Clay Aiken – Are You OK?

Outer Banks of North Carolina - Flooded

This is a difficult blog to write…If you have been following the news, you know that the most populous part of the United States is in the midst of a huge storm system.  Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated to higher ground and cities, large and small, have been shut down.

In Washington D.C., the entire public transit system has stopped operation.  All schools, colleges, and universities are closed.  It is no better in New York.  Lower Manhattan and many other sections of the area have been shut down.  The schools and subway system have been closed.  Of course, all Broadway shows have been canceled too.  Even the New York Stock Exchange will be closed today.

Sea Foam Covers the Pier

It is predicted that 10 million people might be without electricity and flights in and out of the eastern United States have been canceled.

There are so many fans of  Clay Aiken that will be effected by this storm and many of them read this blog.  Well…..if they have no electricity they will miss today.

I hope that if you are OK that you will check in and let us know you are OK.  I hope you know that those of us that are safe are sending positive thoughts to all of you in harms way!

Grand Central Station NYC - Closed!

I have no idea where Clay is at this time.  If he is at his home in Durham, he is probably just a bit tired of the rain.  However, if he headed to New York, he might be in for an interesting adventure.  I hope he lets us know he is OK soon.

I thought that what we needed today was a bit of fun to get us through this difficult time.  And…nothing is better for relaxing than watching Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard perform together on their Timeless Tour.



If you can read this, please let us know you are OK!

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17 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Are You OK?

  1. My prayers go out for the safety of all the people affected by the storm.

    Thanks for posting the wonderful videos.

  2. I am praying for all of the people in the midst of this monster of a Storm – "Sandy the Hurricane"!!!
    Hope all stay safe and dry! Your article about all of this going on – on this side of the states is
    really appreciated. So glad the Gala in DC was last week and not this one! Praying for Clay's
    safety, always!!!

  3. Checking in from Maryland. Hard rain is coming down, but the worst is yet to come. Presently, we still have power, thank goodness. Hope everyone stays safe.

  4. OK so far, in Virginia Beach. Rain and wind and wild ocean. Schools and all city offices closed.
    I am sure that Clay is fine…am waiting for new tweets from him.
    You all stay safe…
    Thanks for fun videos on Clay and Ruben…

  5. I'm ok, and in Canada. Just raining. But thoughts and prayers to all facing this terrible storm.

    I was thinking of how awful this would have been if the Gala was this weekend instead. So many travelling would have been affected. We obviously were very lucky. Thanks for the videos…they are a diversion, and it is appreciated.

    Take care everyone!!!!! Watching CNN now and probably will all day. I feel so bad for everyone facing this.

  6. Musicfan, you must be happy today since the Giants won the World Series yesterday. Watching these videos of Clay & Ruben on the Timeless tour this morning brightened the day. Waiting for the windstorm to begin this afternoon. Expect 55+ winds & rain. Temp was 81 a couple of days ago and this morning 35. (Columbus OH)

  7. Prayers go out for everyone's safety in the path of Hurricane Sandy. My first name is Sandy, so this is a new experience to be hearing my name constantly on TV. I love my name but not in this context.
    I do hope Clay is home in Durham or southwest of there. This is a very nervous time for our country. I know we all know someone in the hurricane's path or may be living it first hand. Love and hugs go out to many.

  8. Here in Northern NJ this Claymate is okay so far and prepared for the worst! So Thankful for the concern! 😀

  9. I am sending positive thought s to all on the east coast. I hope you all stay safe. It must be very scary.

    Thank you for the interesting pictures.

    I hope Clay is OK!!

  10. here in pennslyvinia usa this is pumpkin this clay mate is ok i hope clay is ok and alright where ever he is im also sending postive thoughts to all in the east coast and thank you for the intresting pictures and yes it is scarey im so thankfull for the concern

  11. Im ok so far but my pharmacy didnt open today and Im out of my insulin. but I take 2 kinds so Ill just take a little more of the one I still have.

  12. Cookie here in south central PA and "all is well" so far here in York, PA. Hubby and I are prepared with everything loose being "buttoned" down. We are just receiving much rain right now with very little wind. Our fear is that with the soil around our many big trees being soft that when the winds does hit it could be trouble!! Our thoughts are with all in harms way especially along the eastern coastal areas!! Sounds like the subway system in NYC could be in trouble!! Can't even imagine what a mess a flooded subway system would be!
    Next fear is the snow that is being predicted in this area as well…what a mess!! Thanks to everyone who is thinking and praying for those of us in the path of Sandy!!
    Hugs….Cookie and her Claydawg

  13. ~<3~ hi, martha…faye said the aiken's are all doing fine. no worries for them everyone. it looks like it has passed them for now.

    continued prayers for everyone involved. my heart goes out to you all. ~<3~

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