Clay Aiken – It All Started With A Tweet


It all started with a tweet:

Clay Aiken ‏@clayaiken

We are 15 minutes away from an all new episode of@TheCloser_TNT If you arent so excited youre about to scream, we cant be friends anymore!

Clay was back and tweeting with his fans!!  The few words brought fans to twitter in a hurry.  It was fun reading their responses to Clay’s tweet.  BUT…Clay was not finished.  After the show was over, he added a few more tweets:

Clay Aiken ‏@clayaiken

They treat my Brenda Leigh so badly!!! Honestly makes me wanna cry! @TheCloser_TNT @kyrasedgwick

Clay Aiken ‏@clayaiken

I feel like I am WAY too invested in @TheCloser_TNT I’m so wound up that I’m not gonna be able to sleep tonight! I dont want it to end EVER

Clay Aiken ‏@clayaiken

My obsession over West Wing PALES in comparison to my investment in @TheCloser_TNT Seriously! I think it is bordering on the unhealthy now!!

Twitter was busy…many wanted to respond to Clay and let him know they understood.  Some even reminded Clay that:

Sort of like the way I feel at the end of one of your concerts. 🙂

@clayaiken maybe you now know how your fans feel when your tours and shows are over…sad!!

@clayaiken @TheCloser_TNT – sounds like you are describing your fans. =)

Do you watch The Closer?  I do, but I wanted to know a bit more about the show.

According to the website, TV Rage:

The LAPD has created a new division—Priority Homicide—to deal with high-profile murders and incidents. However, the assistant chief gives the job to a former FBI interrogator (and former lover), Brenda Leigh Johnson, raising ire in Capt. Taylor, the man who thought he would be getting the job…and the second highest rank in the department.

Brenda proves to be a contradiction in terms. She is socially absentminded at times; she has an addiction to junk food; her quirks can be annoying; and she can be a spitfire when the time calls for it. But, to the surprise of her team, she is also very adept, sharp, observant, and is a “closer”—someone who can get the confessions and the convictions.

Yes, Brenda Leigh is a brilliant investigator who happens to wear flowered dresses, love shoes and chocolate, and cries over her dead cat’s ashes… maybe some would call her quirky.

The main character, Brenda Leigh Johnson is played by Kyra Sedgwick.  She is joined by a rather large cast of characters that include her work colleagues, her family and her lover.

According to Nielsen Media Research, The Closer is seen by between 7 million to 8.81 million viewers each episode.

So far in her run as Brenda, Sedgwick has amassed five Emmy nominations and six Golden Globe nods, winning one of each, and been up for a Screen Actors Guild award seven times.

It sounds like Clay picked a winner when he fell in love with The Closer.

If you have missed the last seven seasons of The Closer, you can purchase the DVD’s of the show, or check the TNT home page.  You can probably find the early episodes for free on-line.


Have you seen The Closer?  Is it one of your favorite shows? 

A quick reminder…don’t forget the Live Video Chat with Clay tonight at the OFC site.  It will be held at 8:30 pm Eastern time.  See you there!



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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It All Started With A Tweet

  1. My husband and I are big fans of The Closer. We've watched it from the first episode and really
    enjoy it. Like Clay, we are sad that she will be gone from the show.

  2. Funny! With a few little changes, the description of Brenda reminds me of someone else that we all know and love! CLAY proves to be a contradiction in terms. HE is socially absentminded at times; HE has an addiction to junk food; HIS quirks can be annoying; and HE can be a spitfire when the time calls for it. But, to the surprise of THE GENERAL PUBLIC HE is also very adept, sharp, observant, and is a “closer”—someone who can get the awareness and the donations.

    Interesting how things work out . . . Lots of parallels btwn Clays life so far and both the West Wing and The Closer. I could write a book! Love that I like the same shows and own every DVD for each. Thank you for sharing the tweets. I don't have twitter. YET.

  3. Sorry, to say I have never watched the "Closer" but do like Kyra S. and am a big fan of her husband
    Kevin Bacon! I think they are a very admirable couple!!
    Have to agree with all that said – now Clay knows how we feel as his fans – when "the show" is over!
    Just want it to start all over "AGAIN"!!! <3 🙂

  4. I've watched a few episodes of The Closer but I haven't gotten "hooked". I'm going to check it out from now on! Taped it last night, but watched "Bunheads" which is a new favorite of mine.

  5. I've watched this since the first season and LOVE it! I never miss an episode…LOVE MY DVR! LOL I have to admit, I'm addicted as well. However, I never did care for the West Wing…(no rotten tomatoes please) never watched a full episode of it. 🙂

  6. I love The Closer and Kyra is the best! It’s fun we can share the love with Clay! I can’t wait for the chat tonight! 🙂

  7. I don't have the TNT cable network, but there is a rerun on a local station that I can watch on Sat evenings. It is a really good show and Kyra does a great job. I agree that we do feel the same way when Clay has finished a concert tour, or is keeping under the radar and there isn't any news. I'm ready for the chat tonight!

  8. I have watched old shows of The Closer and I enjoy watching it. I cannot get the current shows because I don't have that channel on cable. I hope Clay realizes we love him and are "addicted" to him as much as he is to Brenda Leigh!

  9. I love The Closer. I have watched since the beginning. I will be sad to see it gone.

    It was fun to see Clay so excited about the show. It is so much fun when he tweets!!

    Thanks for bring the extra news here.

  10. I only started watching the show when Clay said he enjoyed the show. I love Brenda Leigh.

    Thank you for all the information about the show. I guess Clay is not the only one in love with the show.

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