Another Look of Clay Aiken

It has been over three months since the finale of Celebrity Apprentice.  After the ludicrous end of the season, I am just getting to the point of remembering some of the wonderful things that happened on the show.  One of the exciting things we got from the show was amazing pictures of Clay.  Each week was an exciting time to see another look of  Clay Aiken.  ENJOY!!

Do you have a favorite?

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  1. These are amazing pictures of Clay!!! Thank you Musicfan – – you are right, I felt the same as you-
    when CA ended — didn't like even thinking about the show – but there was a lot of good and fun
    before the "heart-break". These picture are really worth looking at – he is "special" and looks sooo
    handsome in everyone of the photos!!! 🙂

  2. Nope! All are my favorites…*g* It was so much fun seeing Clay every week on my tv. The excitement was overwhelming! Other than the ending, it was sooooooo much FUN!

  3. I love them all he’s adorable <3 but there's somthing about his eyes in the last picture that I'm compleatly in love with haha

  4. All photos are great, especially the last one, so adorable and I enjoyed watching him on CA but I used to get so stressed out hoping every week he wouldn't get fired, wish he could be on a talk show, would give us all an opportunity to see him all the time, thanks Musicfan.

  5. It's hard to choose a favorite of Clay. He has such an expressive face. Beautiful eyes, a great profile I think if I had to choose, I would choose the 7th down. Today.

  6. The delightful expression on Clay's face in picture #3 makes me smile. But the handsomeness of his face along with Clay's thoughtful look are a couple of reasons that I LOVE the last photo best. I am also particularly intrigued by that light mustache framing his adorable lips, but not forgetting his beautiful piercing eyes and perfect nose.

    Great pictures and memories from a fun and exciting time. I'll just erase the last part of the finale episode from my thoughts and mind!

  7. these are amazing pictures of clay aiken thanks music fan my fav one is the singing one of him singing

  8. I loved the whole time he was on CA..up till the finale. He was always a delight..and, of course, should have won.

    I like all the pictures too..but, have to agree with gerra730 that #7 down caught my eye the first time I saw it. He looks so handsome..and a little wistful. Maybe he was missing little Parker.

  9. These are all great Musicfan and thank you for sharing but can I choose the new one with Ruben in your banner instead?? No? Well okay then . . . I like number 7. We are fortunate that his mother chose to share him with us for last 9 years. These photos remind us and teach more that Clay is no twit and a gift from heaven.

  10. I love all of them. I think hes up to something in 4 and hes so handsome in his grey suit and yellow tie.Last night listened to Unchained Melody and Moon River.Heavenly! thinking he should do Sammy Davis's I Gotta Be Me!

  11. thank you. These are all so precious. i love every one. they show all sidesof him. thank you FAYE FOR OUR WONDERFUL CLAY.

  12. All of these pictures I like including the last one it really really shows his classic sweetness and
    his sense of charisma

  13. Bless you, Musicfan! You made wonderful choices, so many facets of Clay (tho not all of them, by any means). What an expressive face he has! I agree he made CApp so much FUN, loved every second of it, until, like everybody, the end… but even then, he was so beautiful to look at (Jamie back to do his hair, LOL), I couldn't stop watching. Every one of these pix says something about him, has interest and charm and reminds me of what was going on (including banner pic, love that too!), but I choose #4 as my fave. I clicked and enlarged it and he's just…. T.H.U.D.!!!!

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