17 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Buzz is Getting Loud!

  1. Oh wow! He's done so much and we always want more cos we miss him so much when we don't see him.Thanks musicfan! Bring it on Clay!!

  2. Clay is a brilliant entertainer and so much more as you have stated with all of that list of accomplishments. No one who knows anything about him can deny – that he is a "Star" and has
    ever so much more "class" than most! I hope the young ones who watch Idol on a regular basis
    can tell that Clay is a completely different and outstanding entertainer and person, than they are
    used to seeing in today's world. I hope he makes a "huge splash!" and realize what they have been
    missing!!! <3 I will be looking forward to tomorrow's Charity Events!! 🙂

  3. Great compilation! The one thing I did not see on the list is the Miss America Pageant. I think he was there twice. As I was about to submit this post, his voice came on singing What Kinf AofFool Am I on ezdoes it radio.

  4. Clay has had amazing 10 years and there’s more to come! The only thing I would add is that he has had 2 platinum and a gold cd. I think he also had some kind of record of cds debuting in the top 10 but I’m not positive about that one.

    I’m so excited to see Clay!! I’m still trying to figure out what he will sing. I was daydreaming that he was going to do a new song. It will be fantastic whatever he sings. 🙂

  5. love that song 'Suspicious Minds' Clay does such a great job of singing it! Thanks Musicfan xox.

  6. I have not posted here for a long time, but I do read CANN everyday.
    I am amazed as to how much Clay has accomplished in relatively short time.
    I really enjoyed the SM mind video posted above, thanks.

  7. i am verry amazed how much clay has acpolished in a short time i cant wait to hear clay sing again on americian idol its amazing that hes gona bethere and sing and i have to say that clay has had an amazing 10 years and just think theres more to come

  8. Clay has certainly been busy doing his thing these last ten years. You might want to include onto your list the Capital One Holiday on Ice Special along with Clay hosting all of American Idol Rewind – Season 2 on TV.

    Love Clay singing Suspicious Minds. My favorite performance is on the Chautauqua, August 2010 video by Scarlett. Love his movements, especially the up and down bopping to the music after he sings "Oh No"! So cute!

    • Thanks for reminding me of the Skating special. How could I forget…I was there!!! And, hosting the rewind was great too.

  9. Clay really has appeared on so many shows in the past. I am looking so forward to seeing him on TV again on Thursday. I know he will be great!!!!!!!

  10. Great Compilation! Here are some more to add: There is the recording of Proud of Your Boy on the DVD for Aladdin, singing the National Anthem at the World Series game and Nascar races. Being a headliner at the Fourth of July Celebration at the Nation's Capitol. We will be able to add starring in The Drowsy Chaperone soon! Then there are several appearances such as with Heather Headley to support Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids. He is amazing!!

  11. He also did a capitol 4th, and world series , nascar, and hockey National anthems. So much more, I just can't think of at this moment…

  12. Thanks to all of you for remembering some VERY important events. I need to put this all in my file so I can be more accurate!!!

  13. I'd include his guest acting roles on television. You seemed to mention just about everything else he's done.

  14. add another gazillion for everything Clay does without any publicity.Clay does good things the way some people drink water.think that will make a good tweet!

  15. The only things that jump out at me that has not yet been mentioned, is the New Year's Eve performance in Times Square with the huge showing on the Tron above the whole crowd, and the Christmas Tree lighting performance in NYC,

    Some smaller, but important, performances: Nascar in Dover and the one with Aubrey. And all of the appearances for Disney and McDonalds. Lots of the charity stuff is there, of course. The ones never talked about are show he presented to the McDonald's World convention (or whatever) at Disney World and the one in London where none of us found a way into. There was audio from the McD's and a line outside in London tho. We tried. How about the tribute show for Neil Sedaka and the various tasks at Carnegie Hall.

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