Clay Aiken – Always And Forever!

January 28, 2013 is the 10th anniversary of Clay’s journey

on American Idol

Clay tweeted:

10 YEARS today! Wow! What an incredible decade it’s been. #grateful

Then…Clay made a great video for his fans!!

Clay…you are an amazing man!

Thank you for all you have given to us!

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16 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Always And Forever!

  1. What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much Clay for all the wonderful memories you have given to each of us! Thank you musicfan for posting this! WOW!

  2. perfect way to "celebrate" this special day! Thanks to Clay, "Always and Forever," for all the wonderful memories, fun, and all that has yet to be!! 🙂

  3. Yay… 10 years.. And I still adore him. Thank you for reminding us. Musicfan, you know what :)..your blog is one of my best tool to make him closer to me everytime. Love you musicfan. Thank you very much

  4. Thank you so much Clay for this amazing video, I will love you always and forever!!! I fell in love with you 10 yrs ago when I was single….I am married now and have 3 little girls who also love your music and recognize your voice if they happen to hear it anywhere around town… My husband is also a big fan, we love you very much! God bless you!

  5. Clay sure knows how to make his fans happy. Glad he was reminded about what an important date today is. His tweet and especially the surprise you tube video with his most recent rendition of Always and Forever (his voice has certainly matured) are examples of why his fans will always and forever love him. Congratulations to Clay. We too are extremely grateful for every one of those amazing 10 years.

  6. Just want to say THANK YOU for the last amazing ten years-you have such a talent & I'm so glad you shared it with us & am looking forward to seeing & hearing you for many years to come. Also thank you, Musicfan for the outstanding job you do!!!!! I am so happy to be a fan, now & forever!! 🙂

  7. Thank-you Clay for all that you give us. It sure is a special day! Thank-you for you and all your wonderful fans who love you so much.

  8. Thank You Clay for an incredible 10 years of you always trying to please all of us!!!! You are one
    STEADFAST Guy and are truly loved . I am looking for another 10 years. The message and song
    touched my heart – such a sweet, thoughtful surprise! But that is "Just You" , Clay!!! So very special!

  9. Congratulations Clay and thank you for your song and laughter, you've helped to make my days happier and your family must be so proud of you, I loved your thank you video and I love you Clay, you're a great guy! xox
    Thank you guys for posting, you don't know how much all this news about clay means to us, God bless xox

  10. Wow! Just when I thought he couldn't be any better he does this. I've only known about Clay for a little more than 2 years now but in that time, I've garnered a great deal of respect for him and the amount of affection he seems to have for the fans. 🙂 Congratulations to Clay!!!

  11. thank you clay for 10 amazing wonderfull years i am indeed looking foward to 10 more years of amazement that you have given me and i think you also for your song and laughter i did love your thank you video
    clay and im sure that your family is pround of you because as a fan of yours clay im verry proud of you congradulations clay and thankyou guys for posting you dont know how much all the clay news means to me

  12. Thank you Clay for that wonderful video and you sang that song beautifully. I've followed you since day one and I love you then and even love you more now. Those 10 years of joy that you gave us all and you've been a part of my life and wish all the best for you. CONGRATS!!!

  13. Thank you so much Musicfan for all the news that you've been posting to keep us all inform about Clay, and aother related news.

  14. This man is one in a million. I shall go on road trips with my friends in the cult as long as i am physically able to do so. Thank you Clay for the best 10 years of my life here's hoping for another 10.

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