Clay Aiken – A Perfect Day


Clay Aiken

You made January 28th a very special day.

We received:

2 tweets

A message on FaceBook


A Wonderful Thank-you Video on YouTube!!

It was almost like a mini-lesson on Social Media!

You made many people very happy!

It was

A Perfect Day!

Be sure and let Clay know you enjoyed his messages and video.

If you belong to FaceBook, “Like” the message at:


If you Twitter, retweet the original tweet


AND…At You Tube,  check the like on the video and be sure and leave a message.  Every view counts too!!

You can see the video in the blog right below this one.  Just click on the YouTube sign at the bottom right corner.

Clay’s wonderful video was picked up by the celebrity site..

Clay Aiken thanks fans for 10 great years – Video | OMG we are all so old…


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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Perfect Day

  1. It was a wonderful surprise to see Clay on my Home Page at the OFC with the THANK YOU message
    and then to hear him sing "Always and Forever"!!!! It was so touching it brought tears to my eyes and
    a very happy feeling to my heart!!! One "STEADFAST" Guy he truly is!!! Thank you Clay for the last 10
    years – they mean so very much to my life! <3

  2. I got the tweet on my phone along with the link to the video. I was a puddle of goo when he started singing the song that nailed me to one Clay Aiken for the past 10 years. What a guy! How wonderful that he should upload this wonderful message to all of us die hard fans! I will love him "Always and Forever"!!

  3. This was a great way to start the morning. Clay will be loved always and forever by his fans. He thinks he is getting old…how about us!

  4. What a wonderful, unexpected video blog last night from Clay. It was so wonderful, and although he thanked us for being there for him, I have to say that I cannot thank Clay enough for being who he is. The past 10 years have been wonderful, and I am so looking forward to the next, and the next. We all have learned so much, we have been entertained, we have made so many friends along the way…all because of this man. It really is Perfectly Perfect.

  5. I was driving home from my daughter's basketball game when I got the tweet to my phone. I immediately listened and when I got home it was everywhere! Twitter, Facebook, the OFC and all the other boards I can think of! It's wonderful and even though I'm not a 10 yr veteran, I couldn't appreciate Clay and all his music and of course his heart for children 🙂

  6. Thank you so much Clay for that beautiful message and song last night. I was just getting ready to go to bed…and thought…I think I'll check and see if there is anything new with Clay…and there it was. It brought a tear to my eye. He is just such a thoughtful, kind man. I have enjoyed every single day. I have been a fan from the very beginning..and want to thank Clay for all the wonderful years. Hoping for 10 more years…or more. Love ya Clay.

  7. Yesterday was an awesome day in the Clay Nation. It was so sweet of Clay to send us that heartfelt message. I've played it so many times already.

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