Clay Aiken – The Featured Story

TV Guide was first published as a national magazine in 1953. The first issue featured the infant child of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball.

By 1980, TV Guide had a circulation of about 20 million. However, the advent of cable television posed challenges for the magazine. By 2007, its circulation had fallen to about 3 million.

In 2005, the magazine changed its look, going from the digest-sized format to a full-sized magazine that featured more articles and fewer program listings.

Actress Lucille Ball has appeared on the cover of TV Guide more than any other celebrity, appearing on nearly 40 covers.

TV Guide has always been nice to Clay Aiken. He has been on the cover numerous times and has been mentioned in passing often.

In the July 24, 2005 issue. Clay was not only on the cover, but was the featured story. For this issue, there were two different covers and even a third for the cable version of the magazine.

Below are scans of the three covers and the article. Remember, if you want to see one of the scans up close, click on the image and it will show up larger so you can read the article better.  All of the scans will enlarge except the first two covers.

Which cover is your favorite?

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Featured Story

  1. I have the middle T.V. Guide – and that is my favorite picture! They did a great job with the article and
    I will be hanging on to this magazine. It is very special to me. T.V. Guide has truly been very good to
    Clay over the years.

  2. I love the look of the #2 cover. I have these tv guides, and thanks to you Musicfan, I will go back and read them all again. It's always nice going back and reading what Clay says, and I have to say that in almost 10 years, his values have not changed. Things always change, we know that…but it's the values, if you can keep them in'll be ok… Clay has done that in spades!!!!

  3. Why doesn't that first cover look familiar? I really remember the second two more. It was so thrilling to read the articles again musicfan. Thank you!!

  4. The only TV Guide cover photos that I remember are #2 which was on the magazine racks, and #3 as clack on the Clay message boards. Clay looks great on each and I favor both of them. I chose #2 because it epitomizes his new career at the time and he looks very comfortable holding that mic. — and #3 because it was a super idea as a photo op for him and he truly pulled it off quite well. I bet an updated version of it would work just as well today. Big smile when looking at each one of the two.

    I really enjoyed the TV Guide write up. It was a first time read for me.

  5. great photos, as always can't choose, they're all my favorites,I just sent away for the first tv guide as I did not know Clay back then, I've been collecting a lot of memorabilia about him. Thanks musicfan

  6. I remember this like it was yesterday!
    Had to go to several stores to get mine. I wanted both versions because I loved both pictures and couldn't choose.

  7. Thank you for sharing – the article was a first time read for me. Thank you for sharing and I enjoyed the TV Guide history lesson too. Love your work. As for the picture I like the best – it's a tie for number 2. (second cover shot – Clay with the microphone and second article shot – clay in the chair)

  8. I still have my copy of TV guide with cover #2. I stood in the store for quite a while trying to decide which one to buy.

  9. Ok…I just know that I don't have any of these!!! Wow! Never even seen these! Thank you for sharing them with us! 🙂

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