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April 28 marked the ten-year anniversary of the iTunes store.  For the past ten years, this online marketplace has transformed the way the public purchases music.

Ten years ago the mainstay music industry was concerned about illegal downloads.  At the same time, Apple developed a plan that allowed music fans to legally access music over the Internet.  All of a sudden, consumers had a fast and easy way to purchase music.

Today, music can be heard through YouTube, Spotify, Pandora and other digital programs, however, iTunes is still the leader in music industry retailing.

The following are some interesting facts about iTunes.

  • 80% of U.S. consumers who purchase downloaded music do so via iTunes.
  • According to the January 2013 Nielsen report, the average amount of monthly time spent on iTune is 1 hour and 12 minutes.
  • iTunes has at least 26 million songs available for download.
  • Apple pockets $0.29 for each $0.99 song purchased on-line.
  • The artist receives $0.08 for each $0.99 song.
  • As of February 6, 2013, the number of downloads on iTunes is 25 billion.
  • iTunes is available in 119 countries throughout the world.

Today, iTunes has expanded its offerings to include TV shows, books and movies.  Apple is also working to add streaming music to the iTunes store.  Streaming will provide a quick way for consumers to buy a song they hear.  This program could launch as early as this summer.  Most people believe that Apple has already signed licensing deals with many of the world’s leading record labels.

So…here’s to iTunes.  It’s been an amazing ten years.  The world is looking forward to what will happen next!  Happy Birthday!

I went to the iTunes store and typed in Clay Aiken.  I was amazed. I had no idea that so many of Clay’s songs have been included on other albums.  I finally stopped looking when I found one called Super Hits V9 – Ultimate Slumber Party.  Clay’s song on this album is Because You Loved Me!   I also was amazed when I saw 499 songs under Clay’s name.  Some say, “Made famous by Clay Aiken”…does he get any credit for these songs?

Do you use iTunes? 

Do you ever buy just one song from an album?

You can purchase the following video on iTunes right now.

I am glad it is free through Vevo

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Happy Birthday – iTunes!

  1. I buyusic from I tunes all the time. Some artists. Like Clay and Josh Groban I automatically buy the whole cd and others I just download whatever song I like.. I love The Way. It’s a great video.

  2. Such interesting news about itunes being 10 years old! Hey, Clay Aiken and itunes has a "connection"!! I'm still trying to get use to the new version of itunes. Changing computers proves to be frustrating, but I am working on it!

  3. Seems that ever since Itunes came to be, that we have drastically changed our way of buying music. I use to always go into a music/record store to purchase CD's. I don't see those stores anymore, only a small section in stores like Walmart. I think many people will buy only the song that they like for their Ipods. For me, I'll always buy Clay's complete CD, cause I love every song he records… Anyone else, would be 1 song only.

    Thanks for all the info Musicfan.

  4. Vevo did good. That "The Way" video picture and sound is really clear. Of course, Clay singing and performing on it is what makes magnificent.

    These days I initially purchase a Clay I Tunes album in order to hear it immediately, I also buy the actual hard copy CD to play on my wall mounted stereo CD player so I won't have to use earphones while listening to it and reading. I will download a Clay I Tunes single if it is not included on his original album, or if he is featured on another person's album. That about covers it.

  5. Well, I must be old fashioned…but I have never d/l anything from i tunes. I still buy the CD's and listen to them on my Radio..CD Player at home and my Walkman…which ironically..goes with me every day for my walks. Lol! But, regardless, I would still buy Clay's whole cd. I do buy other peoples music once in a while. But, Clay is my #l man.

  6. I sure wish we had iTunes when Clay started on Idol. The Idol contestants now record full versions of their performances and they can be purchased at iTunes. I'd love to have full recordings of Clays Idol songs.

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