Clay Aiken – Don’t Forget California!

It is an exciting time to be a fan of Clay Aiken.  Each day, his fans check his Official Fan Club and here, hoping to find an announcement of another stop for the 2012 Joyful Noise Tour.  So far there are 13 concerts on the tour.  It will be fun to see a few more added to the schedule…especially on the west coast.

The popular website Broadway World,  published an article that mentioned Clay’s concert in Detroit.   The following is the section about Clay:

Detroit’s Fox Theatre Hosts the 10th Annual Fifth Third Bank Holiday Series; Lineup Announced

Clay Aiken“Joyful Noise 2012” (Friday, Dec. 14): Since coming to national attention during the second season of American Idol in 2003, Clay Aiken has written a New York Times bestselling memoir, sold more than six million albums, produced and hosted television programs and starred on Broadway. Now Detroit fans can join him for “Joyful Noise” featuring singles from his popular Merry Christmas with Love album, the fastest selling Christmas album in Nielsen Soundscan history,  plus Aiken’s classics from his five studio albums.

It is always fun to see articles about Clay, however, according to a tweet from Clay, the program will be holiday music only.  Please stop by BROADWAY WORLD  and read the entire article.  It looks like there will be lots of wonderful concerts at the Fox Theatre this year for their Holiday Series.

In an attempt to remind Clay that California is a great place to perform, I am posting a few pictures from the San Francisco – Tried & True Concert.

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Don’t Forget California!

  1. I am hoping and praying you guys in the West will get some concerts, too! Loved the article from
    Broadway World at the Fox Theater – I will be praying to get good tickets for that show, today!!!

  2. That was a nice article from Broadway World. I will be going to the Detroit concert, and am so looking forward to it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for shows out on the west coast as well.

  3. Are we in the west coast going to be fortunate enough to get a concert???? Please Mr.Clay Aiken don't forget you have fans here too.xD

  4. Love, love the pictures! Looks like the tour is shaping up. Hopefully there will be some dates scattered about the west coast.

  5. Someone told me that the code for the Detroit concert was "jingle". I an not trying to buy tickets to Detroit so I hope this helps. Le me know if it helps!!

  6. As Clay has said repeatedly, he has to be invited in order to perform anywhere. You guys from the west coast had better start contacting your local orchestras. This is out of Clay's hands completely.

  7. Carole….I have contacted soooo many different venues and orchestras all over California. A group of us got together and worked really hard. I still think we might get a concert out here.

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