Clay Aiken – Did You See This?

Did you see this great picture? A Clay Aiken fan, beans142, took the picture and posted it on the CB.  Thanks!  Clay fans are the best!

I love that Clay Aiken is getting some great advertising for Joyful Noise 2012.  Besides the wonderful Billboard, WUTR -ABC in Utica, New York, ran an ad on their station during the broadcast of Dancing With The Stars.  They were advertising the Joyful Noise concert at Turning Stone in Verona.  Did anyone see the ad?


I know that I have mentioned Bob Lefsetz here before.  Bob writes the popular blog, The Lefsetz Letter.  I subscribe to Bob’s blog.  Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I yell at him, but usually I find something of interest.  I certainly have learned a great deal by reading his blogs.

Bob has an interesting background.  At one time he was an entertainment business attorney, the leader of Sanctuary Music’s American division and a consultant to many major labels.

I especially enjoyed his blog on November 13th.  Titled Forgotten, the article lists some important things that all professional recording artist should be doing.  Here are a few items on his “to-do” list for musicians.

1.   Wanna succeed today?   Know who your audience is.

2.   Making albums?  They’re only for your hard core fans. You’re not gonna get lucky. No mainstream media review or radio airplay is gonna blow you up. Unless it’s Top Forty, and none of these acts make that kind of music.(Referring to Van Halen, ZZ Top, Donald Fagen and Aerosmith.)

3.   First and foremost you’ve got to know who your audience is. I’m not talking a demo, I mean the e-mail addresses. Yes, you’re taking names. If you’re gonna put out new music, you’d better start at least two years before collecting names. And that cannot be all. You’ve got to give these people something on a regular basis. Via Twitter, Facebook…you’ve got to be engaged with them so they don’t forget you. Oh, of course they know you, but they’re not thinking of you. As for those whose e-mail addresses you do not have, chances are they won’t even know you’ve got a new album out. And they’ve been burned so many times, they’re not gonna lay down their money to find out their preconceived notion is wrong. They’re not even gonna read about you somewhere and click through to hear a sample track, that’s too much work in this harried, media overload world.

4.   Late night TV is almost meaningless, except for the video that results. Newspapers are ignored by almost everybody. You’re better off getting on NPR than being in print…..

5.   Think small, not big. If you’re playing to everybody, you’re doing it wrong. You’ve just got to play to the somebodies who are actively engaged with your music.

6.   Wanna put out new studio stuff?  Then release a steady stream of free live classics to whet people’s appetites. A live take of “Sweet Emotion.” Beatles covers.

7.   And if you’re gonna play new music, play small halls and charge little. Let people know what they’re in for. Don’t expect them to pay a hundred bucks and sit through five new songs, that’s gonna piss them off.

8.   Reviews don’t matter. Good or bad. You’re in the word of mouth business. Can you build it and sustain it?

9.   If you’re not working on your career, it’s probably not moving forward. It’s a full time job. Mystery is history. Let it all hang out. Let your audience in.

10.If you wanna get new fans, focus on those actively engaged. I.e. the young ‘uns. You do this by playing with their favorites at festivals. Sitting in. Showing that not only are you famous, but you can blow everybody else off the stage.

11.If you’re not willing to do all this, don’t even bother putting out new music. Just overcharge for your live show and be thankful people still remember your hits.

Bob ends his article with:

Don’t swing for the fences….Bunt.

It might take a walk and a hit to come home. But you still get a run.

Please visit Bob’s blog and read the entire article.  I have only posted some of his ideas.  AND…every blogger loves hits!!  LEFSETZ

 What do you think about this article by Bob?  Do you think the information applies to Clay?

You can’t have a Clay Aiken blog without some Clay Aiken pictures.  Enjoy!


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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Did You See This?

  1. that's what am waiting for, a "live" album. he sounds better live. and yes, an international tour. he would have plenty of "audience" in asia — at least in japan, singapore, indonesia and the philippines! he still has a lot of area to cover in after 10 years!

  2. Thanks for a great article. Mr Lefsetz makes some good points. Since the music business is changing so much it may be good for Clay to keep this in mind. I hope we get new music from Clay.

    Thanks for the wonderful pictures.

  3. Great article by Bob Lefsetz. What he said makes so much sense. And yes, I would think
    his "advice" would be very helpful to Clay. The music business is not what it used to
    be. Clay's talent surpasses so many other artists out there today, yet, he gets no air play. It's
    mind boggling!

    • carolcooke, you said it better than I could and I totally agree! Great pictures to wake up to musicfan!

  4. Loved reading Bob's comments and do think Clay is doing a lot of the advice – we all know he is the best!!! I don't listen to the radio anyway – I just want to hear Clay not everyone else! Rather have
    a new CD and love listening to Clay in smaller places – can see him so much better!!! 🙂
    Love the pics – but the 2nd and 3rd on one are just tooooo goooood!!!

  5. Interesting read by Bob Lefsetz. I do believe that Clay knows his audience, and he sings what is right for him. He knows he is not a rock star, and doesn't pretend to be one. He is definitely true to himself. He has the best male voice out there and can sing circles around any other male artists. I do believe that a song will come along that will be a "classic" Clay Aiken song. And I truly believe it will be from a Blockbuster Movie, as his voice will shine on a classic, timeless song. Timing is everything..and I truly believe it will happen.

  6. Very interesting reading the article by Bob Lefsetz. He is right have to keep yourself out there. I think Clay has been doing this. He is very popular on Twitter..and that is getting him out there. I never listen to Top Forty Music..I just listen to the older songs..60's,70's,80's,90's. I like how they used to sing..not the auto-tuned garbage of today. I would also love to see Clay get a song for a blockbuster movie..something like Skyfall. Adele has that song, and it is enchanting to hear in the theater. I know it will happen some day for our Clay too. Oh, I love that huge billboard of Clay for the Taj Mahal.

  7. Clay has already surpassed so many others and I know he will be around for a long time no matter what he does. Broadway, a movie acting job, Unicef, NIP, or writing, or politics. I love the pictures of him in his white suit. AN ANGELIC VANILLA ICE CREAM . I guess its good I didnt win the MG. they might have had to get Jeremy to pull me off of him.

    • You must mean Jerome…*g*. I commented on an earlier post that Carolcooke wrote further up. She said it better than I could have said!

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