets!  


What a great way to spend some Sunday Fun!

Twitter is an interesting site.  The following are a few facts:

1.  There are 330 million active members each month

2.  World-wide, 166 million are daily, active users

3.  71% of twitter users say they use the network to get their news.

4.  The 2 most popular twitter accounts are Katy Perry and Barack Obama. 


Don’t forget to check out Clay on twitter.  He just might surprise you!


I thought you might like to see Clay sing a wonderful video.  No…it has nothing to do with Twitter, but it sure sounds wonderful!

Have a great day!
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