Clay Aiken – American Idol Musical Guest

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The April 18 results show, which also begins at 8 PM ET, will feature performances from “American Idol” winner Fantasia and Season Two runner-up Clay Aiken

I had a feeling that we would know more this morning.

Looks like I will be watching American Idol next week!!

There are some rumors circulating that Season 3 winner, Fantasia and Season 2 runner-up, Clay Aiken will be performing on the  American Idol’s Top 5  Results Show next week.  I wish that there was an official press release or a message from Clay, however, I feel that the rumor is true.  There have also been some tweets about the show. I am sure there will be a confirmation “soon”.

I will update this blog as soon as we have confirmation of the performance.  It might even be waiting for us when morning comes around.

In the meantime, lets go down memory lane and remember some of Season 2! Remember the Ford Commercials?

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24 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – American Idol Musical Guest

  1. I so hope this is a fact! Clay tweeted that Hell may have frozen over – details to follow! So my bet
    is on Idol!!!

  2. I was right! I was right! Whoo hoo! Clay is singing on AI next week!! Fantasia performing new song, maybe Clay will sing something new??? Weeeeeeeeeeee!

  3. I would so love to see Clay on AI. That's been my guess from the beginning…he'll blow everyone completely out of the water!!!!

  4. I am so excited for Clay and will definitely be watching. I wonder what he will sing. Everyone be sure to join twitter if you haven’t so we can give him a lot of support! I follow AI on twitter and they definitely see these things.

  5. omg wooooooooooooo amazing im so happoy and excited to see clay sing on american idol all over again and fantasia omg im gona go nuts

  6. I watched Idol last night for the first time in many years. Wanted to see Kelly Clarkson. Can't get over the outfit she was wearing. Don't know if she or Idol chose it. If Clay does appear next week, I'm sure he'll do us all proud.

  7. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing Clay next week on AI. It's about time they acknowledged him. I just want to hear that beautiful voice again!!!!!

  8. I haven't watched Idol in some time, but next week I will be tuned in to see Clay! I am excited to see him and hear him sing!

  9. Haven't watched AI in like forever…but, if Clay will be on…I am there with bells on. So exciting!

  10. YES!!! Clay Aiken – aka – Mr. Phenomenal, will once again grace the American Idol TV stage, enchant the audience with his remarkable voice, and inevitably cause many to fall under his spell. I will be watching it all go down. Sounds like a plan to me…..

  11. I am so excited that Clay is going to be on American Idol. I haven't watched the show for years, but if Clay is on it, I will watch!!

    Thanks for all the updates!!!

  12. I want to see how high the ratings are next week!what will Claybear look like!will Quiana be there too?is anybody going to the show/

  13. OMG This is exciting news. I pray the experience is one that Clay himself will remember fondly. As for myself….it will be the first time I watch AI since 2003.

  14. I MIGHT watch next week's results show, if the rumors are true! But AI is SO OLD NOW!!!!!! Ah, well! Wish it would be announcing a new tour or that he's going to be on DWTS!!! Literally LOL'D at the all the pics you posted, Musicfan123 when they did the commercials. Can we say, "Cough* NERD to STUD MUFFIN in Pics 1 & 2?!!! EVERY TIME I see #2, I get all hot & bothered!

  15. Am so glad Clay is singing on American Idol…Great singer even tho' he came in second and so did Adam Lambert…that is the only time I would watch the show…it stinks anymore…They are 2 of the best singers they have had……Kelly and Carrie are good too…..

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