Clay Aiken – A Silly Exchange

If you have been on-line at all during the last 2 days, you are most likely aware that Clay Aiken has been the focus of some “interesting” news.

On Tuesday evening, Clay tweeted a snarky comment about what he and his brother were doing while watching the Republican National Convention.  Clay didn’t say anything different than what many other people have said.  However, the country star, John Rich didn’t read it correctly and slammed Clay to his many twitter fans, calling Clay a racist!  As you can imagine, it was snowball time!!

I don’t know John Rich very well, but it was an uncalled for remark.  And, it does seem odd that he would call out Clay when so many other celebrities have said the same thing.  And, why he allows his fans to write hateful comments to Clay and his fans is a bit odd.  John owes Clay an apology, but he also needs to tell his fans to stop tweeting hateful things.

On the last check of Google search, there are about 50 articles about the “twitter feud.”  Good grief!  You would think there was nothing else to talk about.

To read the details of the event, you can read one of the articles here.  

I am sad that Clay has to go through this.  Clay…use your voice and don’t let anyone ever get you down!

Three more Joyful Noise Christmas concerts were announced on Wednesday.  For details on the date and place, please see the previous post.

Erica Bustamante,  from NBC17 in the Raleigh/Durham area wrote a nice article about Clay’s concert at the Durham Performing Arts Center.

Ring in the holiday season with Raleigh native and “American Idol” Season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken at the Durham Performing Arts Center.

Aiken is bringing his Christmas special, Joyful Noise Tour, to the DPAC on November 29. Accompanied by an orchestra, Clay Aiken will perform holiday classics.

“Clay Aiken has been to DPAC many times, visiting backstage with friends that come through in concert or with our big Broadway shows. It’s been a goal to have him onstage and this new Christmas show was the perfect opportunity. Aiken is one of our most requested artists and DPAC is the perfect setting to start the holidays with this special concert,” said Bob Klaus, GM for DPAC.

Tickets for the show go on sale Sept. 7 at 10 a.m. Tickets can be purchased online, at the DPAC Ticket Center, or through Ticketmaster.

Aiken is known to sell out local venues, so if you want to purchase tickets ahead of the general public, you can join Friends of DPAC. Members get to purchase tickets to shows a day before the general public. For more information, click here.

Be sure and visit the site so that they get the hits on their site and while you are there, why not leave a comment for Erica.  You can visit the article at NBC17

Do you think you will be attending one of Clay’s concerts this year?

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  1. I am just sad over the whole twitter thing. I know what Clay meant and of course he’s not racist. Shame on Rich for making a big production out of nothing.

    Glad to hear more tour dates. Hope there’sore to come!

  2. I just hate when someone says hateful things about Clay, he's anything but a racist, that John Rich is so arrogent, if i lived in USA I would never vote for a Republican from what i've heard about them, hope President Obama gets in again.

    So pleased that Clay is getting more concerts, wish i could go but unfortunately i can't afford to. Love you Clay! Thanks Musicfan

  3. I just hate that he's being accused of "igniting a twitter feud" He made a flippant comment (hello, Clay Aiken we're talking about = snarky) not aimed at anyone in particular and someone who obviously has nothing better to do with his time than make trouble, decided to put in his 2cents and it exploded. It's classic mountain out of a molehill. No worries Clay, we got your back! 🙂

    So excited about the concert announcements!!!!!

  4. hate when people say bad things about clay its sad and it angers me hes anything but a raicest hes amazing and talent clay is that john ritch is an arrogont and a arce hole i hope presadent obama get it again dont worry clay i think your amazing and talented i have your back also and shame on you ritch for making montians out of mole hills your making a big pertduction out of nothing why dont ya go bother someone else john ritch if you bother clay again us clay fans we will continue to saport clay and love him

  5. Anyone who can read knew what Clay meant. There are over 12,000 comments on the Yahoo article, unbelievable. I hope Clay just keeps tweeting whatever is on his mind.

    There are so many really mean, spiteful people on twitter and who comment on blogs. Just see what happened when someone decided to mix up the names Akin and Aiken.

    One thing for sure the bloggers and media love to talk about Clay, just wish they would be fair.

  6. Tweet Shoot Out at the O K Corral: Clay was a comical and clever cactus with a tweet. No big deal. JR (trump's puppet) didn't like the cactus thorn in the soft underbelly of the GOP. That's okay. Challenge Clay to defend or debate his stand? – also okay. Clay is a big boy. Go for it JR.

    But if you do; you better come packing some intelligent, calm and compelling rebuttals or he'll will prove "he's better than that" when he and his fans take the high road, leave your charity out of it, and cut you down with 140 characters or less. Oh Wait. He already did that!

  7. now we know why John Rich wears a black hat!I dont like anybody who tries to hurt Clay!Please be Happy Clay. A zillion people love and adore you for who you are!Please make sure Clay is ok MusicFanI was so happy today because I got a ticket 4 Atl City show.

  8. Rich is either an idiot or a genius.He has a new tv show debuting this season and could not get this kind of publicity for himself for free otherwise, Too bad he tried to destroy Clay's reputation in the process, John, apologize publicly to Clay, you owe him that…but maybe you just can't read. If that's the case, stay away from Twitter because people are laughing at your stupidity. Clay, as usual has taken the classy high road here. He;s the best and he is NO racist!!

  9. Clay is the furthest thing from being a Racist. JR knows this too. He just wanted to make Clay look bad..because his little ole Republican Party was found out for what they really are. Who does he think he is anyway..God? Anyway, Clay took the high road like he always does and is ignoring. I am too. It will all blow over!

  10. John Rich hasn't like Clay since day one, when he ridiculed him on Celebrity Apprentice. Telling Trump that he is not good enough to be in the Top Two! I don't like Rich's attitude and his arrogance is beyond belief! Clay has never been a racist or is he one now. Rich needs to take a walk and shut up about our guy. We love you, Clay and always will.

  11. Clay a racist? No way, no how! Clay and I may be in opposite political camps,
    but no way would I call him racist. Geez, how can that assumption be made out
    of his comments? I don't see it. Hopefully, he will tweet about some new
    venues coming up.

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