Clay Aiken – Speaking Out!

I love Twitter

I dislike Twitter

Yes, both of these statements are true.

I love twitter because it is an easy place to get live news from events.  I also love getting short comments from my friends and especially love getting tweets from Clay Aiken.

I dislike twitter because there are too many bullies and haters who spend their day sending nasty, vile tweets to celebrities and other people they don’t even know.

The University of Wisconsin–Madison has been working on collecting data about bullying.  They set up a computer program and found that on a daily basis the computer looked at approximately 250 million public posts that appeared on Twitter. The machine quickly began to identify over 15,000 tweets per day that were related to bullying.   That’s a lot of negative each day!!

In the last few days, I have seen too much negative tweets and bullying. I wanted to know more.  Through a Google search, I found that many celebrities are beginning to speak out about their tormenters.


  1. Pink lashed out at anonymous Twitter trolls who send death threats to celebrities. The outspoken singer was targeted by online bullies after she made a joke about Chris Brown miming on US TV.  “The internet has created monsters,” the Daily Telegraph has quoted her as saying.
  2. Sherri Shepherd from The View is taking action against online bullies. She was threatened on twitter by a Lil Kim fan who tweeted, ‘Somebody should drag u in a back alley and rape you’, Sherri marched down to the police station in an effort to get the user thrown in the clink.
  3. John Legend’s girlfriend contacted twitter after she received threats from fans of Chris Brown and was able to get each and every user that sent her a threat deleted from the social network.
  4. LeAnn Rimes has filed a lawsuit against 2 tweeters for harassment.

What a sad state it is that people feel the need to try and make people feel bad.  What a sad life these people must have.

I was sad yesterday when I read some pretty ugly tweets that were sent to Clay and his fans.  So…I decided to concentrate on the positive.  The following are some of the beautiful tweets that were sent to Clay today.  I did remove the name of the sender, but I didn’t change any other part.  It seems Clay has some pretty awesome fans!

@clayaiken Family is forever and your fans are a part of your family! Love and respect you a lot!

@clayaiken My respect for you grows every day. You are one classy guy. I am proud to say I am a fan!

@clayaiken You are an amazing person! I am proud to be a huge fan of yours! Keep using your voice. Dont ever stop using it. I luvur tweets!

@clayaiken you are an extraordinary human being. I am proud to be a fan of you!

@clayaiken Clay you are one classy guy! Love you more than ever!!

@clayaiken You are an amazing man and your fans are right here supporting you!

@clayaiken you are an amazing man. I hope you know we all love and admire you!

@clayaiken Wish I could high five ya!

@clayaiken  Clay, your voice, your heart and your humour fill my life with love, light and laughter.

@clayaiken  I think I love ya!! Keep on keeping on!!

@clayaiken ur just one of the best people on the planet. I adore u…….always and forever. You never cease to amaze me. Love to U

@clayaiken I am so proud to be a fan of you! You are a man of integrity and honor!

 Do you tweet?

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Speaking Out!

  1. I love you Clay for who you are, a wonderful human being with a wonderful God given voice, and love everything you stand for, i'll never understand why people can be so mean, they must have had a terrible upbringing or had terrible things happen to them. God bless you and Musicfan and thanks for posting such wonderful comments..

  2. All the cruel comments people put on twitter are horrible. It’s funny how some of these people would never say the things they do on twitter if they were face to face. I hope Clay’s fans will keep sending out the positive tweets to drown out the negative.

  3. No, I don't usually tweet but I really enjoy getting them from Clay on my phone. Last night there was a horrible tweet to Clay and I couldn't believe it. I had to respond to Clay that I thought he was a classy guy and his response to the person he RT was spot on. How do people live with themselves when they say things like that? It's because they sit anonymously behind their computer screen, that's why! I love Clay Aiken!

  4. I tweet on a daily bases. The last few days have been a firestorm.
    The last few days were really something. I had to step away from the computer because it got so bad. It makes you wonder how these people were brought up. Would they say the things they say if they were face to face. I guess you just have to take the good with the bad.
    I wish I had the thought processes that Clay does. He can just say the right thing with just a few words. He is a good man.

  5. One could look on the bright side. If I'm reading the statistics correctly, the University of Wisconsin-Madison is looking at 250 MILLION tweets per day. Of those tweets, they are identifying 15,000 that are harassing. Yes, 15,000 is a lot of hate – but, it represents like .00006% of the twitter world (although in the past few days, I think all 15,000 were directed at Clay!). Now, I don't know their methodology and what constitutes bullying – my filters may be different. It does, however, give me a little bit of hope. I'm so glad that Clay is using his voice, he doesn't back down, and he does it with amazing grace under fire. He's the best! Now, Clay, how about a West Coast Joyful Noise concert date! 😉

  6. I don't do tweets. The only tweets that I am interested in are Clay's tweets and positive ones that have something to do with Clay. They are usually posted on the various Clay fan boards, so I feel I'm not missing much. The ones that you posted above are the best!

    The Recappers Blogspot has a funny and in depth response to the outrageous and over-the-top reaction to Clay's tweet about the RNC's attendance. It can be accessed through the Clay Aiken News and Articles site.

    musicfan – Thanks for your very uplifting blog today!

  7. Thank you Sue Rue, Music Fan and all the good people who are in Clays life. it breaks my heart to read the hateful stuff. I cant understand why. Clay is and always has been so wonderful.cant the haters be blocked? they dont deserve to be on the web.please remember how much we love you Clay.

  8. I have a twitter account…but, only tweeted a few times when I first started. Don't know why..but, I am glad I am not on..because then I don't see all these nasty tweets to Clay. I stay much happier just reading the ones that are posted on the boards. Clay certainly did not deserve that nasty article..and John Rich owes him an apology. Just goes to show you that the Tabloid Media will print anything they throw out fact finding or anything..just how many hits they can get on their blogs. Disgusting!

    Clay is a fine man. The best I have ever met and we all love him.

  9. I don't tweet, I want to but won't because I don't want haters following me. But if I did tweet I would definitely follow Clay and Anderson as well as GMA

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