Clay Aiken – Music – It’s Good For Your Health

Dr. Miriam Stoppard is a businesswoman, journalist, broadcaster, writer, and most important, a medical doctor.  In 1998 she was elected a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, London.

Stoppard has been at the forefront of the revolution in health information since she began her writing and broadcasting career in the early 1970s.  She writes a column for the Daily Mirror in London. One of her columns was about how music has the power to heal.  I found it interesting.  I hope you do too.

10 Facts That Show Music Is Good For Your Health

Reduced depression
Listening to music can lift your mood, say researchers at Stanford University’s School of Medicine who found that soothing classical music reduced depression by up to 25 per cent.

Increased lung capacity
Dr Stoppard reveals research done by Professor Graham Welch of The University of London who, not surprisingly, found that we use more lung volume when we sing. This means our bodies get more oxygen.

Lower blood pressure
According to a study at the Harvard Medical School, the hearts of people listening to music worked less hard when they were listening to music while running on treadmills. This reduced their blood pressure.

Calmer babies
A California obstetrician has tracked the breathing of a 33-week fetus to the beat of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. He feels classical music can produce calmer babies.

Improved recovery from stroke
Listening to music following a stroke can help patients recover from brain damage, a study done by Helsinki University reveals.

Easing epilepsy
Research into adults suffering seizures has found that listening to Mozart, especially bursts of Sonata K448, decreased epileptic attacks. (We have also found out that that this piece of music can improve people’s spatial IQ.)

Better immunity
University of California researchers discovered that the levels of a protein that helps the body fight infections rose by 150 per cent during rehearsals of a Beethoven choral work and 240 per cent in the concert performance. This sounds like a great reason to join a local choir.

Pain relief
Dr Stoppard quotes a number of studies that show that listening to music can reduce the feeling of pain. This includes research by a German doctor who has studied 100,000 patients.  The doctor believes tailor-made music can reduce the quantity of painkillers needed by patients by 50 per cent.

Alzheimer’s help
Miami University’s School of Medicine discovered that blood levels of mood-enhancing chemicals rose significantly in Alzheimer’s patients exposed to music. These patients then slept better and became more active and co-operative.

Parkinson’s pick-up
Studies, says Dr Stoppard, show that music therapy makes a significant difference to the quality of life of those with Parkinson’s disease. The study states it helps reduce depression, anxiety and social isolation.

Music has always been an important part of my life.  Both my parents were musicians and both my sister and I became professional musicians.

I don’t have to be convinced that music soothes the soul so I can imagine that it helps our bodies too…especially if you listen to some beautiful music by my favorite singer, Clay Aiken.

Now….don’t you feel better already?

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Music – It’s Good For Your Health

  1. As a fellow musician and singer…I completely agree! Furthermore, as the mother of a child with autism, I can definitely attest to the calming affect music (specifically Clay's in our home) has on children. This was very informative…and then there's that video…hmmm

  2. I also am calmed by Clay's voice. I've been on a roller coaster over the last 10 years and when I would get upset all I had to do was listen to him sing to me. Worked every time! Love him and don't know what I would have done with out him. Great blog this morning musicfan!

  3. Yesterday was the 10th Anniv. of my husbands death – believe me – Clay and his beautiful music and the beauty of the man he is – has gotten our whole family through a very difficult time and continues
    to do so "even now" after 10 years!!!

    Thank you for all of the health of music info!

  4. Sooo beautiful! I do love listening to Clay sing, his voice is so calming and comforting to me, especially if I'm sad. Thank you Clay for your God given voice, love you.
    Thanks Musicfan xox.

  5. This was such a great article. I know I always feel better when I hear Clay sing.,but had no idea of all the positive ways it helps us. Thanks for posting such an interesting article.
    Music- it does a body good!

  6. Clay's voice IS music to my ears. Of course it is – because it definitely calms and soothes. That Solitaire video of him singing is certain proof of that. I was mesmerized by that voice while watching American Idol and still am. Today is the 10 year anniversary of Clay's *Take* appearance on Idol TV. So, Happy 10th to Clay. Hoping there will be many more years of Clay's beautiful voice to listen to.

    Musicfan – thanks for the great blog. Never doubted that good music can help soothe a troubled soul.

  7. i had no idia that music is good for my health when clay aiken sings ilove to hear him sing its music to my ears and still to this day i can never get enogh of clay singing solataire so amazing

  8. I've never been a fan of classical music, I prefer R&R and Clay Aiken. I don't think I could drive my car if I didn't have a radio or tapes to listen to! I do believe what the doctors and scientists say about music. I know it helps me.

  9. Clay's music always soothes my soul. I love when he sings Solitaire. He has his own way of singing it. I, too, have to listen to music in my car. Just seems too quiet without it. Oh, and like Neil Sedaka said, "Clay Aiken owns that song." Yes, I feel a lot better after I watched that video.

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