Clay Aiken – From the Heart…Thank You!


Some people just have a way of giving us a much-needed lift.  

They make our lives brighter or our hearts lighter .

All is well all is well
Lift up your voice and sing


We must find time to stop and thank the people

who make a difference in our lives

~ Dan Zadra

Thank you, Clay, for the beautiful words you shared with us yesterday.

They made a difference!

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – From the Heart…Thank You!

  1. I am beyond grateful for Clay's sincere, kind, and loving words he wrote in testament to our
    beautiful NAN. They were truly inspirational – that is just who Clay is! We now have a special
    ClayAngel to watch over all of us.

  2. When I got to the end of his blog yesterday, tears were streaming down my face. Reading the comments through all that water wasn't easy. Clay is just the best. While I never met NanCA, she was loved and was a huge fan. You certainly could see that. For Clay to write a "tribute" to her was astonishing, yet I wasn't surprised. If you are not a member of the OFC, you'd better plop down your $9.99 and get on over there and READ it.

    • Yes Gaymarie, I agree with you, I am a member of OFC and read Clay's blog, it was beautiful and may NanCA RIP.

  3. It was all very, very comforting. And so was listening to “All is Well.” Thank you for posting that amazing montage.

    I have never heard Clay sing like that. Could it have been any more beautiful.

  4. Whenever I am down, I listen to All Is Well. It just calms me down!!

    I am so glad that Clay is in my life!! I have learned so much, traveled to new places and made many wonderful fans. He is a treasure!

    And, thank you, Musicfan for the blogs each day!

  5. it was verry comferting and so was also hearing clay sing all is well im so verry glad that clay is in my life he sure is a treasure thanks so much for poasting that amazing all is well montage

  6. I am so glad that Clay blogged. It is both, an insightful and heart warming tribute to Nan, as well as a thoughtful and appreciative recognition of his fans. Clay certainly knows how to say the right things in times of distress. Hopefully, Nan's family will be able to discern what a wonderful man Nan was a fan of from the tone of that blog. They and all her friends have my deepest sympathy.


  7. All is Well is so beatufuland whether you post something funny or inspirational like today I love them all. THANK made me want to live. again.and thank you to all the fans who write wonderful things too. you cant be a Clay fan and be bad

  8. I thought the tribute to Nan was just beautiful and heartfelt. That is why we all love him so. When I finished reading it I also had a few tears. What a wonderful man he is..and I am so glad I am a fan.

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