Clay Aiken – Looking Forward!

The beginning of any new year brings thoughts of ambitions, objectives, aspirations and purposes; all important things to think about. However, it also allows us the opportunity to put together a wish-list. I believe that everyone has a wish list made up of things that give us hope and excitement and something to look forward to.

My personal wish list is just that…….personal. However, I do have a wish list regarding Clay Aiken. I bet you have one too. The following are on my Clay Aiken wish list for 2013.

1. Lots of  TV appearances

2. A leading role on Broadway

3. Positive articles and interviews in all formats


4. Musical Awards

5. Concert Tours

6. Photo Shoots

7.  Lots of tweets from Clay

8.  New recordings from Clay – Album or Singles

9.  A wonderful, happy life for Clay 

Well, I am in trouble because this is just the beginning of my wish list and I am running out of room. I just might have to add more another day!

What’s on your Clay Aiken Wish-list??

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Looking Forward!

  1. I think you covered it well. I’m wishing the best for Clay with much success and happiness. I would mostly love new music though. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great wish list regarding Clay, I love it and wish the same! Thanks Musicfan xox.

  3. TV! This man needs to be on my television! New music! Something he would get recognized for! Anything Clay related for 2013!!!

  4. I love your list! I would like him to be on TV each week for part of the year , on Broadway part of the year and touring the rest. I guess a few weeks rest also : ).

  5. I will ditto your wish list. The only thing I will add is a chance to win a meet & greet with Clay. I hope Clay is having lots of fun with Parker during the holidays.

  6. I'll expand on your wish list. Clay gets a Tony nomination and critical acclaim for his starting role in a new Broadway production. Clay sings the next blockbuster movie theme song which earns hims a Grammy Award and he gets to perform it during the Academy Awards. I''ll add that a new Christmas CD would be very nice.

  7. I wish all these good things happen in 2013. clay would be a great Daddy to a little girl.and I know theres a long line of surragate Mommies out there.wish I wasnt 60.

  8. For me it would be…

    1) Being the best person/best daddy he can be to Parker.
    2) TV Appearances
    3) Concert Tours
    4) CD'S/Singles
    5) Photo Shoots
    6) Positive Magazine Articles
    7) Broadway!
    8) Musical Awards &
    9) Tweets

    Hopefully, a LOT of these hopes, dreams & wishes for him will come true!

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