Clay Aiken – No Chairs!

Do you like to sit on the floor?  Is it comfortable for you?   I still sit on the floor a lot.  It has always been comfortable for me.

It seems that Clay Aiken likes to sit on the floor too… or, at least,  his photographers think he looks good sitting on the floor.  There are so many photos of Clay sitting on the floor.  The following are just a few of them.











Which one of these pictures is your favorite?

And…thank you for understanding that my time on Saturday was very limited…between baby-sitting my darling Grandkids and the US National Figure Skating Championships, I didn’t have a lot of time to concentrate on a serious blog!!


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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – No Chairs!

  1. Sounds like you had a terrific Saturday – I'm very happy for you ! Used to love sitting on the floor – but
    it's not possible now. It's really hard to pick from these pics – love them all – but if pushed, it will be
    # 9, -# 1, #5, and # 8 – – – in that order. Thank you for posting "All" of them! 🙂

  2. I can still sit on the floor but maybe not as long as I use to. Love all those pictures. I was stunned when I saw # 2 for the first time! Holy Crap!!!

  3. Love all the photos, although #5, I have to say, is a special one because one Christmas I received that photo in a pretty Christmas wreath-like frame from a co-worker friend who knew how much I adored Clay. It was quite a surprise when I unwrapped it. Now, every Christmas season, I bring out the frame and place it on a table among all the Christmas photos taken over the years of my family.

  4. Love all pics, maybe 1,4,5,8,9, as you can see it's very hard to pick out a favorite one, and by the way, no need to apologize Musicfan, you guys do a great job and you deserve to have some time off.

  5. I have two choices…..Photo #5 – Handsome Clay with that expressive smile, beautifully dressed, and posed in that colorful Christmas background setting. Picture #9 – Handsome Clay with great hair, surprise suspenders, and not posed in that natural down to earth setting. Also love Clay's direct interaction look with the person he is conversing with. Actually Clay looks great in any position, sitting, standing, etc……!

  6. I LOVE #9! Clay is SO handsome in that pic. Of course, he's handsome in ALL of them, but I had to choose, didn't I?

  7. I love Clay's look in #9. Numbers 5 & 4 are great too. I have a hard time sitting on the floor now. Hard to get up after getting down!

  8. So glad you had a good time with you grandbabies. They are a gift so never feel like you've shorted anyone by spending time with them 🙂 I love #1 and #9 (actually, I like them all! LOL)

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