Ten Years With Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken’s Ten Year Anniversary has been hitting the internet with a bang…It seems that so many people are excited and pleased that Clay and his talent are still an important part of the entertainment industry.  The following are just a few of the mentions:


Always and Forever: Ten Years with Clay Aiken

Ten years have passed, but I remember it well.

I was just a few seconds away from changing the channel.

I love music, appreciate good singers, have loved my years of taking part in film and theatre and writing, and I support the arts of all kinds, so I didn’t mind turning on the second season of “American Idol” to see if anyone showed potential. But with the emphasis on crash-and-burn auditions, “comic” moments that were none-too-funny and snide comments masquerading as wit, I’d had about enough.

And then the skinny guy with the crazy hair walked out….

Check it out for wonderful writing and lots of pictures!!


The following was tweeted on Tuesday:

American Idol ‏@AmericanIdol
Wow! 10 years! RT @clayaiken Thank you, Always! Thank you, Forever! http://youtu.be/GCx9GDgeQcM

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Check out Reality Rewind  The site has a short mention and shows the video.  I love reading the comments on the article.  Be sure and leave your comment too.

The Examiner.com has an article and the video on their site.  You might want to check it out at:  EXAMINER

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Most people will say that Clay Aiken has moved on from his season on American Idol. For the last ten years, he has been busy recording albums, touring the country, starring on Broadway, performing on many TV show, including a full season of Celebrity Apprentice,  and participating in many charitable organizations. Yes, he is much more than an American Idol contestant.

But……..it all started on American Idol so lets have some fun. Magicalmusic made a montage of American Idol pictures. Can you match the picture with the song?? WAIT!! NO CHEATING!! Can you do it without looking at your Clack?? Some days, you just have to have fun, so lets us know if you were successful or if you had trouble. It will be fun to see how we all do. After all, its been 10 years!!

Clay Aiken on American Idol

Clay Aiken on American Idol

How Did You Do?

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5 thoughts on “Ten Years With Clay Aiken

  1. A decade of music, laughter, joy, friends, and oh! so much fun that only Clay can provide!! So many
    great articles – it is a grand anniversary celebration! !! He is a great star and an even greater person
    that cares so much about so many – Thank you Clay! And thank you Musicfan for all that you do in
    bringing this information to us. <3

  2. You're the BEST, Musicfan. Great blog! I couldn't come close to naming the songs to go with the gorgeous pics, but I downloaded it as fast as I could. A classic montage of pics of Clay on AI. Thanks so much.

  3. Hello, Ladies!

    I see I'm the first one to comment here today. Boy, that hardly EVER happens with me… (Being First And All.) OK, so I think I have the pics matched up with the songs and I sure as heck did NOT CHEAT! Here we go…

    1. Shell Necklace – Hollywood.
    2. Leather Jacket & Grey Shirt – I Could Not Ask For More. (Diane Warren Week.)
    3. Red Jacket – After singing GREASE! He must've been listening to Simon's comment. Whatevs, Simon, whatevs!
    4. Pink Striped Shirt-Final 2 Interview. (Monday Night.)
    5. Black Blazer & Blue Shirt – Someone Else's Star. (Country Week.)
    6. Brown & White Striped Shirt – Always and Forever. (Auditions.)
    7. White & Pink Striped Shirt – I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch.) (Motown.)
    8) Medium Blue Shirt-Somewhere Out There (Movie Night.)
    9) Pink Striped Shirt-Bridge Over Troubled Water. (Final 2.)
    10) Black Leather Coat & Grey Shirt-After I Could Not Ask For More. (Diane Warren Week.)
    11) Red Leather Coat-GREASE! (BeeGees Week.)
    12) Brown & White Striped Shirt-At This Moment. (Billboard # 1 Hits.)
    13) Black Blazer & Yellow Shirt-Open Arms. (Group 2.)

    I'd say that's pretty good for a 10 anniversary!

    See You Later!


  4. Thanks for all this, musicfan, you are awesome.

    Thank you, Clay — you are more than awesome, the delight you gave and still give us, as with this lovely little vid, is beyond words… We love you so much because you deserve it so much!!

    I agree with all the comments here, and the list of songs w/outfits is very impressive, Ellison. Now that I read your list, I remember them all; wow!

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