Clay Aiken – Worth $17 Million Dollars!


The past few days have certainly been an interesting time for fans of Clay Aiken.  It seems his name has been in many articles and polls about the possibility of him replacing one of the departing judges on American Idol.

I find it exciting that so many people feel that Clay should be considered.  We all know that Clay is intelligent, caring, super talented and quick with the “one-liners.”  I just wonder why most of the people in the entertainment industry know this and American Idol doesn’t.

I am also trying to understand why Mariah Carey just became the highest paid judge in reality television.  TMZ reports that her one-year deal with American Idol is worth close to $18 million.

On Monday, TMZ published the following about Mariah:

Mariah Carey was a “nightmare to work with” during her brief stint as a guest mentor on American Idol in 2008 — this according to sources on the show.

Sources tell TMZ, Mariah — who made her mentor cameo on “Idol” Season 7 — was incredibly late for her shoot at the Beverly Hills Hotel,” not very nice at all,” and ridiculously nitpicky about tiny details.

Of course, this is TMZ…you never know what they will say!

So…American Idol must announce at least one more judge for next season.  Who will they choose?  Rumors at this time say that Fox is “seriously considering” country superstar Brad Paisley. Adding a country veteran to the panel makes sense given the fact that several “Idol” alums paved their way via country music, including Carrie Underwood, Scotty McCreery, Kellie Pickler and Lauren Alaina.

So, that means no Clay Aiken.  Actually, I am not surprised, but at least for a few days it was fun to think there was a chance.  AND…I miss Clay.  It has been 5 days since we have heard from Clay.  It is easy to get spoiled when he was tweeting.  I always smile when my phone “chirps”…

I thought that if I am in the doldrums,  some of you might be there too.  I know just the right thing…we need to see and hear Clay sing.  And, since we have been talking about American Idol, we will stay right there.

The following are two of my favorite performances from Season 2 of American Idol.  Clay Aiken is an amazing talent!!

NOW…Don’t you feel Better?

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18 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Worth $17 Million Dollars!

  1. Thanks for the wonderful videos. Clay shows what the true American Idol can do. As far as judging, AI will try to keep us guessing about the other judges until January so they can maintain the buzz. I’m not holding my breath but it may not be over yet.

  2. I still can't believe he didn't win after that fantastic performance!!!!! (Of course, imo, we believe
    in actuality he did win, but was robbed). With all the judges' remarks so in favor of him, how did that happen?? And worse yet, to lose again on CA, well, its just not fair at all. We love you dearly Clay Aiken, always will…..

  3. It was fun to dream that he might be a judge, but knew in our hearts that it would not happen.
    I wish that Kelly had endorsed Clay rather than Carrie, but it would not have made a difference.
    But where is Clay? No tweets about the BSA or Chik-filet?
    I really miss him…will now go and listen to him sing>

  4. It makes sense I suppose. AI has locked in the white, black, and teeny bopper demographics over the past umpteen years. Now they chase the ethnic and country music demographics through judge selection. They will probably chase the other demographics through the contestants. The show is all about commerce and very little about talent. The other talent shows are about money too because you don't put on show to loose money, but at least they do a better job of making us believe that they care about talent. No matter for me though. I haven't watched the show since season two because I can't get that invested in a contestant and loose again. Mariah does nothing for me. I love country music but not enough to watch AI. I like them better when they sing. And AI should be about the contestants and not the judges egos and their self promotion. Clay? I would have watched because he wouldn't be about self promotion during the show, sure he'd get exposure, but his performance on the show wouldn't be about him!

  5. Ahhhhh…those are awesome videos! Goodness. I cannot imagine him not winning American Idol to begin with but that's just how it goes sometimes and he seems to have overcome it nicely. I hate that he will not be a judge on AI…I'm disappointed but at the same time, where would I ever get the time to watch another tv show!? LOL For Clay, I'd make the time…something else would just have to give. 🙂

  6. I still get chills whenever I listen to that performance of BOTW!!!! There's no way Clay should not have won that competition AND TCA!!!! Absolutely a wonderful and talented man!!

  7. Still can't believe Clay didn't win AI even after all these years. Loved every song he sang on the show. I get shivers when he sings those beautiful low notes in BOTW. I would love him to make a CD of similar type covers, as his voice makes them sound better than the originals. Never get tired watching these video's, Thanks Musicfan.

  8. What ever Clay decides is his next move – it will be the best move for him! He knows where he wants
    to be and where he wants to go!! There is so much more to him than making ump-teen millions of dollars. He knows we will love him and be here for him no matter what. He is so much more than the next reality show – and he said there was no way in H_ _ _ !! that he would ever be on Idol – in the last chat! Love listening to those videos – he was the best thing about Idol, ever! He is the best
    thing about music – he is the best thing about teaching people to love and care! I miss him, too! <3

    • AGREED! He's been saying it from the very beginning in 2003 – music execs putting a square peg in a round hole; alot of people so focused on the outside that their insides have rotted, more respect for broadway because they support talent for what it is, and I belong where people are real; it's time to go home. "He knows where he wants to be."

      He's also acted on it from day one by starting up the NIP, supporting Unicef for years, use your voice campaign, and sharing his stage and spotlight with others for their advancement and not his own.

      He speaks up for what's right even when Trump thinks differently and inspite of outspoken ignoramuses spewing hilariously uninformed gibberish. Arsenio's Robin? NEVER. Idol's Puppet? "He is so much more than the next reality show". You rock Clay. Stay strong! There's an old saying; For every outspoken comment – there are 10 more out there that feel the same way but never say it. This goes for compliments too (x10 more).

  9. We still don’t know whether they are still considering Clay as a judge. They have Mariah and may get Brad Paisley, but there is possibly one more spot to fill if Randy Jackson is out or serving in another capacity, which is what is rumored. Randy may be a mentor instead of a judge along the same lines as Jimmy Iovine. There are also rumors that some former idols could be used in another capacity.

  10. clay sure does have an amazing voice im not sure weather they are or arent considering clay aiken as judge or not so far its mariah i will have to wait and see in january what happends and what ever clay does decide his next move it wil indeed be the best move for him i sure do miss clay

  11. I hope that Clay has something in the works. He is so talented that he could do anything and be successful (well, almost).

    I keep thinking about how that 17million could help people who really need it. why not send a million to the survivors of the theater shooting in Colorado. If they did, I would have more respect for the show.

    I haven't watched Idol for many years and Mariah will not make a difference for me…I would watch for Clay!!

    Thank you for the wonderful videos. Yes, they make a person feel better!!

  12. Hi Musicfan, Can you show Northern Ireland as an area of the UK on your cluster maps as I don't see us listed. We are British. I love checking where all the Clay fans are.
    Many Thanks
    Margaret – NI

    • Hi Margaret…thanks for the message.

      Clustermaps is a program that we use. It is generated by the company and we don't have control on how they choose to label it.

      We have looked into other programs, but this seems to be the best for our use.

      I love checking out the map and seeing all the different countries that have visited this blog. It is so interesting to see and I would love to know more about some of the fans from all over the world.

      Thank you again, Margaret, for all your support and friendship!!

  13. Have to say like BOTW just a LITTLE bit more than TLS, b/c of the richness & POWER in the voice & b/c of the choir backing him up. I get goosebumps EVERY SINGLE, SOLITARY TIME I HEAR THE LAST NOTE OF BOTW! It's like Randy said, "Damn dawg, what are you doin'?

  14. Clay Aiken for King of everything. But that's just my really educated thoughtful opinion-and I'm right.
    And I miss him.

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