Clay Aiken – Singing Up A Storm

February 7, 2004……….Where were you?? Where was Clay Aiken??

If you were an avid fan of Clay, you were probably at home watching TV with your lap-top handy. There was so much excitement in the air. This was a special night because Clay Aiken was making his debut on the popular show, Saturday Night Live.

For days, the internet had buzzed with discussions about the show. The promos for the show were being shown often on TV and it looked like Clay would be more than just a musical performer on the show. Do you remember the Janet Jackson spoof??

As the show finally got underway, we were introduced to Clay in a great montage of the guests.

Then, Megan Mullally started her monologue where she stated that she refused to be typecast in her role on Will and Grace. She sang and danced with the male cast and who jumped in at the end, but Clay Aiken, dressed in a white tux and singing up a storm.

Clay sang twice on the show. His rendition of Invisible was strong and exciting and his performance of The Way was beautiful and sensual.

A highlight of the evening was the skit about relatives and their attempt to gain access to the Grammy Awards. Each relative was turned away except for Clay’s character who only needed to wink to get into the show.

The reviews of the evening from both the fans and the critics were very positive and the show was a great success. Many Clay Aiken fans are looking forward to another guest appearance from Clay. Besides his wonderful voice, his comedic timing and acting would add to any episode of Saturday Night Live.


SNL-The Way
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Thanks to SueReu for the videos. 
Please don’t forget to list your top three or four love or romantic songs that you would like Clay to sing.
 It doesn’t matter if he has already recorded them or if they are new to him.
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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Singing Up A Storm

  1. Loved watching the videos again. The opening monologue, was really fun to watch. I don't know if it's just me, but watching that again, I saw things that didn't connect with me back then. I was just so excited to see Clay, I never really saw all the "gay" references. It was all there, but I did not see.. lol lol What a good sport Clay was. Plus his singing was just fantastic, and he looked great.

    I hope Clay goes back to SNL again. He has grown so much since then, and I know he would be fantastic. Especially after being on Broadway, and shown his acting and comedy skills. Heck, look at how wonderful he was with the puppets and his improv. I know he would be great.

  2. It was such FUN to see Clay on SNL. I would just love for Clay to host SNL. He'd be GREAT! Is there some way we could do a group promotion to bring that about?

  3. Love the videos! I just thought of another song –
    'You'll be in my Heart' by Phil Collins and 'Alone'
    and still searching for more songs for clay.
    Thanks Musicfan xox.

  4. it was fun seing clay aiken on snl and that lady got clays name wrong clay was a good sport plus his singing was amazing i wold love to see host snl hed be amazing at it

  5. I was INDEED sitting in front of my tv watching that night. BEST NIGHT EVAH!!! He was charming, cute, funny, goofy and sang his heart out! Why why why haven't they had him on again?

    (ETA, I tried to post this early this morning, and it just wouldn't work!!!)

  6. Oh, I remember that night so well. I was sitting on pins and needles all night waiting for SNL to come on. I loved seeing the video again tonight. Clay seemed to be the tallest one when he came out in the white suit. So handsome. He sure did sing The Way very well. Sexy!! Been racking my brain to think of a good song for Clay to sing until I saw Claynadian's suggestion up above. You Are So Beautiful would be wonderful for his voice. I have been watching that video every day on YouTube. Will try to think of some more songs too.

  7. I just came up with a few of my favorite love songs:
    1. Up Where We Belong
    2. This Guys In Love With You
    3. Endless Love
    4. Fields Of Gold
    5. Truly, Madly, Deeply

  8. I enjoyed watching those SNL videos again. Clay was so good on the show. I loved it! He is just naturally funny.

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